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Closing Guantanamo Bay Will Put Terrorists On US Soil



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  • Obama outlined his plan for closing Guantanamo Bay on Tuesday.
  • His plan would send 60 prisoners, deemed too dangerous to release, to 13 different U.S. facilities.
  • Congress has blocked this in the past and is expected to do so again. However, Obama has warned that he will use an executive action if needed.
  • The plan to close the prison is set to cost up to $475 million.

President Barack Obama urged lawmakers on Tuesday to give his plan to close the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, a “fair hearing” and said he did not want to pass the issue to his successor when he leaves the White House next year.

The Pentagon proposal proposes 13 potential sites on U.S. soil for the transfer of remaining detainees but does not identify the facilities or endorse a specific one, administration officials said on Tuesday.

Obama pledged to close the prison and move the detainees as a candidate for the White House in 2008. Lawmakers largely oppose moving the prisoners to the United States, however, and his final attempt to get congressional backing is unlikely to gain traction.

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“Let us go ahead and close this chapter,” Obama said in White House remarks. “I don't want to pass this problem on to the next president, whoever it is.”

Obama leaves office in January 2017.

The Guantanamo prisoners, held at a U.S. naval station in southeastern Cuba, were detained by U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. The facility came to symbolize aggressive detention practices in years past that opened the United States to allegations of torture.

The transfer and closure costs would be $290 million to $475 million, an administration official told reporters on a conference call. Housing remaining detainees in the United States would be $65 million to $85 million cheaper than at the Cuba facility, the official said, so costs would be offset in three to five years.

Some 35 prisoners will be transferred from Guantanamo to other countries this year, leaving the final number below 60, officials said.

Obama is considering closing the facility by executive order if lawmakers do not back his proposal.

The plan would send detainees who have been cleared for transfer to their homelands or third countries and transfer remaining prisoners to U.S. soil to be held in maximum-security prisons. Congress has banned such transfers to the United States since 2011.

Though the Pentagon has previously noted some of the sites it surveyed for use as potential U.S. facilities, the administration wants to avoid fueling any political outcry in important swing states before the Nov. 8 presidential election.

Watch President Obama announces the closure of Guantanamo in this video from PBS NewsHour:

(Additional reporting by Doina Chiacu; Editing by Howard Goller)


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  • Harrell Malone says:

    Well, certainly there will be terrorists from Gitmo housed in US prisons based on proposed plans. Probably, the closing will be regarded as a victory by our Islamist opponents and this could very well channel more activity from Islamists around the world

  • James Brown says:

    There’s no need whatsoever for them to be brought to our country the one that their trying destroy, it just doesn’t make any common sense.


    Why in GODS name would you bring them closer to home!!

  • Don says:

    Once on U>S>soil they will demand and get lawyers ,bleeding hearts , ect , all for free ! they will demand rights as if they are U>S> citizens . They would get them too!!!They are terrorists ,plane and simple! Leave them in Gitmo and treat them as such

  • Jerry Kosowski says:

    Their contact with others will be a WONDERFUL RECRUITMENT TOOL

  • JAMES PRICE says:

    We well be at risk and open them kill every buddy at any time its just like Hitler did with his people . We are at a high risk and Obama is a bad President and he is trying set the US up for bad war. Also he has lied about Bengazi because he said was just a bump in the road. PS HE IS A– HO– TO


    why let them come here?keep them out of the U.S.A. There getting what they deserve!

  • jack says:

    It is all part of Obama’s Socialist plan. DUHHH.

  • Dusty Rhodes says:

    That is who they are…. Do you think they will go home and not do what they are indoctrinated to do??? I think not and definitely not worth the risk!

  • Jonah Johnson says:

    to close Cuba, if we don!t have someone there, Cuba will take over potion of the USA

  • dg says:



    That is a huge mistake to allow those terrorists to be housed in the USA. I hope we can stop that disaster.

  • Patrick driscoll says:

    This AH in the WH needs to understand that this is our country and he used , lied, deceived many Americans so their ugly asses could inhabit the WH.
    Like most events he does whatever he wants and all of us are going to enjoy screwing with this muslim idiot. A law was established to make it illegal to bring any of these idiots here. Just remember that there is no one more screwed-up than obama. We should be sending him to GB.
    I want to know how much damage we can do to this fool in the WH once we have a real president and not this muslim dog.
    He has no plan, no agenda and no accomplishments for almost 8 years, unless you think world chaos and degrading the US are worthy accomplishments.
    GB is perfect place to imprison these muslim idiots. This is more of obama’s stupid shit! That is all he has ever accomplished in 7.5 . It like this stupid push for more gun control, when most gun deaths are blacks killing blacks in the inner cities , devil worshiping muslims , illegals. All these guns are illegally acquired, so increased gun control is just more obama dumb nuts! His expertise is in stupid shit!
    Dances with an old lady instead of going to Scalia’s funeral. This guy will be an example for all that bad things happen when you listen to the works but don’t focus on the behavior.
    I believe the senate should fight this AH and make him squirm until we impeach or imprison this idiot.
    For now, do nothing he wants, as everything he touches or does turns to dog shit! It is time for major payback and we cannot extract enough of that.

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