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Race Baiting Lebron Ejected After Punching Young Player in the Face



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On Sunday, NBA Player LeBron James was ejected from a Detroit Pistons game after he brutally punched another player in the face, which cut the latter’s eye open.

Lebron James is known to always quickly share his twisted opinions on Twitter when talking about police or right-wing “brutality,” but he seems to be a violent person himself.

ESPN reported that the NBA player was ejected following an incident in which he struck Detroit’s Isaiah Stewart in the face while they both jostled for the rebounding position. This punch led to a stoppage in court action. Meanwhile, Stewart had blood streaming down his face and had to be held back multiple times by Detroit staff members as he tried to confront James.

This incident happened with 9:18 minutes remaining on the clock in the game’s third quarter, with the Lakers trailing 79-67. The Detroit player was at first whistled for a loose ball foul during this play. After an official review, James was assessed to have a flagrant foul 2 and was ejected from the game. Consequently, Stewart was also assessed with two technical fouls and ejected from the game.

According to Detroit Pistons coach Dwane Casey, the incident was “a tough play” with Stewart. He revealed that he had his eye “cracked all the way open” and he had a reason to be upset.

Sports commentator Skip Bayles also stated that he has “never seen anything remotely that dirty” from James. He added that the strike looked like he was hitting Stewart with his fist, causing a lot of blood. He also found LeBron’ reaction as shocking as the Lakers player spread his hand, went toward Stewart, acting like it was an accident. “Stewart wasn’t having it. Can’t blame him.”

Many know Lebron to be the first one to call out people on Twitter for “brutality”, including Kyle Rittenhouse.

As the trial was going on, James tweeted, mocking Rittenhouse, that he didn’t see any tears. “Man knock it off! That boy ate some lemon heads before walking into court.”

This drew the ire of many people who slammed James on social media.

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  • Mark Gravitte says:

    Old james is nothing more than a king sized ape with the brains to match. My apologies to the ape clans out there in the jungle. A race baiting porch monkey 🐒 who stirs the shit at every opportunity. But,some will say he is a basketball legend. Who gives a shit! With the money he has he could make life more bearable for thousands of Americans. But no, he has to spread his evil agenda at every opportunity. LOSER!

  • Anonymous says:

    Remember Rudy T?….. LeBron Washington II

  • Vietvet1968 says:

    LeBron is a communist cowar and the Lakers need to shit can this asshole and the NBA should sanction him!

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