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Marco Rubio Is The New Jeb Bush



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  • Marco Rubio has picked up a long list of established GOP “old guard” in the wake of Jeb Bush dropping out.
  • Endorsements include Bob Dole, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
  • The GOP is hoping to shift momentum to Rubio, away from Trump, whom they feel is a stronger candidate in the general election.

Marco Rubio picked up a flurry of endorsements Monday from key Republicans in his bid for the GOP presidential nomination, as the GOP establishment appeared to coalesce behind the Florida senator as its best hope to head off Donald Trump.

The endorsements, including support from former Senate Majority Leader and one-time presidential candidate Bob Dole, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah, Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson and former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty, came after Jeb Bush exited the race and on the heels of a series of blunders by the campaign of Rubio rival Ted Cruz.

“What’s happened here is that a lot of mainstream Republicans realize if they want to stop Trump, their best bet is Marco Rubio, even over Ted Cruz,” GOP strategist Ford O’Connell told The Washington Times.

While it is not clear that the support of old-guard Republicans will be enough to stop Trump in an election campaign dominated by insurgent candidates, party members expressed doubt that anger at Washington will be enough to defeat presumptive nominee Hillary Clinton.

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“I just feel that Rubio is the more serious candidate,” Dole told Reuters. “And I feel he has the background to be able to really help turn this mess around.”

Rubio barely edged out Cruz in the most recent primary, in South Carolina, but finished well behind Trump, who establishment Republicans are wary of.

Cruz, meanwhile, fired spokesman Rick Tyler on Monday over a video that falsely showed Rubio dismissing the Bible. Tyler had apologized a day earlier for retweeting a link to the “inaccurate story” involving a video purporting to show Rubio referring to the Bible and saying, “Not many answers in it.”

The firing of Tyler followed other accusations of dirty tricks by the Cruz campaign, dating back to his victory in the Iowa caucuses.

Dole told ABC News his endorsement of Rubio was a direct result of Bush dropping out.

“Now that my good friend Jeb Bush is no longer running, I'm supporting Rubio,” Dole told ABC's “Political Powerhouse” podcast.

Hutchinson, a respected former Congressman, likened Rubio to Ronald Reagan in a glowing statement of support.

“The more I've watched this election unfold, the more I've come to see that Marco Rubio is the only candidate who can unite our nation the way Ronald Reagan once did,” Hutchinson said.

Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake said in a statement Monday that Rubio's message, generally less strident than the rhetoric of his rivals, is most likely to win the White House in November.

“I’m supporting Marco Rubio for president because he has the ideas, the principles, and the toughness necessary to bring reform to Washington,” Flake said. “In an election where serious solutions are seriously lacking, Marco Rubio has proven that he can inspire more than just anger in Americans who are looking for an alternative to the status quo.”

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  • Marie says:

    I do not trust Rubio he would be no better than Obama. We do not need the GOP to pick a POTUS for us!!

  • Jon Exner says:

    All those supporting Trump and understand that the establishment are against Trump should also understand that they are just as against Senator Cruz.
    Both appear to oppose the status quo in Congress whereas marco rubio is more than willing to go along with the same old policies that we have seen over the past 50 or so years.

    Anyone who believes that marco rubio was tricked into joining the gang of 8 are themselves being tricked into believing that marco rubio has changed his views on immigration and legalization.

    Anyone who favors legalization that will not lead to citizenship are fools and gullible.

    marco rubio talks about illegal alien invaders paying a fine just like jeb bush, well I ask marco rubio just how much is American citizenship selling for now a days?

    The questions that must be asked and answered of the candidates who support legalization are, how does legalizing 11+million illegal alien invaders;

    1. reduce the unemployment rate for American citizens?

    2. reduce the welfare dependency for American citizens?

    3. fix the problems of our overloaded education system?

    4. fix the problems of our overloaded healthcare system?

    Let marco rubio answer those questions.

    Almost every domestic problem that we have in this country can be connected to the issue of immigration both legal and illegal.

  • Cindy says:

    He is just another establishment “suit”

  • Carl Bujan says:

    RubiRubio is a typical RINO. He has flip flop on to many issues. His voting record doesn’t match what he is saying in his campaign. He can’t be trusted.

  • Nina says:

    Bc they can CONTROL HIM! Stupid question!!!

  • Victor Boucher says:

    Don’t trust him to follow through

  • Charles G Myers says:

    Marco is very politically gifted, a great communicator, a family man, a professional that can tell you what he thinks and he is very persuasive!

  • Julie ko says:

    he is bought and paid for by the establishment, his gang of eight bill doesn’t that fit to the establishment plan?

  • Michael J. Breedlove says:

    He is younger and not totally corrupt. I believe he is honest.

  • frank r cameron says:

    we the people have the right to vote for Oure president not theRNC is who we need to trash

  • Doris Fretwell says:

    He does not have the experience or knowledge of world affairs or presence to be a president!!

  • Cherunda says:

    Where is the billion Jeb raised for his campaign? It has to be somewhere, because he is nowhere. He is shadowing a candidate.

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