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ISIS Brings France To It’s Knees



  • Two Islamic State soldiers took two nuns, two parishioners, and a priest hostage during a Tuesday morning mass in France.
  • As police arrived the attackers viciously killed the priest in front of the morning mass.
  • Authorities eventually were able to “neutralize” the two terrorists.
  • ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Islamic State, known for its large public demonstrations of hate, violence, and murder, have changed their tactics. Instead of flashy explosions that shake the foundation of hope within the community, small stealth operations are now the focus. 

We've seen them blow up airports and other transit stops. We've seen them put together mass shootings. There is always a bit of flash that comes with one of their attacks. Almost as if they are taunting us with how big and public their violent tantrums are. Yet now, things are changing.

Two Islamic State soldiers walked into a Catholic church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France, and slit the throat of the 84-year old priest. That is a completely different kind of attack than we have ever seen from the Islamic State. They walked in on a Tuesday morning mass and murdered the priest in front of the congregation. They were vulnerable. They were in a place of worship and they were attacked.

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The two attackers entered through the back of the church and grabbed two nuns, two parishioners, and the priest hostage. 

Police quickly responded and eventually announced that the “targets” were “neutralized”, I'm fairly certain that means that the French police came in guns blazing and killed the two Islamic State soldiers.

The French President Francois Hollande said, “[ISIS] has declared war on us. We must fight this war by all means while respecting the rule of law — what makes us a democracy.”

The priest, however, was not the only one injured. Another individual, believed to be a nun, was fighting to survive when authorities arrived on the scene. The priest, Jacques Hamel, was pronounced dead on arrival.

It has been reported that the church was on a “hit list” that was found back in 2015. Apparently, while raiding the home of a “would-be” ISIS insurgent, Sid Ghlam, the list was found. It was discovered that Ghlam was planning attacks in France when authorities arrested him. Investigators found an arsenal of weapons at his home. It was also uncovered that Ghlam had been in contact with someone in Syria who had been giving him “mission” and targets to attack. The church in Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray was one of the instructed targets.

The President of the Regional Council of the Muslim Faith for Haute-Normandie said that one of the attacks has been on the radar of the French police for a little over a year and a half. 

Pope Francis has condemned the attack and the “horror for this absurd violence.”

France continues to remain on high alert after the attack on Nice where 84 people were killed. However, with this display of hostage taking, and stealthy attack, we can now assume that ISIS has intensified their tactics. A terrorist organization that was once predictable, has now become a wild card.

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  • Oudrey Wilson says:

    ISIS is on the rise, and the USA is protecting them.

  • Daniel Van Ginder says:

    They want to kill,mane,rape and destroy ANYONE AND ANYTHING THAT THEY DONT AGREE WITH. PERIOD

  • Karen says:

    I believe that the way that they are going will harden the resolve of the French people to fight back. I also believe that the German people will begin to fight back. Wait and you will see the same here. The great America people will soon start fighting back. Just you wait and see.

  • Eddie villaruz says:

    They are the only radical movement that wants to force their insane ideology onto the world. We must stop them from spreading and not allowing them to build their mosques throughout the world so they do not get a foothoold

  • ONLYJB1 says:

    Just think about it for a minute. France is a gun free country. Well it’s gun free if you are a law abiding citizen that is. The terrorist and criminals could care less about the law. If only one person had a gun, this would have never happened. It’s time to stand up to ISIS once and for all, all over the world. It’s amazing how fast islamic muslim terrorist run when fired upon. They are cowards, everyone of them!

  • patrick says:

    We need to get the asshole mouse out of the WH and prosecute BO, LL, HC and all the slugs for their illegal/racist management of their jobs. Prosecution for treason is also a necessity. The first real president in 8 years has lots to do, but getting rid of these toads should be a priority!

  • Sam Williams says:

    ISIS will stop coming when we commit to their destruction, not in their homeland but ours. Tolerance is not the way nor is compasion and understanding. Drive them all out!

  • USPatriotOne says:

    To the Commie/Muslim/NWO/DemoRat/Elites…IT’S CALLED WAR..!!! Over 150 Million Americans are Locking and Loading all around America right NOW! The Commie/DemoRats are a complete disgrace! They did not even have a single American Flag at the Commie/DemoRat Convention Monday night, but has SH*T Load of Red Communist Flags all over the place…Pure and complete EVIL..!!! Yes a Civil War against the Communist DemoRats I believe is coming..!!! OUR NATION IS A REPUBLIC NOT A COMMUNIST COUNTRY…THIS IS TREASON..!!! God help us, PLEASE!

  • Name says:

    It might have been very sad . France is a little more stronger than people think.

  • Lillian Flores says:

    Because ISIS; is attacking the people when what they are truly angry about is the fact that they can not take away our belief in God. I believe this more now since the latest tragedy of the priest. They can’t kill God, because he has many follower’s. God knows that these extreme radicals have already lost the battle. I pray that God does what he needs to in order for all of us to be at Peace. I will never stop praying, never….Amen.

  • Wolfgang Adams says:

    We have to stop these bastards and get them out of Europe.

  • Suzanne Koeppen says:

    We need Trump to be elected President and run our country the way it should be run, with leadership and GOD AS IT’S HEAD RULER !!!!!

  • John says:

    They are too dumb to rout the enemy from their country .

  • Robert says:

    France is not on her knees, France will ne

  • Avril Olson says:

    France is powerless because they are too politically correct. God forbid they make a stand that might offend Muslims

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