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Manhattan DA Unwilling To Indict Trump On NY Tax Cases



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The Manhattan DA said he’s not prepared to indict Donald Trump over his tax cases. As a result, two top prosecutors from the District Attorney’s office resigned instead.

This followed weeks of heated debate on whether to proceed with filing criminal charges over Trump’s New York businesses.

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Two Prosecutors Resign As Manhattan DA

The Complete Manhattan seen during the Sunrise | Two Prosecutors Resign As Manhattan DA

Cary Dunne and Mark Pomerantz, two senior prosecutors belonging to the Manhattan DA’s office, resigned last month. This was a reaction to District Attorney Alvin Bragg informing them he’s not ready to authorize an indictment against Trump.

The resignations follow weeks of internal debates on whether Trump actually committed a crime.   

Bragg led prosecutors in investigating the former president and his Trump Organization. They checked if Trump misled lenders, insurers, or others with false or misleading financial statements.

Specifically, the case focused on whether the Trump Organization misreported the value of their properties. 

Case Against Trump Stalled

Almost a year into the investigation, the case seems to stall as Bragg expressed doubts on the completeness of the evidence.

The special grand jury convened last year will expire by the end of April. Bragg insists that the investigation is still ongoing, but the resignations threw the case into chaos. 

Attorneys in the Manhattan DA’s office argued over the strength of the evidence. Dunne and Pomerantz led one faction that thinks there is enough evidence to charge Trump.

However, many career prosecutors, plus the Manhattan DA himself doubt they can win a conviction. This is in part due to the difficulty in criminal intent.

Many prosecutors think that Trump often speaks with hyperbole. While many can misconstrue his statements, they won’t stand as proof of intent to defraud. 

Manhattan DA Prosecutors Don’t Have A Victim

More importantly, prosecutors don’t have a victim who lost money from Trump’s misstatements. This glaring fact might be enough for a jury to destroy the case.

However, some attorneys maintained that no matter the outcome, Trump should stand trial. This can hold the former president accountable under a public spotlight.  

In addition, the prosecutors lack a key witness. They don’t have a Trump Organization insider capable of walking the jury through the evidence.

One such person is Michael Cohen, Trump’s former personal attorney. Cohen worked for Trump during the time the latter allegedly inflated or devalued his asset depending on the need.

However, many think that taking Cohen to the stand might cripple the case. Cohen’s recent negative statements about his former Boss can be used against him and turn him into just another person with an ax to grind. 

Manhattan DA Not Prepared To Authorize Charges

Reportedly, Cohen’s potential appearance as a witness pushed the Manhattan DA into his decision to say no to an arraignment.

Meanwhile, prosecutors advised Bragg that the team completed its mission to gather enough evidence. They claimed they have enough to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Trump committed crimes.

However, Bragg informed the team that he is not prepared to authorize filing charges against Trump. This prompted the resignations of Dunne and Pomerantz.

Despite the resignation, Bragg said that the investigation will continue and that he will add new attorneys to the team. 

Watch the Glen Kirschner video talking about NY DA Bragg ending Trump investigation:

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Do you agree that the Manhattan DA’s case against Trump is lacking? Or, do you think the prosecution team really has the goods to make a case?

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  • Boy Ruiz says:

    If there’s no proof beyond reasonable doubt, then why proceed the case. End the case period.

  • William Lanham says:

    Total political persecution.

  • San says:

    Hilarious! One faiker witch hunt after another. Meanwhile, Hillary. Obama, and all the other criminals spied on Presidential campaign. And sitting President. Lock them up! Branden Oconnell, where are you pudding? When you and Pedo Joe are done fooling around, cgeck the headlines. Another failed witch hunt! Too funny.

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