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House Passes Biden-Backed Gun Control Bill That Makes Private Gun Sales Illegal



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Democratic legislators in the House passed a gun control bill that would make it illegal to make private sales or transfers of guns not regulated with an FBI background check.

According to a USA Today report, this legislation, backed by President Joe Biden, was passed by the House on Thursday with a 227-204 vote. Eight GOP legislators voted in favor of it, including Reps. Fred Upton (Mich.), Brian Fitzpatrick (Pa.), and also, bill co-sponsor Christopher Smith (N.J.).

H.R. 8 was a bill sponsored by Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.). He brought up this case on the House floor and presented it to the public on Twitter on Wednesday. He also claimed that 90 percent of Americans support this bill without providing any references.

Gun Control Bill Would Require Background Checks for Private Transfers

The legislation would require background checks to be made for all firearm sale in the country. It also wants to use the checks in place in the country to make sure people who are banned from owning guns would not be able to obtain guns.

The bill will make it illegal for a non-licensed importer, manufacturer, or dealer to transfer a firearm to another non-licensed person. The only exception is if a licenced importer, manufacturer or dealer got the firearm to comply with the law.

If the Senate approves this legislation and if President Biden signs it to law, it would mean people giving, receiving or exchanging firearms with friends or other non-related people would be considered criminalized.

Dubbed as the “Bipartisan Background Checks act of 2021,” this piece of legislation also claimed that it will help protect life through intervention and prevention of firearm transfers that are not cleared by the FBI’s background check system.

This said background checks system, however, is flawed. It has cleared several mass murderers in the past. These include Stephen Paddock, who killed 58 people in Las Vegas back in 2017.

Additionally, with or without background checks, people who truly aim to acquire guns can get firearms elsewhere. One such place is the black market.

If the bill passes, legal gun owners who are law-abiding citizens will become criminals in the eyes of the law. However, these people should not be considered the problem. Yet, with legislation such as this, it would require all gun owners to register their firearms and receive approval.

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  • scottie Andrews says:

    This is bull crap. We the people who do things the legal way are getting screwed in more ways than one. But,the thugs, criminals can still get guns or anything they want. Obiden and all those liberal Democrats are the most sorriest group of people I have ever seen. I really don’t think they even have a heart. WHERE IS PRESIDENT TRUMP.

  • Kenny Kimler says:

    Require me to register all my legally guns. LOL, go pack sand. Not sell a gun to a friend or family member without getting a back ground check LOL, go pack sand.O’Biden and your Socialist maggots can pass what ever you can get away with, means nothing to me. Go pack sand.

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    Now that you passed it, and feel all giddy with your success, do tell us how such a law is in any way enforceable?

  • Maurice Tucker says:

    What the House don’t seen to want to “”stop and frisk “” on the streets ! Chickens all !! Leave the 2nd amendment alone and the true Patriots alone ! Pull their (congress) body guards off and let the Reps run and hide !!

  • Patriot says:

    Bite me Biden.

  • Jerry Darrow says:

    All the Democrats are doing is making criminals out of law abiding citizens. The ones who are already thugs and criminals, steal guns so they will have them. Why do the Liberals want to disband the 2nd Amendment? If I had the resources, I would fight this big to the highest court. I am also thinking Biden and his handlers want to do this because Pres. Trump wouldn’t. This Bill is a shame and I hope everyone remembers who the crooked politicians are who supported this and vote their skank ass out of office the next time around.

  • Reaper says:

    Biden can shampoo my dog’s crotch. I will NEVER comply with unconditional edicts.

  • Homeofthebrave says:

    Great start, NappyJoe. Crime up 350% in the Valley, likewise in the Democrat run cities. Now he’ll see gun control doesn’t stop crime.

  • Anonymous says:

    Kiss my ass joe come and get mine

  • Anonymous says:

    You’ll can have mine… rounds first!

  • A2 says:

    he might like shampooing your dogs crotch, and then smell it afterword’s!A2

  • Chad Furley says:

    Come and Take it

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    The FBI used to be the top law enforcement unit in the world. Obozo and Biden made it a group of serfs who will ignore the law, and our Constitution, on command. No legit police agency in the country now respects the shameless wuses.

  • rottenrollin says:





    Such a simple message, SO beyond Libbercrat’s ability to comprehend.

  • Mary Rhodis says:

    I did see a thing that said you could not have a gun. Why you buy one there will be a background check and the gun will be registered. You have to register your car, your dog, register to vote. What the heck is big deal?

  • Sam says:


    The big red STOP sign on my front door is followed by the white information sign which reads:

    Before you decide to break into my house, stand outside and get right with Jesus. Tell Him you’re coming home real SOON. GOT IT?

  • Gunsmith says:

    Mary… wakeup., I’m being polite!

  • Richard says:

    Your car and your dog are not rights guaranteed by the Constitution. You don’t have to vote if you don’t want to, and if their voting bill passes, you may not even have to register to vote.
    History is loaded with examples of governments that mandated firearm registration, which was followed by confiscation as they now know where they are. Then the atrocities started. Think of Germany, Venezuela, Laos, and many others.
    This database also allows nearly unlimited access. So, a criminal needing a firearm, knows right where to find one that fits his needs at the time.
    If you don’t want a gun, don’t buy one, but registration will not stop criminals from getting one. They will get them the way they do now, steal them.

  • Edmund Stanley says:

    Joe Biden you are a Traitor to the American people, You let in illegals who are criminal, have covid no respect for Americans, you want to take away guns from honest people , The criminal are not going to abide by your dumb rules, and your not going to protect me from them, I realize by your presidential edicts you want to enslave all you do see eye to eye with and than you will enslave your follower
    Oh and thank you for the increase in gas prices and the new increased food prices this coming year as inflation is caused by you
    you are a Traitor and should be treated as such
    Yes all you stupid Democrats taxing big corporations is a tax on all the little people as guess who buys their products that will cost you more money so cheer about it and be happy that your being taxed in secret by Guess who (Biden) I wish you morons would understand that

  • Locked&Loaded Patriot says:

    I am done with Biden and all his followers!! I hope they realize, that if this bill is signed into effect, they have all made themselves traitors!!! You can not create laws, willy nilly, that go against our Constitutional Rights!!! Now, my question to everyone that is complaining about Biden and his cronies; when are you going to start fighting back? If you wait until they come and try to take our guns physically, it will be too late!!! It is time to stop griping, and start kicking some butt!!! No one is going to save us, but us, that is OBVIOUS!!! THE TIME IS NOW!!!!

  • Mike says:

    I do not agree with what Biden wants to do with the weapons issue as well as all the other issues he is doing to the people of the U.S e.g opening up the border to people we the taxpayer has to pay their all their expenses.

  • Frank says:

    Well now look at the a___h___s now. Come and try to take mine a Berlin & Vietnam Combat Disabled Veteran. Protecting the rights of American citizens & now have to pay for the criminals that are flooding our country led by a senile corrupt jerk — patriots we have to band together & fight to protect our constitutional right against the thieving left administration. Biden and Demorats days are numbered Biden just keep stealing alng with your corrupt son & family

  • Anonymous says:


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