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Jon Stewart Backs Joe Rogan, Says He’s Not An Ideologue



Ellen Martinez, Jon Stewart and Steph Ching attend After Spring premiere | Jon Stewart Backs Joe Rogan, Says He’s Not An Ideologue | featured

Comedian Jon Stewart lent his support to podcaster Joe Rogan, saying that he believes the latter isn’t an ideologue. He gave these remarks during his latest podcast episode, “The Problem With Jon Stewart.”

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Jon Stewart: Rogan Not An Ideologue

Jon Stewart at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards | Jon Stewart: Rogan Not An Ideologue

Jon Stewart declared that in his mind, Joe Rogan is not an ideologue. By definition, an ideologue adheres to a certain, unshakeable set of beliefs. That person won’t change their mindset even when presented with facts. 

In Rogan’s case, Stewart said that the podcaster is willing to change his position when given new data.“This is going to be a blanket statement,” Stewart said.

“And I would say this: Don’t leave, don’t abandon, don’t censor, engage,” he added. He then said that while it may not always work out, engagement is still the way to go.  

Jon Stewart Shows Proof That Rogan Is Not An Ideologue

The late-night show host and comedian pointed to a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan” as an example. At the time, Rogan hosted Josh Szeps, who challenged one of Rogan’s claims. Earlier, the host claimed that COVID vaccines have dangerous side effects for kids. 

Stewart pointed out that Joe claims vaccines bring a higher risk of myocarditis to kids. Szeps contradicted him, saying that COVID gives a higher risk of myocarditis.

So, kids should get the vaccines. The two went back and forth on the subject as they searched for additional information. At one point, Rogan conceded that his view was wrong. 

Jon Stewart Calls Out Eric Clapton

“If you are an ideologue, or if you are a dishonest person, that is the moment,” Stewart said. 

Instead of doubling down, Rogan made the choice to process the new information. “Joe just went, like, ‘Ah, I didn’t know, I didn’t get that,’” he said. For Jon Stewart, that means Rogan is a person he can engage with. 

In addition, the host also called out musicians with opposing views as those who want to boycott Rogan. Specifically, he called out Eric Clapton, a known antivax musician.

Did he ask how much misinformation is being spread by Clapton on the same platforms as other musicians? Stewart called him a “f**king psycho”. “Do you remove yourself from every platform?”

Jon Stewart’s Point

Stewart later pointed out that there’s no question a lot of misinformation is flying around that’s purposeful and hateful. Getting moderation is a credit to the platforms that run these shows. However, Stewart insists that the overreaction to Joe Rogan is a mistake. 

There are bad actors all around, people who intentionally spread misinformation. Jon Stewart said he’s more interested in working to expose them than censoring someone like Joe Rogan.  

He said Rogan is willing to engage with just about anyone.

Watch the Rational National video reporting Jon Stewart defends Joe Rogan, blasts algorithms:

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What do you think of Jon Stewart’s take of Joe Rogan? At the same time, what do you think of Joe Rogan? Do you prefer getting viewpoints from either or both?

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