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Illegal Alien Arrests Have Dropped Drastically During Border Crisis Under Biden



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Reports have revealed that under the Biden administration, the number of illegal alien arrests has significantly decreased.

According to a Breitbart report, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement carried out 75% less “priority” arrests. Additionally, arrests deemed “non-priority” under the current administration has gone down by more than 80% compared to the same time period in 2020.

More specifically, the “non-priority” arrests of illegal aliens that ICE has done, have gone down from 17,810 in 2020 to just 3,306 in the current year.

Binder also enumerated other figures related to the decline in illegal alien arrests. These include the following.

  • A 17% decrease in arrests of illegal migrants charged with homicide.
  • A 22% decrease in arrests of illegal migrants with sexual assault charges.
  • A 60% decrease in arrests of illegal migrants with burglary charges
  • A 71% decrease in arrests of illegal migrants with drunk driving charges.
  • A 42% decrease in arrests of illegal migrants considered security threats.
  • A 54% decrease in arrests of illegal migrants who committed immigration crimes.
  • A 40% decrease in arrests of illegal aliens with kidnapping charges.
  • A 30% decrease in arrests of illegal aliens who committed gun crimes.

A former ICE official, Jon Feere, tweeted that the current administration’s immigration policies “undoubtedly” endanger Americans.

He then says that the policies would require ICE agents to prioritize arresting and deporting illegal aliens who were recently convicted of felonies or those known to be terrorists and gang members.

Apart from Illegal Alien Arrests, DNA Tests on Migrants Also Decrease

Last week, reports revealed that President Biden’s administration directed Border Patrol to significantly decrease the use of DNA tests on migrants held at the border. The Trump administration previously used this method to pinpoint “fake families.”

Now, border officials administer less rapid DNA testing on migrant families despite the ongoing border crisis.

According to the Washington Examiner, officials said that the ICE was given directions to let migrant families into the country or expel them to their home countries and only use the DNA tests when it is “absolutely necessary.”

One official said that they are not going to administer the test if there’s no significant suspicion. The person added that the Biden administration’s priority is to release the families and children quickly.

Another official said that given the volume of people at the border, there is a priority list on people who will be tested as “they can’t test everyone.”

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  • Bryan says:


  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Biden is a cupcake, impeach his ass, hes a joke. Harris is worse, get rid of her also.

  • Pat Damone says:

    When you don’t arrest criminals then of course your NUMBERS of arrest will drop!!!!! Nothing but lying criminals with the delusional peepads obiden admin!!!

  • Statesman Patriot says:

    More democrat voters obligated to always vote democrat!!

  • lizzardman says:

    Knee pads and pee pads are polluting our populace with greedy hoards of entitled socialist illegals! This invasion is fueled and paid for by taxpayers who by and large disagree with the open border policies of Obiden and his minions. This unconstitutional disregard for federal law is an attempt to usurp the power of the founding documents and the the rule of law. If this disregard of the will of “WE THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” continues unabated there will be hell to pay. And all will suffer the fate wish upon us by the socialist left.

  • 1Maw says:

    How can you arrest when you give them the right to cross the boarder? Close the boarder and ship those that they are holding back to where they came from….The circus needs to be impeached.

  • JJ says:

    When are democrats gonna wake up and realize that they have enough money. They need to quit making policies that make them richer. They need to start making policies that protect the people in the United States in the best way possible. It’s time for all Americans to speak up and stand up for what’s right quit letting the Democrats and liberals have their way

  • Court Conkwriight says:

    Biden is a JERK and needs to go bye bye ASAP. He is on the Left is my take. . CCC

  • Hatman1793 says:

    Why would “His Fraudulentcy” ballot-drop Biden* arrest & deport new democrat voters? Cali-hag millionairess Pelosi’s HR1 bill would ensure that NO ONE gets turned away at votings stations. No ID needed, just show up & vote democrat.

    Five (5) States allowed unelected voting officials, judges & others to circumvent these States voting procedures to steal a Presidential election that SCOTUS refused to consider.

  • Solo Greene says:

    They are giving everybody a pass and practically paying them to come across. Haha…don’t try to fool people with this crap.

  • Billy says:

    I feel its time to Impeach the whole Biden/Harris administration on false election votes.

  • Ken Marx says:

    Do these people (Biden, Harris, Obama, Shumer, Pelosi, et al) wake up in the morning thinking how they can screw the citizens today?

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