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Joe Biden: Dead Man Walking?



Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden | Joe Biden: Dead Man Walking? | Featured

It’s no secret that Joe Biden has a tough time putting together simple sentences and keeping his foot out of his mouth. The former Vice President’s mental and physical health have been of concern to voters since he announced his 2020 bid for the Presidency – so much so, that his campaign had to release a letter from his doctor confirming he is fit enough to take office. But is he really?

The 77-year old would be the oldest President to ever take office if he wins in November, and the rigors of the job are debatably the most stressful of any job in the world. Biden has already limited himself to a much lighter campaign schedule than past candidates, a clear indication that he is not physically able to keep up with the requirements of the Oval Office. And the few public appearances, press conferences, and interviews that he does partake in, often lead to confusing or aggressive remarks. His medical history sheds light on why voters should be very, very concerned about his health.

1988 Brain Aneurysm

Biden has spoken openly about the fact that in 1988, he suffered from a burst brain aneurysm. He was rushed to the hospital and underwent a 13-hour emergency surgery that doctors feared he would not recover from. He later had a second aneurysm clipped before it could burst.

Brain aneurysms can have numerous lingering effects on patients, including difficulty with speaking, communication, and understanding what is said to them. Irritation is common, as well as frequent headaches and migraines. 20-35% of patients deal with moderate to severe brain damage after a burst.

This might explain Biden’s frequent blunders, poorly worded sentences, and even outbursts at interviewers and citizens. Although Biden was found to plagiarize papers back at Syracuse University College of Law in the 1960’s, and has been accused of not being the brilliant mind he claims to be, many of his more serious gaffes have come after 1988.

A State of Constant Confusion

While being reelected as a Senator in the small state of Delaware may not be surprising despite his clear mental deficit, there should be much more consideration given to if Biden’s constant state of confusion is appropriate to bring to the Oval Office. A Senator or Vice President making the occasional gaffe may not raise eyebrows, but the President of the United States is expected to have a basic understanding of where he is and who he is speaking to at all times. This is hardly the case for Joe Biden.

In 2008, Biden asked Missouri Senator Chuck Graham to “stand up” so that the crowd could see him. Graham is a paraplegic confined to a wheelchair.

When speaking about financial crisis, Biden spoke of the 1929 Wall Street Crash and “Franklin D. Roosevelt on the television.” But Herbert Hoover was president at the time and television did not exist.

Biden became confused when speaking about, calling it a “website number.” He was later able to recall the web address.

Just recently, in late July, Joe Biden confused where he was at a campaign stop, trying to play the error off as a joke.

Biden has repeatedly lashed out at Americans when they question his policies; in 2010, he called a frozen custard shop manager a “smartass” for asking him to lower taxes. He called literal “bull—-” on an auto plant worker asking why he is against the 2nd Amendment. And most recently, he asked a reporter if he was a “junkie” when the correspondent asked about his mental fortitude.

Biden has frequently misspoke numerical values, adding millions to death tolls in relation to Coronavirus and gun violence.

Not-so-Closet Racist

We can laugh or cringe all we want at the myriad of Joe Biden gaffes, but there is no brain aneurysm or mental deficit that can excuse or explain his racist and segregationist policies that he has voted in favor of since 1975. In addition to his basic inability to recall names, locations, and grammar, Biden has consistently spoken in derogatory terms about African-Americans – something his campaign has had to work overtime to remedy.

From calling Black children “roaches,” to declaring that Obama was the first “articulate and bright” African American political candidate, to telling an audience including African Americans that Wall Street is “going to put y’all back in chains,” Biden has let his true feelings towards Blacks come out at every turn, for decades.

Even when directly addressed by Kamala Harris about his vote against busing to end segregation in schools, Biden deliberately changed the subject to the LGBT community after stating that decisions on desegregation were best left to cities and states to handle for themselves.

Whether a brain aneurysm, dementia, or a combination of the two is to blame for Joe Biden’s constant confusion, the state of his mental health must be a serious consideration when Americans head to the polls this fall.


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