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Trumps Wants General Mark Milley Arrested For Treason



Four Star General Mark A. Milley, the 20th Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff | Trumps Wants General Mark Milley Arrested For Treason | featured

Former President Donald Trump went ballistic at General Mark Milley, current chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Excerpts from a new book by journalist Bob Woodward alleged that Gen. Mark Milley made improper contacts with his Chinese military counterpart. Trump said that because of his actions, authorities should arrest Milley for treason.  

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General Mark Milley Called Up Chinese Counterpart

As recounted in the forthcoming book “Peril” by Woodward and Robert Costa, Gen. Mark Milley made a pair of secret phone calls to his counterpart, Gen Li Zuocheng of the People’s Liberation Army.

He gave assurances that the United States will not strike China. In addition, he said he will give Gen. Li an advance warning if the US does prepare for an attack. 

The calls happened between October 30, 2020, and January 8, 2021, during the last few weeks of the Trump presidency. The first one happened four days before the US elections.

Meanwhile, the latter occurred two days after the Capitol riots were carried out by Trump supporters. In one call, Milley said that “General Li, I want to assure you that the American government is stable and everything is going to be okay.

We are not going to attack or conduct any kinetic operations against you,” Milley allegedly said. “General Li, you and I have known each other for now five years. If we’re going to attack, I’m going to call you ahead of time. It’s not going to be a surprise.”

Donald Trump Goes Ballistic On Gen. Mark Milley

Trump, upon hearing the excerpt, issued a statement. He said that if the story of General Mark Milley Is true, “then I assume he would be tried for TREASON in that he would have been dealing with his Chinese counterpart behind the President’s back and telling China that he would be giving them notification of an attack,” he said.

Earlier in the statement, Trump also described General Mark Milley as “the same failed leader who engineered the worst withdrawal from a country, Afghanistan, in US history”. Trump also said that Milly left behind “many dead and wounded soldiers, many American citizens, and $85 Billion worth of the newest and most sophisticated military equipment in the world”. Along with the losses, Milley also left behind “our country’s reputation.” 

The Book Contains “Fake News”

Trump then proceeded to debunk the story, and also slammed the two authors. “Can’t do that! The good news is that the story is Fake News concocted by a weak and ineffective General together with two authors who I refused to give an interview because they write fiction, not fact.

Actions should be taken immediately against Milley, and better generals in our Military, of which we have many, should get involved so that another Afghanistan disaster never happens again, he added. Trump also reminded everybody that he “took out 100% of the ISIS Caliphate, even as Gen. Milley said it was impossible to do so. 

Trump also clarified he had no intention of attacking China during his term. “For the record, I never even thought of attacking China—and China knows that. The people that fabricated the story are sick and demented, and the people who print it are just as bad. In fact, I’m the only President in decades who didn’t get the US into a war—a well-known fact that is seldom reported.”

Others Also Criticized Gen Mark Milley

In a statement to the Washington Post, a former senior US official also criticized Milley for his actions. He said that “it was dangerous for Mark Milley to be doing freelance diplomacy on China”. It became even more dangerous because he didn’t involve other senior officials “dealing with China at the time.”

“Milley was making these phone calls at a time when the U.S. government was in the middle of very complicated discussions with and actions against the PRC. For him to take this sort of action without any interagency coordination is astonishing.

The risk is [Milley] could have caused the Chinese to miscalculate and take some sort of diplomatic, economic, or military action with far-ranging consequences, because he was giving the wrong signal, having no understanding of the context in which he was making the call,” the official added.

Watch the NBC News video reporting that General Mark Milley sought to avert conflict with China over Trump fears:

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Do you agree with former President Donald Trump that authorities should arrest General Mark Milley for treason? In addition, do you agree that what he did was wrong and overstepped his authority?

Tell us what you think about General Mark Milley. Leave your comments below.

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  • Elaine says:

    There are many currently in charge of the USA who should be arrested for treason. Don’t just arrest Milley. Follow the money and arrest all who profit from dirty deals with China and the Taliban, Iran etc. and the dirty deals with BIG PHARMA!!!

  • Anonymous says:

    He is a disgrace to the US

  • Anonymous says:

    He has not only disgraced the USA but has committed treason against all of us. Retirement without pay and/or He should be dishonorably discharged and serve time in prison. This needs to set an example to all persons who are in the pocket of wealthy billionaires and other countries. Maybe he should even be deported. They can love our country or leave it. That goes for everyone, even government officials!!! They are not so high and mighty that they can’t be punished for wrong doings!

  • Mary says:

    Amen to all the above

  • roger says:

    Axxhole Milley should be arrested for treason!!!
    That is the problem with our government, too many idiots with too much power, inb this case a n idiot who forgot his place and role in our nation.
    He has in fact committed treason, and should at the very least resign, with no retirement, and for the good of the service.

  • The professor says:

    There is more to this than is being let out ….. A four-star general usually has some kind of intelligence but he may be getting dementia like sleepy Joe ….. for him to call china shows there is something definitely wrong in our military …. I love President Trump why didn’t he take any action on this back in 2020 …..

  • The professor says:

    I can just imagine general Patton general MacArthur and General Eisenhower rolling over in their graves at what general Miley has done ….. China is giving us the virus they are a communist country and yet we buy so many products from them we need to wake up …. when I was in the military a sergeant center me some day China is going to walk right into our country and we’re not going to do a thing about it …. Think about that !!!

  • Philip Robillard says:

    He should be tried for treason and executed. All the traitors in our government should be arrested as well as all those who violated the Logan Act. They are endangering our country.
    Our country has enough problems without those people making things worse.

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