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Science Suggests That COVID-19 Was A Wuhan Lab Leak



This is the concept of a coronavirus leak from a laboratory. The virus escapes from the cage | Science Suggests That COVID-19 Was A Wuhan Lab Leak | featured

In an explosive Wall Street Journal op-ed, COVID-19 might be a result of a Wuhan lab leak. Authors Steven Quay and Richard Muller wrote that while previous discussions focused on circumstantial evidence, the scientific evidence is supporting a theory that the virus escaped from a lab. 

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Wuhan Lab Leak

As a result, a fresh debate is emerging on the origins of coronavirus. It came to the point that President Joe Biden asked US intelligence to investigate the possibility of a Wuhan lab leak. 

Earlier debate on the virus origins centered on circumstantial evidence at best. A mysterious illness detected in 2019. In addition, the Wuhan Institute of Virology’s work on “gain of function” research.

This includes intentional supercharging viruses to increase lethality. In addition, the Chinese Communist Party remained secretive over details during the earliest days of the Wuhan outbreak.

Finally, US intelligence reports suggest that the WIV collaborated with the Chinese military on certain projects. However, Quay and Muller point out that the scientific evidence found in the genetic fingerprint of CoV-2 (novel coronavirus) shows some damning evidence.   

Gain of Function Research

In gain-of-function research, a microbiologist increases a coronavirus’ lethalness through gene splicing. The process does not leave a trace of manipulation but alters the virus spike protein.

This means the virus can now inject genetic materials into victim cells easier. Since 1992, 11 experiments documented adding a special sequence to the virus at the exact same point. The end results always resulted in a supercharged virus. 

When the Wuhan lab’s scientists published a paper in February 2020 detailing the virus’s genome, the report did not mention the sequence that supercharges the virus.

Despite the omission, the fingerprint for the sequence shows the gain of function. When virologists Bruno Coutard and colleagues published their discovery of the sequence in CoV-2, they noted the novel supercharged site.

The comment in the paper notes that the protein that held it “may provide a gain-of-function” capability to the virus that makes “for efficient spreading” to humans.

Additional Evidence

Additionally, the dramatic difference in the genetic diversity of CoV-2 versus SARS and MERS viruses shows further proof. Both SARS and MERS confirmed their natural origin, and both viruses evolved rapidly as they spread through the human population.

This occurred until the most contagious forms dominated. For COVID-19, it worked another way. Humans seemed to catch an extremely contagious version immediately from the onset. Scientists did not detect any serious viral evolutions until the discovery of the UK variant many months later.

Early optimized versions of the virus are unprecedented in nature. In fact, it suggests that a long period of adaptation happened before the public caught the virus.

However, only one way is possible to achieve that long adaptation. This is through simulated natural evolution, or artificially growing the virus on human cells until they become efficient at spreading. The gain of research methods precisely performs that function.

Watch Axios On HBO as Secretary of State Antony Blinken talking about the Covid-19 Lab-Leak Theory:

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Do you agree that the coronavirus is more likely a Wuhan lab leak rather than a natural occurrence? Why is there secrecy behind the early days of the outbreak?

Tell us what you think of the pandemic. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Michael Valgos says:

    When it first broke out 2 Indian scientists proved it was man made China had to give the virus to a limited amount of people to be able to get it to the west They knew what they were doing that is why only the Wuhan area was infected It was all part of a move to destroy our economy The problem with that is we are a country that engineers anything you can think of China is a copier So is Russia They have to have people full time attempting to steal our secrets China needs to pay for what they have done

  • Patricia G Stevens says:

    I didn’t have to be a scientist to know that it was a man-made virus. Is it too many people too fast. This was chemical warfare end I believe it was set up by China and the Democratic party in America. And all should be found out and convicted to the fullest. I’m a nurse and I noticed that this virus only really hit the week I didn’t wear a mask as much as everybody I did wash my hands which is the most important thing. Basically healthy.

  • Quinton says:

    Why was they blaming the coronavirus is on Aminals. If it was Man made?

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    The US intelligence should ask Biden and Harris what they knew about the lab in China. Of course it was man made,china are communists ,their goal is to destroy America. Bring it on you little fuckers!

  • Anonymous says:

    This Virus was out ibn Singapore in Sept 2019, I was there and my friend with me came back withPneumonia and was ill for 5 months. At 60 years old she also had a stroke in Feb 2020

  • FRED H. KOHLER JR. says:

    my opinion is COVID 19 was a man made virus, plus it was made and aimed at the USA to cause a economic failure and collapse of AMERICA.

  • Mike says:

    @Fred H. Kohler Jr ….you are so very right on!!! I have always thought that! Business man running the USA and economy growing, and China’s economy in the tank at that time very time and sinking fast. We are at War this very moment with china! under this current USA administration biden’s familys interest with China! Americans probably won’t find much out, unless the American people demand it!!!

  • vietvet says:

    Dr Fauci says Pres Trump will have to deal with Pandemic, China inserts a Pandemic Out Clause in last Trade Deal with Pres Trump and WOW look what happens in the run up to the last Election. Covid restrictions give the LEFT everything they could wish for to STEAL the Election and install a malleable puppet!

  • Debbie Corliss says:

    I agree with Vietvet…it all makes perfect sense and sounds like an early plan put together by the crooked Dems and their commie buddies China…all because of their hatred for Trump!

  • leut says:

    Dem party WILL destroy USA 🙁

  • Scott says:

    We should be at war with China.

  • Andrew says:

    There are a few flaws with this argument:

    1) The Indian Delta variant shows that the original COVID19 variant was not optimised for spread among humans, as the Delta variant is twice as contagious as the original variant..

    2) If China had known that this virus was so dangerous they would have quarantined Wuhan sooner so as to prevent the virus spreading in China. As it was, the only reason that China was able to contain the virus as well as it did is because with it’s dictatorial form of government it was able to implement and enforce extreme lockdown measures.

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