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Paul Ryan’s Newest Video Is A Bid For The Nomination



Paul Ryan Amps Up Campaign With Israel Video, see more at:…r-campaign-video/

Paul Ryan Amps Up Campaign With Israel Video (Image: TheConservativeTreeHouse)

  • Paul Ryan just released his new campaign video and this one focused on foreign policy.
  • Paul Ryan went to Israel to discuss his priorities overseas.
  • Ryan’s team will continue releasing the videos.
  • Ryan says he is trying to use the video platforms to promote a positive vision of the (Republican) party.

The latest video from Paul Ryan’s communications team features his trip to Israel and the Middle East, highlighting the House speaker’s foreign policy strengths.

The one-minute spot compiled by his digital director features footage of Ryan meeting and greeting important allies while discussing his priorities overseas.

“I’m proud that my first foreign visit as speaker was to Israel,” Ryan says in the video. “Our historic alliance is more important now than ever. But to win this fight, we need cooperation with all friends in the region.”

The video is the latest of a series of highlights for Ryan’s agenda, as the Speaker continues his effort to communicate a policy path forward for the Republican party. But the slickly produced videos have raised questions from Republicans who are increasingly questioning Ryan’s motives.

A source familiar with Ryan’s strategy indicated that his team would continue releasing the highlight videos, focusing on a specific agenda for House Republicans.

“One of the enumerated conditions he laid out for taking the job was to use the platform to promote a positive vision of the party,” the source said to Breitbart News. “This was before a single vote had been cast in the primary and long before anyone was speculating about a split convention.”

The New York Observer reported that Ryan is expected to meet with Republican donors next week in Manhattan including Todd Ricketts, the co-owner of the Chicago Cubs.


The Ricketts family is helping fund the anti-Trump Super PAC Our Principles, earning threats from Trump.

“They better be careful, they have a lot to hide!” Trump wrote on Twitter in February.

The New York Times has described Ryan as a “mirage candidate” for the Republican nomination in a brokered convention, even as the Speaker publicly denies interest in serving as president.

Ryan and a bi-partisan delegation visited five countries overseas to discuss the ongoing war on ISIS, including Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.

“Our message to our allies in this region was clear: we stand shoulder to shoulder with them in this fight to destroy ISIS,” he said. “We will do all that we can to destroy this evil.”

Source: Breitbart

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  • Jon Exner says:

    paul ryan did not want to be speaker, he says that he does not want to be President, but if the establishment aristocratic political elite in the republican party fix it so he is nominated he will fall back on the old theory if you are called to duty you have the duty to serve.

    After seeing what ryan did with the budget at the end of 2015 funding all of president obama’s illegal/unconstitutional executive orders I would never vote for him or any other nominee who did not run for the nomination or any of the candidates who dropped out or as they call it suspend their candidacy.

    And as far as Kasich I would not vote for him either if they put the fix in for him to be the nominee.

    The only two legitimate contenders are Cruz and trump.
    I hope it is Cruz because he IS the smarter of the two, whereas trump is the whiner.

  • bree arrington says:

    becuz ryan is one of thge many bought and paid for ol establishment crooks…for the nwo fascists

  • DUKE says:

    Of course he does. Thou dost protesteth too much. Rino Ryan is totally self-serving.

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