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Hillary Clinton Is A Giant Racist



This is a short video, but one that is so telling about just how out of touch Hillary Clinton has become with her voter base.

Standing on the stage are Hillary Clinton, Bill De Blasio, and an African American man in a colonial costume.

“Thanks for the endorsement, Bill… Took you long enough.” Hillary says to Blasio. This is not a joke, it is simply a statement of entitlement from Hillary. However, the crowd still erupts in forced pathetic laughter and the house drummer plays her a sad rim shot.

What Bill De Blasio says next, is one of the bigger gaffes that I have heard during this election cycle. One that will undoubtedly be dismissed and forgotten by Hillary’s fanatic supporters.

“Sorry Hillary… I was on C.P. time.” At first, there are one or two laughs from people who don’t understand, then gasps and hushed silence, and then some boos.

In case you didn’t know, C.P. time stands for “colored people time.” A joke that African Americans, as a whole, are lazy and constantly late. A joke made by the two elderly white politicians.

The African American actor says “I don’t like jokes like that.” Hillary looks annoyed that he is even speaking to her, but replies “cautious politician time… I’ve been there.” It was all a joke, written in the poorest of taste. Especially considering that a cornerstone of Hillary’s support comes from the African American community and other minority groups.

The Republican Party would never make a joke like this and if they did it would be blasted on the 24-hour news cycle all week and be the biggest talking point of all the Sunday news shows. However, I fully expect this to get little to no recognition from the press.


Hillary is dangerously out of touch and this is further proof of how bad a president she would make. Don’t worry, when she gets asked about this, she will just laugh it off too, like everything else.

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  • Jerry martin says:

    She will say anything for your vote or your money I pray she doesn’t get to be the president

  • BUD DOWNEN says:


  • Khalil Niazy says:

    The insinuation is that she is a racist compared to the other competitors …however compared to the republican dictator Trump, she is not half as racist.

    • JD says:

      Don’t make this about Trump or anyone else. This is all on the two shit-heads in the video that said what they said. Period. Hard stop!

  • Teish says:

    She did not make a racist statement. She redefined the CP which is usually meant to say Colored People are always late. She called it Cautious Politician. I have used it to mean Conscious People’s time. This i snot her greatest offense. There are others but not this.

  • Anthony Andrews says:

    Your question poses an absolute. Hillary happens to be marginally racist just I am marginally racist, as all people have a certain degree of racism. Hillary happens to be less racist than most republicans. I know because I am an African American Republican.

  • john ruggiero says:

    she is a maggot, she will say and do anything to get her way. she got 5 people killed in bengazi . her and her husband are of the low life class, they don’t care who they hurt as long as they get their way.she should be in prison. how can any one vote for a selfish low life like her.

  • Ron W. Wheeler says:

    She is anti America, how much more racist can a prson get!

  • Michael Loar says:

    She thinks her shit don’t stink, Excuses are like assholes , everybody has one and they all stink. Her stinks of corruption and deceit as well as hatred for the American people and our way of life. She is out to destroy our way of life and turn this country into a cesspool for her to stir us all into oblivion.

  • Greg says:

    Hillary is a great example of the political eliteestablishment. She is arrogant, but helps keep the poor down to buy votes for failed policies that hurt blacks.

  • Gary Lange says:

    Hillary has always been a closet racist! It’s just now people are finding out.

  • leon says:

    all they really care about is their authority, and their money. They do not love this nation, and think that (we the people are not smart enough to know how to live and be right.) Any governing authority that kicks out and snubs their noses at the one and true God of creation, is headed for a rude awakening. They also look at themselves as gods, and that is why (we) must bow down to them. NOT,,,,, amen, so let it be.

  • Walt Conte says:

    Come on, you need to get real. This was NOT her comment about CP. It was the mayor’s and he is married to a black woman. There is so much to dislike about Hillary but this is much ado about nothing. Go after what is actually relevant. Not BS.

  • Charles T Cavanugh says:

    She has proved time and time again that ,she is Dishonest,Unethical. Just look at when she was on the House Judiciary Committee during The Watergate Investigation.She was fired because,she Violated the Constitution The rules of the house,and the rules of the committee,and the rules of confidentiality! And now she wants to run our country? I say she should be in prison for the things she has done to our people !

  • Joseph W. Gallagher says:

    She and 99% of all dumbo libs are liaers by the fact that they were hatched (born) like some snakes.

  • Larry St Pierre says:

    she should be in JAIL

  • Nancy Wagner says:

    Ask Hillary what she done while she was in college during the black panther days

  • Nancy Wagner says:

    Ask Hillary what she done while she was in college during the black panther days

  • Barbro Nygren says:

    She is a Communist

  • ernie morisset says:

    # 1 racist and a lier, a thief

  • JEFF S says:

    compared to trump whatever he may be seems acceptable. what is wrong with cautious politician? yes, sin of omission. beats trump’s insanity and catering to the lowest denominator, or lying ted. besides they are all pumped up egos. whow will do the least harm? horrible way to think and vote.

  • Jojo says:

    She is just a fat ignorant cunt!

  • Dean says:

    she is a racist always has been is against women and white men

  • charlie says:

    She does not care about anyone but herself

  • James Romines says:

    It further illustrates the bigoted, racist lying leaders of today’s Democratic Party.

  • George Peabody says:

    Hillary and Bill Clinton have always used the race card, manipulating people to divide and conquer for their political and financial gain. SlickWilly declared himself to be the “First Black President”.

  • Cherunda Fox says:


  • Mike says:

    Hillary is a modern Jane Fonda

  • larry johnson says:

    she told you what it stood are just a republican backing trump. who is crazy

  • larry johnson says:

    she told you what it stood are just a republican backing trump. who is crazy

  • Teri says:

    Ive heard her talk

  • Donald Cannatella says:

    Look at who she supports”black lives matter”,Not,” All lives matters.”……She is so phony and corrupt it makes me sick!!She is a Alinskyite who believes in racially dividing the country.!!!!!!!!

  • Joe Mondello says:

    Is a senseless remark.

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