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Hillary Clinton Can’t Lie Her Way Out Of Poor Health



In the above video, you see Hillary Clinton having to hold herself up against a stone pylon until her van can be pulled around. Once she moves to get into the van, she collapses and has to be picked up by her security and helped all the way to the van. By the time she is finally in it looks like she doesn't even have the power to stand by herself.

Hillary is a sick woman, even her camp will agree to that. However, how sick she really is will be hotly debated.

On Sunday, Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton had to leave a 9/11 memorial service in New York early. Her campaign first said that she was overheated and then changed it to pneumonia.

However, her story doesn't really add up.

For one, we have seen video after video of her intense and uncontrollable coughing fits. All of these have been brushed off by her and her campaign. usually being called nothing more than allergies.

Second, this is not the first time she has been too weak to walk or stand under her own power. About a month ago we all saw the photo where she had to be helped up some stairs. Just like on Sunday, her security had to practically carry her out of the press's view.

Finally, there are the photos of her security with the medical pen. On two different occasions, her doctor or security guard or whoever he really, is came to her aid and used it on her. In the above video from Sunday, you can see something thin and metal drop to the ground when she first needs help, possibly one of these pens.

There are also the photos of her wearing anti-seizure glasses and the videos of Dr. Gupta who works for CNN being concerned about her health. After all, Hillary is clearly a sick woman and her campaign has handled it in the worst way possible … By denying, downplaying, and lying about it.

So for their story, they have finally claimed pneumonia. A sickness that is serious and can be life-threatening, but one that shouldn't change the outcome of the elction or scare her voters away. A very strategic illness.

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The only problem is, that for one, pneumonia is highly contagious. Yet, her campaign said she went to her daughter's apartment and played with her grandchildren while she rested. So they want us to believe, that she went and saw her family and small grandchildren while having such a serious contagious diseases?

If that is the truth, it is almost worse than the lie. It shows just how careless and media-driven Hillary is. Think about it, her excuse is she is really sick and put her family at risk instead of going into quarantine and treatment at a hospital.

For that matter, the campgain said that she was diganosed on Friday afternoon. However, they didn't tell anyone until after the memorial service on Sunday. Which means that she had been sick for 3 days and never went to the hospital or took a day off. She also met with lots of people and even took several photo ops with children. All while carrying a contageous disease she didn't disclose to the public.

This brings me to my next point, Why isn't she in the hospital? Pneumonia is a very serious illness. One that can easily kill someone of her age if not properly treated. I have never known anyone to have pneumonia and be able to walk around so quickly. She should be in a hospital bed with an IV in her arm getting treatment. It is impossible for her to be walking around fine one minute and then have symptoms hit, she would be too fatigued to stand, walk around, and especially give speeches.

Hillary Clinton does not have pneumonia unless it is a complication of some greater disease. The timeline and symptoms simply don't add up and it looks more like a statement rushed out of panic by her campaign. However, all the major news outlets will run with this without question and defend it as the truth.

The real question is what comes next. She is too sick to keep going and rumors are already circulating about who the DNC will pick as an emergency nominee. Don't be surprised if Joe Biden winds up on the ballot in November.

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