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Juror In Chauvin Trial Says ‘I Didn’t Want to Go Through the Rioting’ When Asked About ‘Guilty’ Verdict



Protest and riot police-Juror In Chauvin Trial Says 'I Didn't Want to Go Through the Rioting' When Asked About 'Guilty' Verdict-ss-Featured

On Tuesday, a jury found that former police officer Derek Chauvin is guilty of all charges related to the death of George Floyd. Now, a juror from the Chauvin trial shared some insight about the experience.

As the trial went on, presiding Judge Peter Cahill had mentioned that they were dangerously close to getting a mistrial.

Lisa Christensen, an alternate juror, sat down in an interview with Lou Raguse, a Kare 11 reported, providing more information about what happened in the courtroom.

According to Raguse on Twitter, Christensen said she had trouble making it home one night after the testimonies ended as protesters blocked intersections.

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Raguse said the alternate juror think Chauvin was guilty. Dr. Martin Tobin’s testimony influenced Christensen the most to make this conclusion.

He said the demonstration where the jurors were asked to feel their necks was extremely effective.

Raguse then said Christensen went home each night and took notes about the witnesses. However, in the end, the court only chose her as an alternate.

Christensen also gave insight on how much pressure the jurors experienced to deliver a “guilty” verdict.

Chauvin Trial Juror Says They Experienced A Lot Of Pressure

According to Raguse’s report, Christensen and the other jurors didn’t share their real names or what they did for a living. Instead, they just used their juror numbers to call each other. The alternate juror also said they got along but mostly had small talk. Apparently, they felt worried they will say “too much.”

Christensen also admitted that jury intimidation had a major role in the Chauvin trial. Even before the verdict was given, many Democratic politicians said the “right” decision is a guilty one.

Some of the said politicians include President Joe Biden and California Rep. Maxine Waters.

Given that at least one member of the jury shared their insight and mentioned that intimidation plays a role in the trial, an appeal to the verdict may appear soon.

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  • Billy says:

    Good for a reversal of guilt as jurers were fearful of the riots and having their names addresses and phone # released by the leftist press. Voted out of fear for themselves their families and the city. As rioters are not arrested or charged for their violence . Thanks Biden, Waters ,AOC, Pelosi for putting the country at rick for you party.

  • Bulinda says:

    Chauvin is GUILTY of murdering George Floyd without a reasonable doubt regardless is folk were afraid of the rioters!!!

  • Elwanor says:

    Everyone knew the trial should be moved and the jurors names should not be given out. There was no way these people could vot unless they were ready to give up their lives. I don,t blame them, I think I would have found the officer guilty, but not on all three counts. The woman who gave this info out is extremely brave. I feel sorry for all the jurors. The judge was wrong, Maxine Waters should be fired and Biden was the finishing touch on this trial. We have become Marxists, Communists and Socialists. Killers, looter, destroyers. I,m ashamed of all the people in the gov,t. and all the people living in this country who are anti Americans. They should go to a different country where their way of living is accepted, China. The Democrats have become a party of killers. This is no longer America. May God help us all until Trump can get back in. If he will do KT.

  • Ben says:

    Politics…what if you were on trial would you want politicians involved? Facts only.

  • Thomas Brown says:

    I knew it…it was a lynching.

  • K. Grimes says:

    I can not say whether he was guilty or not, I did not hear all of the evidence the same as the majority of the people. Most people are basing their views on what the media is saying and what our politicians are saying. To have a fair trial there can not be mob influence or political influence. One day you may be the person on trial and when the mob speaks and the jury listens to them where your are proclaimed by reason of loud shouting and violence instead of facts then we will see how you feel facing prison or death! The mob mentality has to stop, this is America not a mob run country. These mobs and the violence need to be brought under control and arrests need to be made. We need to get back to an orderly society with people abiding by the law!

  • Doc says:

    There’s no way ANYONE can survive 9 & 1/2 minutes with a knee on their neck like that. Even a healthy person. The cop killed him but the jury was indeed intimidated. The whole thing was theater. The bad guys are winning. You know, the rich men of the world.

  • The professor says:

    Did anyone see the video of George Floyd in the convenient store … he was in there for about 20 minutes fumbling around looking for that counterfeit bill so we could buy some cigarettes …. 20 minutes it was in that store and if you saw or can watch that video you will see that he is effed up on drugs …. he finally passes the bill and he gets caught and the cops are called …. also he was in the car the police car for several minutes and he started freaking out and they took them out and put them on the ground and that’s where Derek Chauvin comes in … Derek got railroaded things were not shown to the jurors things were not shown to the general public George Floyd was a criminal and he died because he was stupid and doing the things he did

  • Jackuline Ragan says:

    At this point in time, America should legalize all drugs, put the cartels out of business, let these people destroy themselves with drugs, guns, anger, violence. All police authority to be shut down, never to respond to any calls for help. Once they’ve destroyed themselves, it will be beyond a reasonable doubt of who or why or how it was done thus no more policemen will have to go to jail if they don’t respond. Once they’ve annihilated their entire community, then we can take back our country to be run with a sense of normalcy! If this could be done, we can sit back and watch it happen without fear of our dutiful ignored of authority police force facing a needless jail sentence! Seems to be the only way to rid this demon that has reared its head in America!

  • robert says:

    I saw the complete video before it was taken down. Floyd was saying “I cant breath even before he was in handcuffs–the police were simply questioning him about the counterfeit money. They cuffed him and they attempted to put him in the car when he went totally crazy saying he was claustrophobic. They took him out of the car, stood for a couple minutes. Then Floyd ASKED if he could lay on the ground. The officers gently helped to lay him on the ground. It showed a close up of “the knee” It was not jammed in his neck as we are led to believe. It was simply held against his neck/upper chest to keep him controlled considering how he had acted just minutes before. It looked like what kids do when they are “play wrestling”. Yes he yelled “I cant breathe”–he had been yelling it for 20 minutes starting even before the officers touched him! I heard a commentator say this video was not allowed because it might “take the attention away from the act the officer committed”. The trial was forced to be rigged against Chauvin or there would have been rioting beyond our imagination!

  • Jerrold White says:

    Breaking News Alerts could seriously use a decent copy editor.

  • Eugene W. says:

    Perhaps Floyd is the guilty one here, not Chauvin. An appeal could indeed be coming.

  • Scott says:

    Poor Floyd, poor Chauvine. They both were used by the system. God bless America.

  • Dave says:

    With deep sadness, I appreciate the juror, Chistenson, who decided under pressure to vote guilty for D. Chauvin. For the benefit of the majority, one man is being crucified. Can you imagine how many lives would have injured and lost and how many businesses would have been destroyed and looted without the conviction? ( Maxine Waters who agitate black minority should NOT be in congress.)
    The city employees police to do their job which is to protect and serve the community. If we did not have police, we are most likely to live under the power of gagsters and thugs like George Floyd. To extrapolate that police department should be defunded or changed in any significant ways as a result of death of George Floyd is simply absurd. If you want all the bussiness and restaurants closed in the city, let’s get rid of the police.

  • The professor says:

    Robert … good article I have to ask you did you see the 20 minute video where he was in the convenient store fumbling and stumbling around for 20 minutes trying to figure out how do use that $20 bill you could see he was on something

  • Sacorra says:

    I wish people would see the facts vs. What media showed. Floyd killed himself years ago. This was no ones fault but his own. He made the choices he made. Chauvin was doing his job. We have to keep in mind he is human, maybe he was afraid, a lot was going on. Sometimes a few seconds or minutes can feel like an hour. You honestly think he could tell how long he was kneeling down with all that action around him. He just knew he had to protect himself and other around from a dangerous man. I wish people would stop looking at race, and police, and put themselves in his shoes. Police protect us from hard, G. Floyd was a threat to society and to himself. Think of all the people he killed. All the children he sold drugs to, and put everyone’s life at risk on a daily basis. FACTS ARE IMPORTANT!!!

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