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Dropping Like A Rock: Sleepy Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Falls To A New Low of 33%



Wake Up Sleepy Joe and #NoMore sign is part of a Sunday demonstration | Dropping Like A Rock: Sleepy Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Falls To A New Low of 33% | featured

It’s a continuous slide to the bottom for Sleepy Joe Biden. After posting a record low approval rating last November, the President set a new low approval record yet again.

The latest Quinnipiac survey shows that only 33% of Americans support the befuddled and beleaguered President. 

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Only One-Third Of Americans Approve of Sleepy Joe Biden

Joe Biden, speaks during an event | Sleepy Joe Biden

Only one in three Americans approve of Biden at his job as President of the United States. This is according to the results of a Quinnipiac University poll released last Wednesday.

From a previous record low of 36% last November, the president now enjoys a dismal 33% approval rating. This marks the continued slide in popularity for the Democrat president. Over the last few months, Biden’s approval ratings continue to decline. 

Conducted between January 7 until 10, the Quinnipiac poll found 33% of more than 1,300 adult Americans gave their support to the President.

However, 53% went the opposite direction and thumbed down Biden’s performance. The remaining 14% did not give an answer on whether they approve or disapprove of his performance.

Even when isolating the results to just include registered voters, the approvals only went up slightly to 35%. 

Sleepy Joe Biden’s Numbers Consistently Going Down

President Joe Biden's popularity continues its downward trajectory as the public continues to deal with the effects of a battered economy.

Continuously rising prices of goods and services, a resurging pandemic, and political losses all helped keep the numbers down.  

The biggest drop in confidence came from independent voters, where only 25% said they approved how he handled his job. A whopping 57% said they disapprove of Biden’s way of handling the country.

Among Democrats, Biden also lost his shine, as only 75% of Democrat voters continue to support him. This is down from 87% last November. 

Meanwhile, only 35% of registered voters approved how the Biden administration handled the country. Meanwhile, 54% showed their disapproval of Biden’s overall management style. 

Inept Handling of Key Issues Led To Steady Downfall

Sleepy Joe Biden’s popularity kept plummeting as Americans disliked how the president handled serious major issues. The Quinnipiac poll reported that 57% of Americans disapproved of how Biden handled the economy.

In addition, another 57% disapproved of Biden’s handling of foreign policy. Additionally, 55% disapproved of how the administration is handling the pandemic.    

Meanwhile, the polls concerning this year’s midterms show some small hope for Democrats. Respondents nearly split evenly on which party should take the majority in Congress.

For the House, 43% of respondents say they want Republicans to take over the majority. Meanwhile, only 43% preferred retaining the Democrat majority.

Meanwhile, the Senate majority race is tilting towards the GOP. 45% want the Republicans to take over the majority. However, only 41% of Democrats want to keep the majority. 

Watch the Newsmax TV video reporting that US President Joe Biden’s approval rating plummets to 33% in new poll:

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Do you approve or disapprove of Joe Biden’s performance as President so far? Would you think that things would have been different in the US if another candidate won instead?

Let us know what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • Johnny says:

    I hate to keep beating on this same old drum but what biden really needs to do is turn from his wicked ways and repent ,I mean really GET SAVED because his fruits really are starting to stink if he only knew GOD like he should he would be a changed person and surely not a democrat .

  • Texas Heart Breaker says:

    I really feel sorry for all of the Dumb-o-crates and their stinking thinking. All they are worried about is themselves and the here and now. With that kind of stinking thinking they all will get exactlly what they deserve in the after life !!!

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