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Secret Assassin Poisoned ISIS Top Leaders



  • The ISIS leader, Baghdadi, has been poisoned by an assassin.
  • It has been reported that Baghdadi and three other Islamic State leaders have been taken to an unknown location.
  • The terrorist group has been engaged in a campaign to arrest the culprit responsible.

Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi, the ringleader of the Islamic State, has reportedly been poisoned. The ISIS leader grew ill after assassins poisoned his food. However, Baghdadi wasn't the only one to be poisoned. Three other commanders of the terrorist organization have also been targeted with poison in the Be'aaj district.

An undisclosed source told WAA, the Iraqi news agency, that the four are suffering from severe poisoning and have been transferred to an unknown location.

To further validate the claim, the terrorist group has been engaged in a campaign of arrests to, allegedly, find the culprit.

Baghdadi is credited for turning the crumbling regime of al-Qaeda into the independent ISIS group. The Islamic State is reportedly the most powerful and wealthiest terrorist organization in the world. He alone spearheaded the offensive that overtook much of Syria and Iraq, dating all the way back to 2013.

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This isn't the first run-in with death for Baghdadi. He has been reported to have been wounded many times. It was actually believed that he was killed earlier this year by US-led air strikes, but those reports were incorrect.

Like any powerful figure, the past of Baghdadi is filled with rumors and legends. Ibrahim Awad Ibrahim, his real name, is believed to have been born in Samarra in 1971. Records have reported that he was a cleric in a mosque in the city around 2003, during the US-led invasion. There are rumors that he was already a jihadist during the rule of Saddam Hussein. Others believe he was radicalized during his years in a US facility in Southern Iraq.

In 2011 he became an official “terrorist”, by the United States. They offered a $10 million reward for information that would lead to his capture.

So far, the true condition of Baghdadi is unknown.

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