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Jon Stewart Shuts Down Liberal Media Over Denying The Wuhan Lab Theory



Jon Stewart Shuts Down Libs by Calling Out the Media For Denying The Wuhan Lab Theory-cc-Featured

On Monday, while appearing on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert on CBS, Jon Stewart disproved critics of the Wuhan lab leak “conspiracy theory” via a comedic take that has upset the left.

During the interview, Stewart said he thinks people owe a large debt of gratitude to science. He added that science aided in easing the people’s suffering during the pandemic. But he also said this was “more than likely caused by science,” too.

“Novel respiratory coronavirus overtaking Wuhan, China,” Stewart added. “What do we do? Oh, you know who we could ask? The Wuhan Novel Respiratory Coronavirus Lab.”

Stewart then noted how the disease had the same name as the lab and pointed out that it was a bit too weird. He then noted how some scientists answer questions of its origins with ridiculous reasons.

To this, Colbert said “that could very well be” the case, but added drily that the lab in Wuhan was possibly there to study the virus since there were already a lot of coronaviruses in the area due to its bat population.

Jon Stewart Thinks Wuhan Lab Theory is Plausible

Stewart responded to the host, saying he understands. He follows this up with a sarcastic reply, saying “it’s the local specialty” and that Wuhan is the only place where bats are found, and that they can’t be found anywhere else.

Stewart then pointed out that many other places, such as Austin, Texas, also have bats that fly out every night. He then questioned why Austin doesn’t have a coronavirus but Wuhan does.

“This is not a conspiracy!” Stewart said. However, he stated that this shows a problem with science. He said “Science is incredible” but people don’t know where to stop with it.

Steward also said that when he thought about how the virus and the lab name both have Wuhan in it, he had the horrible thought.

Following the Break, Stewart told Colbert that he loves scientists and that they’re amazing on what they do. However, he said they will likely “kill us all.”

The Wuhan lab theory for the pandemic lost popularity among the left last year when former President Donald Trump said he thinks of it as a highly plausible origin of the pandemic.

Last May, however, President Joe Biden instructed for an investigation to be started into the Wuhan Laboratory. The said investigation needed to get answers in 90 days.

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