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Sheriffs Call on Biden To Stop Crisis by Finishing Trump’s Border Wall



Part of the wall at the southern border-Sheriffs Call on Biden To Stop Crisis by Finishing Trump's Border Wall-ss-Feathred

On Wednesday, hundreds of sheriffs have sent a letter to President Joe Biden, urging him to end the ongoing crisis at the southern border.

A group of 275 sheriffs coming from 39 states signed the letter. It warned of dangerous repercussions that would follow the administration’s decision to continue allowing the flow of illegal aliens into the country. As per the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol, their agents took 172,331 individuals into custody for illegally entering the country just last month.

The Federation for American Immigration Reform released the letter. In it, it says, that many of America’s sheriffs feel troubled regarding the impact of the Biden administration’s border policies. It also urged the president to act now before the country’s public safety resources become overwhelmed with the dangerous side effects of uncontrolled illegal immigration.

The letter then went on to say that as the situation evolves, more families and individuals may potentially become exposed to violence related to criminal activities. It said more parents may likely suffer the loss of their kids, and it won’t be because they were irresponsible. Instead, it will be due to their exposure to criminal violence by illegal aliens. Biden’s “reckless and irresponsible policies,” the letter claims, would cause the said violence.

Letter From Sheriffs Urge Biden to Act Now and Stop Border Crisis

The letter then claimed that the president and his administration encourage and sanction “lawlessness and the victimization” of Americans in many ways just for large-scale illegal immigration. The sheriffs then accuse Biden that they intentionally created the borer crisis. Many law enforcement authorities had already warned Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas of the possible repercussions should such border policies are enforced. However, Biden still persisted in creating such policies.

In the letter, the sheriffs then asked Biden to “reverse course” on his immigration policies that promote illegal activities. They also asked the president to continue the construction of the border wall. They urged the president to adopt “common sense” border policies of the Trump administration that supported public safety.

Meanwhile, the current administration seems to be taking back some of its new border policies. Last week, according to leaked meeting notes, Mayorkas told officials from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement that the Biden administration was thinking about closing “gaps” in the border wall, which has started construction during Trump’s presidency.

Also, according to the same notes, the current administration doesn’t plan on building new sections of the wall. Instead, they only want to renovate and enhance sections that already exist.

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  • Reg Easton says:

    In your “Breaking News Alert ” you continue to say BAN together while it should be BAND together.
    Not very professional.

  • Frank Ulakovic says:

    Don’t hold your breath. Obiden is a ball lost in tall weeds. As far as his gun stance goes, issue an order to the scotus to rescind their order of decades ago banning clean and sweeps of high crime areas to confiscate illegal weapons and arrest the gangstas and criminals involved.

  • 100% Trump Girl says:

    FAIR showed the letter to Biden along with the sheriffs names and counties.
    All 275 from 39 counties.

  • JJ Johnson says:

    Now if only the senile mf’er can read!🤷🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Biden and his monkeys want to ruin AMERICA. This open border policy is just a tool to do so. It is a shame our Republican leaders just sit on their asses.

  • Charles says:

    Biden should be over whelmed with millions of letters telling how does it feel to be overwhelmed but we can’t do what you are going to do with these letters.

  • JJ Johnson says:

    The truth is that Biden needs taken out…SOON!

  • Anonymous says:

    I believe Biden’s arse and his cronies just might have a plan to one day leave our country and go wherever they all have a beautiful other country all to themselves!! And leave us “after what they are doing here” TO deal with all the aliens!!! That idiot or idiots more like it.! I hate all politicians!!!

  • douglas says:

    As The American Voice we all are, why the hell did we allow these cheating pieces of lying crap to take the White house, It is not to late to demand a fricken new election this is our Country. Kick the pieces of dung out of our white house, There stinking up our house and Only We can can shovel the shit out, The rule for all elections should be if there’s any question of fraud or cheating or lying to cover some shit up or change or block voting clarity them Piles and anyone involved can never run for any campaign ever again with No Benefits . Boot the piles out of this country lock up for treason or execute, I bet the lying , cheating, fraudulent crap stops after only a couple executions, We all need to stop playing softball and step the fuck up as Americans and all band together to get our country back, Before we don’t have a country, To protect our Rights as Americans, This is our God Blessed Country and them Bastards and Bi-ches should not be allowed to ruin it,, Mr F—khead biden Please personally come try to take my city’s guns you Bi-ch. Any Politicians involved in other countrys Dirt or bribs for monetary gain is a trader and should be executed,
    WE THE PEOPLE NEED TO FIGHT THE DISEASE THATS RUNNING OUR COUNTRY, and I DONT MEAN COVID Screw all you idiots that voted obummer biden, we thank you for and we hold you responsible for screwing up this country please pat ur dumb asses on the back. Fuel cost $1.00 more per gallon so far, i expect up to $5.00 more maybe even $10. per gallon coming soon, you must be so proud

  • Daniel Ferguson says:

    the wall needs to be finished A.S.A.P. Biden!

  • BBA says:

    We can all sit at our computers and complain until the cows come home about this out of control Tyrant that is the SUPPOSED POTUS. Complaining from anyone will not get a damned thing accomplished since Biden and the rest of these pos socialist who now have control over all of our lives DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU or this country!!!! Physical action will be the only way that we can ever even have a chance of turning this country back towards a Free Republic but to be honest I’m very doubtful that we have enough patriots that would actually drop your their personal lives to go defend our Constitution. After watching how easily it was to get Americans to cower to mask mandates and being imprisoned at home the Government now knows “We the People” have no backbone left and will fall right in line to our socialist rolls.

  • Billy says:

    Biden and the DNC should be held personaly responsible for the mess they have caused on our southern border. Not the entire nation as this a socialist problem , This will be censored.

  • Jim Evans says:

    I wish they would stop calling it Trump’s Wall, as it was started in 2006 , with the George W. Bush administration. It is called ” The Secure Fence Act ” of 2006 also known as H.R. 6061 , is an act of The United States Congress to build and partially fund 700 miles of fencing along the border of Mexico , and the United States. Back in 2006 , Joe Biden voted for it along with several other Senators . This can be found by looking up the 109th Congress of 2005-2006. The Fencing under the 2006 Act , was not the first border fencing built in the United States. The U.S. Border Patrol first began erecting a physical barrier in the San Diego , California sector in 1990 . Fourteen miles of fencing was erected along the border of San Diego , and Tijuana , Mexico

  • Elaine says:

    Thank you Mr.Evans. If more Americans did real fact checking they would realize political parties are simply using us like pawns in their game. Media is the Avenue they chose to use. Sadly, they know much of society has become lazy and very happy to be spoon fed.

  • Elaine says:

    Pass this along … read about the Weimar Republic. It was the period from 1919-1933 in Germany which set the stage for the Nazi/Hitler party. In summary, it sounded like a good plan, equality, freedoms and rights for all, free education…. all rosey painted picture run by the..,SOCIAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY. When you read this, history has a decent article, see if it sounds strangely familiar to what US democrats are trying to sell us.
    Talk about history repeating!!!

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