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More Cops Killed In the Line Of Duty During Biden’s Term



Police officers gather to pay tribute to fallen police officer Wilbert Mora | More Cops Killed In the Line Of Duty During Biden’s Term | featured

More police officers died in the line of duty under the Biden administration than in prior years since 1995. Now, a law enforcement nonprofit agency wants President Joe Biden to speak up on the matter.

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More Officers Died In The Line Of Duty

Tributes poured for police officer Jason Rivera who was killed on the line of duty | More Officers Died In The Line Of Duty

Police officers in the line of duty deaths did hit record highs due to COVID starting in 2020. However, the killing of officers also went up during the Biden administration. This is according to the FBI’s law enforcement officers killed in action (LEOKA) data.

Jason Johnson, president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fun (LELDF) pointed to the rise in police deaths.

He said that it’s a combination of the George Floyd protests and a preference for less law enforcement. The latter pertained to calls for less policing and less prosecution for many states. 

Demoralized and Asked Not To Enforce the Law

The 20-year police veteran also correlated the rise in homicide rates versus the marginalization of cops. Essentially, protests and criticisms marginalized and demoralized many police officers.

They were cast aside and basically told not to enforce the law. “And so we've seen massive jumps in the homicide rate in cities across America,” he said. 

Johnson said that it’s natural that rising homicide rates in major US cities also resulted in more attacks against cops. He said that a lot of local and national politicians “really voiced a lack of respect for law enforcement officers.”

73 Officers Killed In the Line of Duty in 2021

In fact, the FBI reported that the total number of police officers who died in the line of duty in 2021 is 73. This is a 59% increase compared to 46 officers killed in 2020. In fact, only 1995 recorded the only higher number, 74.

The third highest was 72 in 2011. Meanwhile, 2019 and 2020 turned out as relatively safe years for cops compared to 2021. Only 48 police officers died during active duty. 

Animosity toward police officers became a growing trend since the George Floyd killing. This sparked a national debate over alleged police violence and racial bias against minorities.

“Police don't expect you to be supportive if what they've done is wrong,” Johnson said. He added that what the police wanted was for the president to stop making premature, judgmental, and wrong comments.  Especially “next time a viral video comes out,” Johnson added. 

Ambush Attacks Against Cops Also Rose in 2021

Additionally, ambush attacks against officers also went up in 2021. LEOKA data shows that 32 officers died as a result of an ambush or unprovoked attack in 2021.

This number exceeded previous records dating back to at least 1987. Johnson believes the Biden administration's “actions have shown that they are not supportive of the police.” 

In fact, Johnson noted that Biden only visited New York City to pay respects to fallen officer Detective Wilbert Mora after thousands of NYPD officers did so.

Mora and his partner Det. Jason Rivera died after being shot by a domestic violence suspect. 

We Need To See Some Leadership

In addition, Johnson said that they will continue to speak up about the increasing incidences of violent crime. Consequently, these come along with increasing numbers of attacks and killings of law enforcement officers. 

This will continue “until and unless we see some leadership — both in the White House and in individual cities.”  

Watch the Eyewitness News ABC7NY video reporting on city officials reacting after 2 NYPD officers shot, 1 killed:

What do you think about the increased number of police deaths during the Biden administration?

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What do you think about the increasing number of police killings in the line of duty during the Biden administration? Does this mean a lack of support for police?

Tell us what you think. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Sam says:

    More people killed in general under Xiden. More cops, more caucasians, 2020 highest year yet for white hate crimes. More covid deaths, more vax deaths. He hasn’t accomplished anything except destruction and the ruining of a nation.

  • tony says:

    I got “NO USE”for Biden or any “DEM-O-RAT” as far as this goes.ALL the Demos.occomplished in (1)yr.was to “DISTROY”what Donald Trump did,and then some.

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