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Kyle Rittenhouse Takes The Stand, Lawyers Call for Mistrial



Black lives matter protesters for jacob blake clashed with pro trump supporters | Kyle Rittenhouse Takes The Stand, Lawyers Call for Mistrial | featured

On Wednesday, lawyers defending Kyle Rittenhouse against several murder charges called for a mistrial. Rittenhouse claimed self-defense when he killed two men and wounded a third one during a violent protest in Kenosha last year. 

The prosecution charged him with intentional homicide over the deaths of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber.

He also faces reckless and attempted homicide for wounding Gaige Grosskreutz, 27. If found guilty on the homicide charges, Rittenhouse faces life in prison. 

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Lawyers for Kyle Rittenhouse Call For A Mistrial, Says Teen Defended Himself

Memorial site for anthony huber and joseph rosenbaum two pedophiles shot and killed by kyle rittenhouse during riots-kyle rittenhouse

Kyle Rittenhouse took the stand yesterday during his trial. During his testimony, lawyers demanded a mistrial as they argued over the chief prosecutors’ seemingly out-of-bounds questioning. 

Kenosha County Circuit Judge Bruce Schroeder seemed to agree with Rittenhouse’s lawyers. Several times, Schroeder stopped prosecutors and ordered the jury out of the courtroom.

He also loudly chastised prosecutor Thomas Binger. The latter’s line of questioning led to the requests for a mistrial from the defense.

If Schroeder says yes, prosecutors cannot bring Kyle Rittenhouse to court over the same charges again. Schroeder did not immediately rule on the request. However, he asked members of the jury to expect closing arguments by next week. 

Kyle Rittenhouse Says He Did It In Self-Defense

Rittenhouse is on trial for the shootings that occurred in midst of a protest over the death of a black man caused by a white police officer.

He went to Kenosha with an AR-style semi-automatic weapon and a medic bag. He said that he went there to help protect property after rioters set fires and ransacked businesses on previous nights.

The teenager’s account corroborates the video testimony and the prosecution witnesses. He said that the one man cornered him and put his hand on the barrel of his rifle. 

A second man hit him with a skateboard. Then, a third man came at him with a gun of his own. Rittenhouse testified that he killed two men and wounded a third during their attack.

“I didn’t do anything wrong. I defended myself,” he insisted. The now 18-year-old recounted the events that led to that fateful shooting. At one point, the teenager sobbed so hard that the judge called for a break. 

Americans Divided Over Kyle Rittenhouse Case

The case divided Americans on whether Kyle Rittenhouse was a patriot or a vigilante out to commit violent acts. The prosecutor tried to convince the jury that Rittenhouse was fully responsible for creating a dangerous situation.

“You understand that when you point your AR-15 at someone, it may make them feel like you’re going to kill them, correct?” Binger asked.

The teen’s decision to take the stand himself carried risks. Often, expert lawyers can conduct cross-examinations that can induce witnesses to contradict themselves.

Other legal minds also questioned the need for Rittenhouse to take the stand. Many noted that earlier in the trial, the prosecution’s own witnesses confirmed that Rittenhouse likely acted in self-defense. 

Watch the FOX 13 Tampa Bay video reporting that ​​Kyle Rittenhouse cries on the stand; judge pauses trial:

What do you think will be the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial?

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What do you think of the Kye Rittenhouse trial? Do you agree that the teenager only defended himself from three attackers?

Or do you agree with the prosecution that Rittenhouse himself created that dangerous situation by carrying a weapon?

Let us know what you think. Share your comments in the comments section below.

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  • Alicia Wilcox says:

    I don’t understand why he was there in the first place and why did he have a fire arm and medical bag was he truly there to help or is he Racist it’s hard to decide but when you’re protecting yourself he could of shot them in the leg or arm why always aiming to kill GUILTY

  • concerned law abiding citizen says:

    he quilty, he should’nt have been there, it wasn’t his bussiness.

  • Bobtodd says:

    Self defense. Not guilty.

  • The professor says:

    I believe he went there as a concerned Citizen to help as a volunteer to help the police to curb the rioting…he was under attack by three people and had to defend himself…. if the police had dogs for these looters if the National Guard was called out with fire hoses none of this would’ve happened the local governments let this happen look at the videos of these people breaking into stores running out with stuff in their hands laughing like it was a party ….. I remember the riots in Newark Trenton Detroit … shoot first and ask questions later Kyle Rittenhouse NOT GUILTY!!!!

  • Branden Oconnell says:

    Can’t wait to see him actually crying from death row…those fake ass tears don’t fool anyone

  • Morris Gern says:

    The summer of riots. It’s hard to point a finger at Rittenhouse when all kinds of people were getting injured, property was destroyed, all manner of mayhem (a lot of it funded by the monster Soros!), rioters coming in from out of town to make a bad situation worse; People like Rittenhouse were upset enough to DO something about it, and though I don’t believe anybody should be killed, I understand the frustration!
    Just like George Floyd should never have been killed, and after the trial of Derek Chauvin, all the video got released and showed even more that Chauvin killed Floyd outright. But why all the riots? Floyd was hardly a model citizen, and had not Chauvin killed him, if things went the way they should he would likely have been jailed for using funny money, and the rest of us would have never known his name – but for some people, this became an opportunity to riot. I’ve been in a riot. It’s stupid, to destroy and to harm others because of anger that’s being stoked by an idiot or two with a megaphone!
    So Rittenhouse shows up, hoisting an AR-15, something I wouldn’t do, but after seeing all that happened that summer, I understand how he felt, and for people to attack someone carrying an AR-15, gee, do you think they might get shot? Rittenhouse would not have been there if the events of the summer. And if anyone should be jailed, it should be Georgie Soros, who is now known for not only paying people to drive across state lines to stoke riots, but also for funding the machine pumping the country full of immigrants, and EVERYTHING he is doing is meant to destabilize our country.
    OUR country should even hunt Georgie down and put him on trial!

  • MCP says:

    Let’s look at the facts.
    -He wasn’t old enough to even buy a gun let alone carry the gun he had that night.
    -If he was there to put out fires and give medical aid, why did he need a gun?
    -He wasn’t asked to go there so why did he go? In my opinion he was a smart a__ kid trying to act “big and bad” and when things got out of control, he let loose with that gun like he was playing a video game. He could have shot him in the leg. Didn’t have to shoot him to kill him. That shows right there that he is immature, panics in that type of situation and should never be able to own a firearm again!
    -If he was so well trained in CPR why didn’t he stay to see if he could help the man he shot?
    -When in court, he yawned repeatedly and didn’t look particularly interested like he was just “going through the motions” of the trial but wasn’t taking it seriously BUT when he got on the stand, he put on quite the performance. Did he even actually cry any tears and if he did, how did he compose himself so well for the rest of his examination? Great actor that Kyle. I hope the jury can see through the act and see Kyle for what he is.
    -He is guilty of murder and a few other things as well!

  • Brent Niehues says:

    Does not matter WHY he was there the fact is he was AND he had to defend himself or die! NOT guilty! Some morons think he’s guilty just because he was there with a gun, self defense is self defense no matter how you got in the bad situation! Convict him for bad judgment but put away a teenager for life for OBVIOUSLY defending himself is absurd!

  • Huapakechi says:

    To those who think that he should not have been there, should not have been armed, should have shot his attackers in the leg, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera…
    For one thing, he stood up when the authorities cravenly rejected their duty to protect and defend the city and its’ citizens.
    For another, Kyle did not shoot anyone who was not directly attacking him. He actually ran from the confrontations. The first rioter shot shows injuries consistent with his having grabbed the barrel of the rifle.
    Did the mob fall back at the first shooting to allow Kyle time to attempt to treat the wounds? No. They were after him like a troupe of vicious simians.
    Why didn’t Kyle shoot to wound his attackers? You obviously have never been attacked and had to defend yourself. Limbs are small moving targets and the attacker is not going to present a hand or foot to be shot. Center of mass is the best shot to take. Kyle almost missed the final attacker and showed remarkable control by only firing once.
    To mcp: Yawning is a biological response triggered by any number of situations, anxiety being one. Why did Kyle feel it necessary to bring a rifle to a “mostly peaceful” protest? Rather ask why the protesters thought it necessary to arm themselves. Why the death threats? to those who sought to limit the damage being done?
    Remember, this was not the first day of looting, arson, and general thuggery.

  • Eleanor Abfalter says:

    You should be ashamed of yourselves for judging this young man for doing what everyone should be doing. Standing up for what is right. How many of you chose to defund the police? How many of you have backed governors and senators and mayors who are
    supposed to defend you against all of this rioting, looting, burning down businesses with no concern of what it does to those who have worked so hard to build these businesses. Black lives matter. Tell that to those who are rioting and destroying minority businesses and stealing their property, many who have no insurance and no way of coming back from their losses. How many of you would have stood shoulder to shoulder with them to protect their businesses? You attack a young man who went in to do what men should have been doing. To help defend those who needed it only to be attacked himself. I have very little sympathy for those who threaten a man’s life and then when he stands up and defends his life he is the one who is taken to court and has to defend what he did when all these rioters who caused bodily harm to innocent people, burned, looted and destroyed property are not even arrested and if they are they are released by the left, by George Soros and his kind. Justice. Do you even know what justice is. You will only care when you are in the same place as Kyle Rittenhouse. Until then you hope you never find yourself in this situation because I hope you will be judged just as harshly.

  • Tex Heart Breaker says:

    By that Liberal logic every police officer that showed up at a situation with his side arm would also be creating a dangreous situation.

  • Sam says:

    Let’s go BRANDEN! Time for your 5th booster Branden. Call your buddy joe and cackling kammie. Kyle will walk because he’s a man and stood when no man, even the corrupt cops wouldn’t “protect or serve!” The “victim” already said he pulled his gun on him first, and Kyle got him from the drop! There’s video of the others shooting at him. Patting him on the back now! All of you snowflakes can whine all you want..sit idly by whilr the corrupt world leaders usher in the new world order. Watch and see as you lose your home, your car, and continue to take each additional booster for every crisis they create. 2030’s coming, and you’ll wish you knew someone like Kyle. Be prepared to share in all your collective happy thoughts, cowards! Hey baby Branden, there’s someone outside not wearing a mask, you better go call the police! Wah wah wah!

  • FedUp says:

    Clearly self defense – Mr Rittenhouse only fired at individuals who were in the act of assaulting him. He actually showed amazing restraint by not firing at his last attacker even though he saw the pistol in the attacker’s hand until the attacker aimed at his head – from 3 to 5 feet away.

  • CZR2181 says:


  • Scott says:

    MCP, it’s obvious you have never taken a self defense class. You never aim at any part of the body except center mass. Especially in a crowd. You have way to big a chance that you’ll miss the target and hit some bystander. He was doing the smart thing. Everyone had a right to defend themselves. I applaud his gumption to enter an altercation of that magnitude carrying a medical bag. It was obviously his intent to help. But at the same time he would be a fool to not have the tools to defend himself.

  • JR says:

    Branden is a real man

  • Bobby G says:

    Is not guilty. He stood his ground.. He defended himself when no one else was defending him. Any person in the same situation would have defended themselves.To the person who said he should not have been there in the first place, who should have?Be prepared everyone. THIS IS ONLY THE beginning. BLACK, WHITE,BROWN AND ANY other color.We are going to have to stand together to defend our country and our way of life. GOD BLESS

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