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“The Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump” – A Farcical Screenplay by Adam Schiff



Senator Adam Schiff | “The Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump” – A Farcical Screenplay by Adam Schiff | Featured

Once upon a time, there was a young assistant US Attorney who lived in Los Angeles. And just like everyone else who moved to Hollywood, he wrote a screenplay.

And also like many, he failed dismally.

Today, he’s still trying to prove he has what it takes to write a good fiction story – and for once, his work is being aired, under the title “The Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump.”

The failed young screenwriter is House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff of California. And although he’s scripted a drama, it’s playing out like a farcical comedy.

How an Embittered Failure Aimed Too High

Schiff never really let go of that failed dream. According to his 2018 interview with The New Yorker, he still writes screenplays on the side.

“The first was a post-Holocaust story called ‘Remnant,’” he said. “I had an agent at William Morris tell me it was good but no one would want to see it – too depressing. Then ‘Schindler’s List’ came out, and I was, like, ‘Come on!’”

His second attempt fared no better. By that time, he was a prosecutor, so he wove fact into fiction with a murder mystery dubbed ‘Minotaur.’

“I had a friend who was a producer, and he said there were two answers in Hollywood – ‘Yes,’ and ‘Here’s a check.’ I was getting a lot of yeses,” Schiff elaborated.

But he never gave up on that failed dream – nor did he let go of his desire to blur the lines between fact and fiction.

Toward the end of his New Yorker interview, he mentioned high hopes for his third attempt: “It’s a spy drama. That one’s a work in progress.”

Unfortunately for Schiff, he’s never been able to master the art of screenwriting (or getting the balance right when trying to weave fact into his fiction).

After meeting a “frustrating end” to his farcical investigations into Trump in April 2018, is it any wonder he was working on a “spy drama” by December of the same year?

How about the fact he cozied up to prank callers offering dirt on President Trump in January 2018?

Let’s face it – Schiff’s third screenplay is obviously “The Impeachment Inquiry Against President Trump.”

And even though he wasn’t able to use his constituents at production houses like Disney, DreamWorks, and Paramount to get it onto the big screen, Nancy Pelosi’s favorite managed to get it onto national television.

It’s all about political revenge, of course. But perhaps Schiff is also venting his failures as a commercial screenwriter and turning it into a personal vendetta?

Another Failure

Unfortunately for Schiff, his “spy drama” isn’t winning any acclaim.

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He put a lot of hard work into closed-door castings and handing out carefully scripted 45-minute opening salvos and “testimonies,” as evidenced by the fact he’s purposefully withholding deposition transcripts from his closed-door “interviews” with the only first-hand witnesses.

Why would they be withheld unless the testimonies exposed Schiff as a liar?

Schiff’s poor scriptwriting skills are further highlighted by the fact his star witness was a bumbling mess.

Not only that, but he’s now claiming he doesn’t know who the so-called whistleblower was, despite the strong possibility the two met multiple times behind closed doors.

Trump shared a Fox News article on the issue on his Facebook page with a stand-out quote that sums the whole situation up perfectly:

“Unfortunately for Schiff, the American people know a farce when they see it, and his fictional production is collapsing before his very eyes.”

When are the Trump-hating Democrats going to accept the fact their repetitive, hysterical witch hunt is only going to come back and haunt them in the 2020 Presidential Elections?

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