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J-Lo and Shakira Honor Kobe Bryant During Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

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Screenshot via Youtube (NFL)

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira remember the late NBA star Kobe Bryant as they said how the tragedy reminded everyone how fragile life is. Fox Business reported that the pop superstars plan to use their Super Bowl halftime show to convey that message.

“Life is so fragile and that is why we have to try and live every moment as intensely as we can,” Shakira told a packed news conference. “We will be celebrating life, celebrating diversity in this country.”

“I am sure he (Bryant) will be very proud to see the message we are going to try to convey on stage because I think it is a very big moment for our community, the Latino community in this country.”

Lopez said: “I think this is just affecting everybody so much because it is reminding us, again, how fragile life is and how we have to appreciate every single moment. It can be taken away from us so easily. We have to love each other, we have to be together, we have to support each other we can’t be so at odds all the time. That’s part of our mission and our message too.”

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