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Former Bush Officials Leaving the Republican Party



President Trump greets supporters at MAGA rally-Leaving the Republican Party-ss-featured

Dozens of Republicans who used to work at the George W Bush White House plan on leaving the Republican Party. Their collective reason? Dismay over the failure of Republican lawmakers to disown former president Donald Trump. The former Bush officials hoped that Trump’s defeat in the last elections would lead the GOP to move on from the former president. They also expected the party to denounce claims on the allegations of election fraud that remained unproven. 

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‘No Longer the Party They Served’

Despite the January 6 riots and the calls for impeachment, Republican leaders threw their support with Trump. As a result, this prompted the ex-Bush officials to say they no longer recognize the party they serve. Some ended their membership, while others are just waiting for theirs to lapse. Then, there those who registered as independents. 

“The Republican Party as I knew it no longer exists. I’d call it the cult of Trump,” said Jimmy Gurulé, former Undersecretary of the Treasury for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence in the Bush administration. In addition, Kristopher Purcell, a former Bush White House communications officer, said around 60 to 70 former Bush officials decided to leave the party or cut ties with it. Based on conversations with them, “The number is growing every day,” Purcell said. Meanwhile, former President George W Bush himself said during numerous occasions that he already retired from politics.

Internal Conflict Within the GOP 

The defections of senior officials that spent their entire lives voting Republican shows cracks within the GOP. Consequently, this wedge divides Republicans who are pro-Trump and those who are not. Now, the party currently tries to manage itself between a loyal base of Trump supporters and a group of moderates and independents who disapprove of the party’s infatuation with the former president. According to GOP strategists, candidates who fail to get the support of both groups will have trouble winning national elections.

The Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel told Fox Business the current situation. “We’re having a little bit of a spat right now. But we are going to come together. We have to,” McDaniel said. However, she predicts that the party will eventually unite against the agenda of President Joe Biden, a Democrat.

‘Many of Us are Not Going Back’ 

The majority of Republicans in Congress voted to block certification of the national elections last January 6, hours after the Capitol riot. Afterward, most Republican Senators indicated through a motion vote that they will not support Trump’s impeachment efforts. This unwillingness to disavow Trump became the final straw for some former Republicans.

“If it continues to be the party of Trump, many of us are not going back. Unless the Senate convicts him and rids themselves of the Trump cancer, many of us will not be going back to vote for Republican leaders,” said Rosario Marin, a former US Treasurer under Bush. Meanwhile, Suzy DeFrancis, a GOP veteran who served during the tenures of former presidents Richard Nixon and George W. Bush, voted for Biden. “I totally understand why people are frustrated and want to leave the party. I’ve had that feeling for 4 years,” DeFrancis said. Consequently, she said it’s critical the party unite around Republican principles such as limited government, personal responsibility, free enterprise, and a strong national defense.

QAnon Members

Purcell said many felt had no choice over the matter. For example, he pointed to Marjorie Taylor Greene, a freshman Republican congresswoman from Georgia who promotes QAnon conspiracy theories. In addition, newly elected Representative Lauren Boebert from Colorado also gave her support to QAnon. “We have QAnon members of Congress. It’s appalling,” Purcell said.

Watch the Reuters news video reporting that GOP leaders break from Trump as he shows no remorse:

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Do you agree with the reasons why senior Bush officials are leaving the Republican Party? Plus, do you feel the same with the GOP? Let us know what you think about the apparent internal conflict within the Republican Party. Leave your comments below.

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  • Jeff Easton says:

    Bye-bye Rhinos – Just wait and the Party is going to leave you! Hello Patriot Party! Keep America Great!

  • Gerald says:

    They were never a real conservative in the beginning if there less a bong the party because of Trump! Go join the the communist party as the Lord will be punishing those type of politicians!

  • Donna Hathway says:

    Good glad they are leaving! Hello PATRIOT PARTY for the people!!!

  • Tangie R Mann says:

    LINCOLN PROJECT!!! …. the real news…

  • Nancy says:

    Nancy says

    all in for support of constitution- don’t need socialism — all countries who try it
    Leave peacefully and patriotically !!

  • Patricia says:

    These people must have a mental problem called believing everything the fake news tells them. The things they listed that the Republican Party should stand for are the very things Trump has been pushing for his entire time in office. Where have they been?! If they can’t see that, who needs them, they were never real conservatives anyway. I think the Republican Party will be better off without them. As for GW Bush, if he is retired and out of politics, then he should stop making ugly divisive comments.

  • Charlotte says:

    I’m all for Trump if they are not for Trump but for the communist party which call themselves Democrats and believe the communist party then goodbye because you didn’t back President Trump and you haven’t left him alone sense he left the partyBecause of all the fraudulent happening from election election then they don’t deserve to be in the republican party anymore so leave and live with your decisionDemocrats. Sickening it is sickening white these people have done to trump when Trump has done more for the country may even thought of just leave the man alone.

  • Patricia says:

    President Trump was leading us in all the policies they claim they want , so why are they complaining? He has done more for America in four years than the last several Presidents combined. They may be jealous of his success but it would be far better if those who want limited government , an end to abortion, a return to the Founders Constitution and religious freedoms- all get behind President Trump, so we can defeat the evil rulers in place now. This division cost us the election and may have cost us America’s freedom.

  • MVC says:

    “Dozens of Republicans in former President George W. Bush’s administration!”
    Well, now we all know exactly what these people are made of.
    They are all starting to bob to the surface …their true colors!
    Let them go…they won’t get far!

  • Dick Goodman says:

    As is said, ‘For the People By The People” – “For The Party By The Party”! However, according to those infamous words, “Can’t We All Just Get Along”?, Or do some of the Deep State Swamp Gurus actually want to now live in a Democratic Socialistic, Nazism, Marxism, Leninism/Communism form of government?

  • Kathleen Brown says:

    Who cares about them, they have never stuck together in anything until Trump came along, finally got some Guts to stand up to the democrats, like when the new Trump appointed Justices, were being appointed and approved, McConnel, stood up and said ENOUGH! Never heard that from a republican before, I stood up and applauded him!

    If these former republicans disavow 100 million Americans, so be it!

  • Tom Loker says:

    The third term of Obama.

  • Kathleen Brown says:

    I totally agree, we all know who is pushing “I’ve got a phone and a pen”, all the crooks are back in office instead of in Jail where they belong.

  • Barbara says:

    President Trump tryed to build a back bone in the party but there’s to many without one to take a stand for the freedom we have in this country . The ones that wouldn’t back President Trump should leave anyway they was never really conservatives any way they was worried about the hold it would cause in their pockets. President Trump has been the best President we have ever had. I pray he comes back stronger than ever. God Bless America and President Trump.

  • Husky says:

    They are insane! You claim to be for limited government lower taxes personal responsibility strong national defense and you voted for Bimbo Biden? Biden is 100% against all those principles. Just showing the globalist hate us and they really hate president Trump. The double talk these political swamp creatures say they are for something then by their own actions of voting for a candidate that represents the complete opposite shows what they are really for . The hatred of us we the people is incredibly troubling but the hatred of president Trump takes it to a whole nother level of insanity.

    We will be a stronger and more prosperous party with them gone. Little by little we will get them gone. Trump will be able to lead the country with so much less resistance from within the party it will be fantastic for the party but even more so for America. Trump and we the people will bring America back from the dumpster fire that the drooling old fool Biden is going to make it.

  • CT says:

    Watching is very depressing to know senators have no respect for the law or evidence. I will say again the senators are much responsible for the riot at the capitol as Trump and his boys. They are telling Trump’s gangs they agree the election was stolen . The impeachment is a joke which is not nothing to laugh at. Take a person killing five people with ten witnesses testifying for the state. The defendant goes home not guilty. His jury was made up with family members having no concern for the evidence such as the Republicans in office. They will again find Trump not guilty. If the senators had done their duty to protect the constitution in the last impeachment five people would not have been harmed and killed during the Capitol’s mob. It would be interesting now to know how many senators would have been harmed. Without the protection they received you can be sure the UN-Educated follows had no ideal which senators were Republicans or Democrats. It is sick to say let Trump alone. He is their God and do not want him nailed to the cross.

  • Deborah Dryden says:

    These people are not true Republicans so good riddance. They’re part of the swamp. President Trump is still draining the swamp even after he left office. Fortunately, now we see what the main issue has been all along with Washington DC, too much murky sludge on the underbelly of the Republican party. Any Republican who could vote for Biden knowing full well the destruction he would do to this country, to their fellow citizens should leave the party and leave now.

  • Beverly Bracken says:

    Trump is not the party, and the party is not Trump. He is an individual with a strong personality, who in my opinion, is his own worst enemy when it comes to letting words and thoughts escape that could have been better considered. Which of us is perfect? Pray for all of our leaders, and support the RNC.

  • Gerald Smith says:

    I’m sure that the states that elected them will be really happy, but they don’t really care about the people or the party anyway

  • jimmie w. carter says:

    First it makes no difference to me. i am too old for it to matter to me. aI have always been a democrat until i see what they are doing. no it does not matter to me which is in office but money talks, they want to stay in office because they have come up with a form of additional income . or that’s what i think. so they will have to leave Republican party to keep it, by staying elected to office. they are trying to go over to other party for future protection, so they can stay in office. let them go. they can put true members of the republican party in office. weed them out. That is what Trump wants to do weed out career folks in washington. i agree , that is why they are after him. he knows more than they want him to, beings he is not one of them. they are there for more money instead of representing the public that put them in office. if this is not so why would they be after him since he was elected. look at the millions of tax payeres money they spent insterad of working on the tax payerbusiness like thye were elected for. it is that simple to all us out in the public. we can see it through the news on t.v. what their purpose is. it is not represent us. it is to get rid of him, AT ALL COST. AND IT JUST MAYCOST THEM MORE THAN THEY WANT TO. THEY ARE AFRAID IT WILL OR THEY WOULD STOP THEIR FOOLISHNESS.IT IS SIMPLE PEOPLE.WHEN SOMEONE IS TRYING TO EXPOSE YOU TOHOW YOU ARE MAKING EXTRA MONEY, THEN YOU WILL DO ANYTHING YOU CAN TO STOP THEM. THAT IS IT PERIOD. HE WAS GOOD FOR THE USA. SO IF THEY WERE FOR US THE PUBLIC AND PEOPLE PUT HIM THERE THEY WOULD BE FOR HIM. BUT THEY ARE FOR THEIR SELFISH GREED, WHICH WILL RUIN THEM ALL IN THE LONG RUN. HE WILL GET TO LAUGH AT THEM AS HE PUTS IT SOONER OR LATER. BECAUSE ALL OF THEIR STUFF WILL COME OUT SOME DAY. he needs to start now to come up with ways to defeat the mail in ballast AND STOP IT, WHERE THE HONEST VOTERS WILL PUT HIM IN OFFICE. OR HECK HE MAY NOT WANT BACK IN, FROM WHAT I HAVE HEARD HE IS MORE IMPORTANT LIKE HE IS . IF ALL WAS HONEST PEOPLE AND UP THERE FOR THE RIGHT REASON, THEY WOULD AGREE TO LIMITS ON THEIR TERMS. LIKE IT WAS INTENTED WHEN ALL WAS DRAWN UP IN THE CONSTITUTION. SERVE A TERM GO HOME AND WORK IN YOUR FAMILY BUSINESS OR GET A JOB. ACTUAL HISTORY SHOWS THIS KIND OF STUFF STARTED A WAR. TRYING TO KEEP ALL THE MONEY IN WASHINGTON PEOPLE. OF COURSE, THIS IS JUST WHAT I HAVE COME UP WITH SINCE TRUMP GOT ELECTED, WATCHING THE NEWS. A TEN-YEAR-OLD CAN COME UP WITH IT. IF HE CHECKS OUT WHAT TRUMP DID FOR THE PEOPLE OF USA WHILE IN OFFICE. “}{EXAMPLE THE FENCE BETWEEN USA AQND MEXICO. THEY DO NOT WANT IT BECAUSE IF THEY ARE LET IN AND THEY GIVE THEM MONEY FROM OUR SOCIAL SECURITY, THEN THEY HAVE MORE VOTES SP THEY CAN STAY IN OFFICE INSTEAD OF GIVING THE PEOPLE THAT PAID INTO IT ALL WORKING WORKING LIFE, THEY GIVE OT TO THE PEOPLE THAT COME IN TO USA SO THEY KNOQW THEY W2ILL VOTE FOR THEM AND KEEP THEM IN OFFICE. DO YOU THINK THEY WOULD BE FIGHT FOR THOSE PEOPLE TO COME IN TO USA, IF THEY HAD A LIMIT TOTWERMS LIKE OUT GOVERNOR, AND PRESIDENT AND VICE PRESIDENT.

  • Denny Lescowitch says:

    These people are part of the group President Trump was talking about when he promised to “Empty the Swamp”! Good riddance to the bottom feeders who only worry about winning their next election, living on the tax-payers hard-earned money, and receiving OUTRAGEOUS benefits upon leaving, which by the way is the main reason for our large federal deficit! They are the “Establishment” and their way of life was threatened by President Trump, who saw through their unethical life style. Why else, after everything Trump accomplished in four years, would so many congressmen want him gone? By God, they even somehow even fixed an election to get rid of him and his own party did almost nothing to stop the embarrassment that goes by the name of Joe Biden! Go Trump in 2024…THE REVENGE TOUR!!!

  • AmericaWakeUpNow says:

    See you later RINO’s, Trump is the best thing to happen to the GOP!!!

  • WESLEY says:

    It goes without saying that the Good Ole Boy syndicate is now regrouping. The Lot of them have put the Republican Party in shambles. I support the Constitution! Period! Something Bush and all of his cronies have never and will never do! I am torn between supporting the NRC and switching to Independent myself – for totally different reasons though. I do not want to support a party that continues to coward down to the Dems (such as Mitch McConnell. This guy needs to go along with some of the other deep state creatures. They do not represent me or my family and friends (Americans) anymore. We need someone at the helm that will fight for our Constitution and Freedoms!! The party needs leadership that will have guts to take this Radical Left’s agenda on and use their own tactics against them. This group is very dangerous folks! The Dems do not negotiate and neither should the Republicans!

  • Robert says:

    Glad to see the RINOs go. George HW lost me when he coined the term “new world order”. The first time he said that I no longer trusted him and was losing faith in the party because it was a term lots of the soon-to-be-discovered RINOs seemed to like. GW came along and I really tried to keep my hopes up with him…..waste of time. Re-elected for a second term and he did NOTHING. It was like he was asleep for the years following 9/11. The GOP was just half of the Uniparty, only interested in keeping itself in office. Only a few were really good men wanting to be of service to the American people, while most were there to become millionaires! If President Trump leaves and forms the Patriot Party I will leave the GOP ……..FAST and I have been a supported for better than 50 years. Most of the GOP are not worth looking at and I have only supported those that I thought appropriate, not the party general coffers. President Trump was a chance to renew the meaning and promise of the GOP but they turn on him so they can have lunbch with their treasonous dem/marxist friends. The GOP can go straight to Hades before they will see another vote or dime from me ever again. I will follow a real President, President Trump. You all can have the scum that sits in the WH now!

  • Joe says:

    U all saved us the embarrassment, of getting rid of all rhinos, or voting them out. Thanks u

  • Steven Rauch says:

    Who cares?, The only difference between Democrats and Republicans is spelling!!!

  • Jim Smith says:

    Dont let the door hit you in a** on the way out!

  • Karen E Monk says:

    Yea glad to see them go the are part of the SWAMP!
    They do not represent WE THE PEOPLE!

    Trump exposed our goverment for what they are, corrupt

    Congress and the Senate need term limits!

  • Bill Jardine says:

    They are the reason the republican party is in the shape it is, they will not be missed! the Trump haters don’t get 75 million people because he listened to them not the other way around. Most of the senior leadership in the republican party are cowards they let the democrats bully them into submission.

  • Marv says:

    I have never been a fan of the republican party but the republicans were the lsessor of two evils. republicans lacked the gonads to fight the democrats until Trump came along. Trump is exactly the kind of citizen that the founding fathers envisioned for the presidency. a private businessman, landowner who would be able to leave his businesses and serve as president. Trump didn’t need the money but he was concerned about the country. the democrats are the greatest threat to the constitution and the sovereignty of the USA.

  • Caroline says:

    Good Riddance. I became an Independent with the second term of G.W. I vote as (1)- A Constitutionalist; (2) – with my pocketbook; and; (3) – [In the famous words of Dr. Savage] “Borders; Language and Culture”!

  • Liz says:


  • sherril henderson says:

    These RHINOS are just the same as the greedy scum democrat’s, offer them enough $$$ and they will do what ever their ask to do. These deems and rhinos are all the same and are willing to vote with highest offer. This form of government is the same as what we left England for when we came to this country. What good is our constitution if these people don’t care about what it says and are unwilling to abide by it. Trumps movement must not die. We need to get people to run who will be honest fighters for us and not give into the draw of the money and power. They should realize that one day they will have to give an answer to the most supreme power of all as we all will. We must get term limits so these people don’t get burrowed in so deep it nearly impossible to get rid of them.

  • Chas says:

    If they don’t care for this country to save it from what is going on in its own party, well then…The way I see it is, the democrats just got one less vote to bring this country to it’s knees. Don’t let the door hit ya, where the good lord split ya… Now, let’s find someone that cares for this country,and not there own self interest!!! 🙂

  • Kat says:

    Perfect! Get going because we were going to get you out anyway because you have not held up the duties you swore to do. The party will be much better off without you RINOS. I love it! Now get going and don’t let the door hit you in the fanny! Weird thing is…Trump was already doing what you say you want your party to be. Get out of here…we don’t want nor need you. Go join the dems because thats exactly how you vote.

  • Jack McCarty says:

    The RINOs like those in this article who seem to believe that: — gracefully losing is the Republican way — asserting strong opposition to Democrat bullying is dishonorable — politics is a give and take where Republicans give and Democrats take (but both parties SHARE THE SPOILS).
    The Republican Party is bought and paid for just like the Democrats. Not to say there are not good people on both sides BUT the party politic is rotten. The Republican Party is losing people from both ends of the spectrum, RINOs and Anti-Trumpers are angry that elected Republican officials are voicing the concerns of the people who voted them into office. Globalist Republicans (New World Order and Cold Warriors) want to service their special interest groups at the expense of voters’ concerns and values. Constitutional Republicans want the foundational Federalist concepts of the United States’ core values (aka Constitution, Bill of Rights, States Rights, Federalist Papers) to be followed. These three “types” of Republicans are all fleeing the GOP because the leadership and core values of the party have been bastardized and amalgamated into something unrecognizable to what the Republican Party was founded upon. Doublespeak, Political Correctness and Power through Pusillanimity is ruling the American Political Landscape. Character, Honesty, Truth, Respect and Righteousness have been cast aside for Power and Cash.
    The Republican Party has been turned to that dark side and should be sent to the pound and humanely “put down” like the rabid animal it has become.
    Replace that diseased and dangerous cur with a mongrel puppy displaying hybrid vigor,healthy skin and coat along with clear eyes, good teeth and a courageous loyalty to its master, the American people.

  • Jan says:

    Such a set up at the capital, every one knows that’s what happened , the vote was stolen & would have ruled in favor of trump , the scum dems & reps all knew it , it was there last chance to stop Trump from winning second term , what’s wrong with these people I see complete corruption in our government when you have that many people that vote for a president who has done nothing but great things for our country in the last four years then something is really wrong and it’s all about money and greed our government is the most corrupt it disgusts me, I personally couldn’t imagine 80 million people voting for Biden who is a criminal a Democrat who cares about himself and belongs in jail and he doesn’t even speak well because he’s got dementia what is wrong with people seriously the vote was stolen as we all now get rid of all the people in the swamp and get our great President Trump back in office and let’s pursue with America’ first agenda🇺🇸
    We are the people & we are being SHUT UP… the military needs to step in , I say enough with the liars & scum selfish government people , there are millions of Americans that are being silenced and forced to live in our own country being dictated by a liar & criminal. I say enough, I’m actually considering leaving America , JOE BIDEN will destroy our country, look not even two weeks & he cares more about migrants then Americans wow , Judy sick , somebody please do something,,, this if so WRONG

  • CurtOtero says:

    I’ve read almost every reply on here and it seems to me that there is a burning light in these folks voices! A burning light for TRUTH AND TRANSPARENCY! I can relate because I feel the same way! President TRUMP showed us the swamp and awakened and revitalized Patriots in our country!I thank him for that. COWARD RINO’S must be rooted out!! Especially Bitch McConnell yes BITCH! LIZ CHENEY just to start! Root out the evil and put what WE THE PEOPLE YEARN FOR TRUTH! Stay strong my fellow patriots don’t loose heart God IS in control!

  • Jim Evans says:

    It sound to me like they are just a bunch of sissies .

  • Statesman Patriot says:

    Good Riddance!
    Bye Bye Deep State RINOs!!

  • Spike44 says:

    NWO RINOs. Good riddance!

  • KenM says:

    Like manna from Heaven. Let’s see how these defuses fair in future elections without any substantial base of support. Goodbye fools!

  • Bea 4 Life says:

    The so called republicans leaving are just part of the swamp in DC. Good reddens to false conservatives and they mostlikely pro-abortion also.

  • Don says:

    So proud of the Republicans who have the guts to standup to a man who is a failure in the business world and only wants to become a King not a president. May all his sheep follow him into a swamp of no return.

  • Mary E Brown says:

    I agree with some of the Republicans leaving. A party must work together or it will not be effective. I trust President Trump. He is not a perfect man but neither are any of those leaving. I believe that Trumpmwas chosen by God to bring the evil swamp down and he is doing a very good job. The more they hate him the more I’m sure he was chosen by God. I can’t wait until he’s back in the White House for another term or two.

  • Robert says:

    Most of even the republican party were swamp members they need to be purged and replaced by people that put our citizens first. These politicians that have become career politicians just enrich themselves at our expense.

  • JR says:

    Sure Don. Republicans who have guts to stand up to Trump, but no balls at all when it comes to standing up to the Democrats. And who are you kidding, all of the leadership think they are gods.
    This sheep isn’t following anyone into a swamp. I just happen to have my eyes opened.

  • JoeyB123 says:

    All rinoCRAPS need to be voted out of office

  • Frank Ulakovic says:

    I hope all the fools who voted for Biden get what they deserve.

  • MJ Tomaino says:

    If they’re walking away that quickly, they were NEVER Republican Conservatives. Their excuse, “President Trump says mean words” REALLY?? These are the same people that would send our Children to fight for our Country? But “mean words” totally cripple them?? rino’s have NO place in the Conservative Party. They lied about their intentions, in order to infiltrate and destroy Conservative/Republican Party and American Freedoms. They are no better than the demonRats that they emulate. {deep breath}

  • Amber says:

    President Trump did more for our country than other presidents. It was no secret to find he is a business man not a politician, that is why they had a problem. They wanted more of the same. Trump shook it up unlike anything they have ever seen from a leader of this country. We made promises that he kept fighting the stupidity of the left every day. That is the party that changed. They stole the election just enough to win but not enough to get caught with the help of other countries which they accused President Trump of doing. So the very things he was accused of the left is doing or have done.

  • rottenrollin says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    I suppose these RINO losers are like Bush, Globalist TWITS????

    If they’re from Bush’s era, they’re close to kicking the buckey anyway. Bon voyage, see you in hell!

  • Stuart D Wagner says:

    They were just plants, from the very beginning, as spies/traitors from the other side.

  • Carol A says:

    If anyone really voted for Biden which I doubt many did as we know the election was a fraud..stolen from President Trump….Biden told us what his plans were…raising taxes, open boarders, illegals to reap all our benefits.the country a sanctuary country, shutting down all our energy..and on and I hope the few morons that voted for that..are happy All the billionaires Mark Cuban ie (Cubanisky} Gates, Dorsey and the list goes on…made their billions in our America and now they have turned into communists..and have forsaken our country. God help us…

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