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Newsom Survives Recall, Stays On As California Governor



Senator Elizabeth Warren and California Governor Gavin Newsom's at recall election rally at Culver City High School | Newsom Survives Recall, Stays On As California Governor | Mexico featured

California Governor Gavin Newsom survived a recall attempt and saved his seat. NBC News declared the win early Wednesday morning based on projections. 

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Newsom Stays As California Governor

Newsom, a Democrat, survived the snap elections as well as the numerous issues that led to the recall. With the help of the Democrat Party led by President Joe Biden, they managed to get Demo voters out into the polling places to vote to retain Newsom as California governor.

During a short campaign period, many Democrat leaders warned that the state faces the risk of losing its progressive image. In addition, Democrats said that a Republican governor will definitely roll back COVID-19 protections enforced in the area. 

For the recall campaign, Newsom and national Democrats went out guns blazing. As the party can’t afford to lose a major state at this point, they took no chances in ensuring Newsom gets to keep his seat.

During the last California recall electrons in 2003. Democrat governor Gray Davis lost his seat. Movie star and staunch Republican Arnold Schwarzenneger ended up the winner and new California governor. For the 2021 edition, Democrats spent millions to ensure this won’t happen again.  

Thank You For The Yes Votes

The recall election asked the state’s voters if they wanted to remove Newsom as California governor. Voters will select either “Yes” or “No” and if they chose the former, they will need to list down their preferred replacement.

In a news conference after trends show he already won, Newsom thanked California voters for voting to retain him. “We said yes to science. We said yes to vaccines,” he said.

Then, he added that the yes votes also meant a yes to ending this pandemic, to people's right to vote without fear, and to women’s constitutional right to decide.

Right-Wing Power Grab

Newsom earlier portrayed the recall not as a vote against his leadership but as a right-wing power grab. Democrat voters in the state paid little attention to the recall at the time.

However, things changed when Republican talk show host Larry Elder started showing up in polls as the frontrunner. The conservative Elder immediately shot to the top of the polls.  

Elder took his defeat graciously and called on supporters to do the same. After hearing boos from the crowd when Elder mentioned Newsom, he said that they should remain gracious in defeat. “Let’s be gracious in defeat. We may have lost the battle, but we are going to win the war.”

Democrats Outnumber Republicans 2:1 in California

Even with a broad campaign, Elder and the other Republican candidates will have a hard time winning. California’s Democrat voters outnumbered Republicans around 2:1.

With these overwhelming numbers, the only way Gavin can lose his seat is if California democrats stay away from the polls. This is what happened during the recall petition.

Republican votes made COVID-19 restrictions an issue, helping them gather more than 1.5 million signatures to start the recall process. 

Thankfully for the California governor, more than a handful of Democrats went out and voted. Meanwhile, national Democrat leaders hoped that the recall results in California would serve as a model to spur Democrats to vote next year during the midterm elections. 

Other Measures

The recall election also included a number of measures that required California voters’ approval. This included getting 45% of the votes in support of California’s current public health measures.

33% said the measures are too strict, 18% said they’re not strict enough. Also, 70% of voters approved mask mandates for schools, while 63% voted to make vaccination a responsibility rather than a personal choice.

Watch the ABC7 video update reporting on the California recall election: Gov. Newsom stays in office, defeats recall:

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Voters from California, how did you vote for Newsom’s recall petition? Do you agree with keeping Newsom in office for at least a year more? Or, do you prefer new leadership at this time?

Tell us what you think about California’s recall elections. Share your thoughts below.

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  • Bill says:

    Let’s have a forensic audit! too may republicans only were told they had already voted when they went5 to cast their ballot!!!

  • BBA says:

    What about the mass amount of Republican voters that were told they had already voted before they ever got to the polls? Either there was cheating going on or California is filled full of socialist f’n morons. As a person who has spent time in that state I vote for both!

  • B. Mation says:


  • Boston Guineaboi says:

    Another sham CHEATING POS DEMS Pulled off When will Republicans stand up for us and fight back our Country is in DISTRESS

  • Ali says:

    The very wealthy Dems at it again….

  • CT says:

    Here we go again. The Republicans always claim stolen when they lose. This country needs to get back to where it was before Trump. I vote Democrat and Republican depending on the character of who is running,

  • Fuk Dumbocrats says:

    Well we all know Piglosi and the corrupt democrat party pulled their fraudulent crap again!! My god I feel sorry for those who tried to vote out this derelict Newscum.

  • David Williams says:

    The state of California DESERVES ITS SORDID FATE! You reap what you sow! Too bad that the people that are living there that are conservative and religious should revolt or either pack up and leave. It will now become EVEN HARDER after Newsom’s “victory” for them to live a normal life as Newsom and the SOCIALIST COMMUNIST DEMOCREEP PARTY WILL REVELL in “GLIRY” now and I.PISE eve. MORE INSANE RULES AND REGULATIONS on the sane working class !

  • Lisa Hines says:

    It was a replay of 2020 election. SCAM. People voting had already voted?????????? I smell something 💩

  • Matk says:

    California gets what they deserve! It used to be a state a person whould want to live or visit, but after the Dems have taken hold, it’s nothing more than a shit hole!!! So many
    Californians moving out taking there Dems values elsewhere trying to turn those places into what they very well left! Portland and Seattle a prime example! Corrupt mail in voting seems like the only way progressive Dems can win nowadays!!!!

  • Jay Archer says:

    I had a feeling when they didn’t want I’d.of any sort we got again just like 2020
    Its sad. That the people are not being Heard at all

  • Heidi Boucher says:

    Cheaters cheaters!! You can’t deny cheating when people go to vote and their vote already were cast Time to Prosecute these the lying cheating snakes and go back to the old reliable way to vote. Paper punch ballots nonId No vote! No mail in ballots unless you are disabled or in the military ! Stop the cheating

  • Bill R Medlin says:

    Just more dumbass democrats runing ca. as always.



  • David says:

    Hey CT, I guess after you voted for Xieen you dug a hole and put your head in it. There already had been fraud detected. Some republican voters who showrd up to vote were told they had already voted. A man was arrested in aZ with guns, drugs, CA licenses and 300 recall ballots. My mother while working a voting center discovered rows upon rows, stscked to the ceiling she estimated at least 20-30,000 ballots in USPS bins, when they brought it up to the supervisor, they were gone by the next day. Was there fraud, yes. Newsom “won” the first voge by closong down vote centers and suddenly he was up, after being waaaay under Cox’s votes. He’s Pelosi’s nephew and “son” to the crooked judge of the Getty family. So was it fair? Of course not. Was it enough to change the outcome, we’ll never know. But, I bet you were one of the ones screami g Russia Russia Russia and the corrupt lawless government spent 2 years and millions of dollars to come up with nothing.

  • vietvet says:

    2020 2.0 wash rinse repeat!!!

  • Billy W says:

    Well I hope they enjoy their Social/Progressive Dictator for now. Was this recall checked for misuse of votes? Have been hearing that people were told they had already voted before they actually voted. Seems like it was rigged from the first.

  • Stone says:

    Demarats allowed people to print out ballots from there home computers, Need I say more. They caught a guy with 300 ballots in his car. AUDIT. California will only turn into a BIGGER SHIT HOLE.

  • Charlie says:

    I live in this state and all I can say is we are a bunch of idiot losers who deserve higher taxes, gas prices highest in nation, schools with fkd up teaching and stupid kids, Dems that care only about themselves . Great don’t ever complain about anything anymore! You picked it we live with it !! Cry to no one when illegal immigration takes all tour tax dollars to support it. Enjoy highest housing costs of most major areas . Health care that is like cattle going in for slaughter . Wow didn’t think we were this screwed up that it wasn’t close . California will now continue its spiral downward into a cesspool that it was becoming anyway ! To bad a beautiful state with a bunch of crime and losers . Well with Biden in office it won’t take long before China runs us and tells us what to do ? Oh that already is taken place . Bunch of hypocrites and a- holes run and live here but hey I’m one of you too ! Let your grandchildren know why you f..Kd this state up for them . Collect your stimulus extra check from governor and go …. Yourselves

  • CBC says:

    Well, the shit hit the fan again! Another CORRUPT outcome! I was born and raised in California and I’m ashamed to call this lying, cheatin CLOWN govenor of my state!!!

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