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Biden Wants A National Mask Mandate



Democratic Nominee Joe Biden Wearing Face Mask | Biden Wants A National Mask Mandate | Featured

President-elect Joe Biden wants a national mask mandate as soon as he sits down as president. Initially, he plans to go through each state governor to talk about enforcing mask-wearing. If any governor refuses, he will approach mayors and county officials instead.

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Masks have a Place

Fox News medical expert Dr. Marc Siegel said masks do help prevent the coronavirus' spread. In fact, they are “the icing on the physical distancing cake.” This meant that people must wear masks indoors and outdoors. Siegel thinks that imposing a mask mandate may backfire.

Dr. Siegel said: “I think masks are quite useful, but they have a place and they're not the be-all and end-all. I'm worried that mandating this with fines and such may actually lead to more of a rebellion against it.” He suggested that the level of exposure risk can determine the use of masks. As such, he sees this approach better than just mandating mask-wearing everywhere.

Dial Approach

For social distancing, Biden wants a “dial approach.” Each county depends on guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This means that the CDC will determine each area's risk of spread.

Siegel believes the approach is the opposite of what can help. He believes physical distancing is more important than masks. Siegel said: “I don't think social distancing is the dial. I think masks are a dial. “Social distancing is something we should just be doing right now. You never know how much virus was in the community.”

“I think physical distancing is more important than masks,” Siegel noted. “If you're 10 feet away from someone, you're not going to get the virus. If you're one foot away with a mask, you might.”

Ironic Celebration

Democrats Presidential Nominee Joe Biden Pointing his Hand | Biden Wants A National Mask Mandate

Biden's campaign emphasized that he will always “listen to science.” However, Biden has yet to address concerns that “victory” celebrations might contribute to the spread of coronavirus

In the past few days, thousands of Americans took to the streets of major cities in celebration. Crowds from New York City, Washington, and Philadelphia did not observe social distancing. The majority of participants did wear masks.

Winter is Coming

The US has 9.9 million confirmed coronavirus cases with 237,000 dead, according to Johns Hopkins University. As winter is fast approaching, medical experts are afraid that the coronavirus outbreak can get worse. In fact, with lots of people remaining indoors, the chances of spreading the virus are higher.

Dr. Kelly Henning, Bloomberg Philanthropies epidemiologist, said  “This is a very scary moment. People are feeling some fatigue. But the virus is not. It's continuing to circulate.” Meanwhile, forty-three out of fifty states reported rising cases this month. Colorado Governor Jared Polis said Covid-19-related hospitalizations were the “highest they've ever been.”

Is a Federal Mask Mandate Constitutional? 

Biden recognizes the difficulty of a federal mandate. Accordingly, he promised to mandate masks on all federal-owned property, an executive order with a wide reach. Also, federal transit law can require masks on public transportation.

South Texas College of Law professor Josh Blackman sees a federal mandate would be difficult to enforce. As such, there will be gray areas. This includes people walking outside or traveling on interstate highways within a state. “Even if Congress enacted a statute that said everyone must wear a mask, I don't think that statute would be constitutional. I don't think Congress has the power to force people to wear masks, anywhere, at any point in time,” Blackman said.

“People can't be forced to put a mask on their face by the federal government. States can but not the federal government. Once you go beyond people in federal facilities, you're really intruding on what the state's responsible for,” he noted.

When Will Biden Start Issuing Mandates?

Even as media outlets proclaimed Biden, Trump insisted to continue the count. During the weekend, he gave a statement that “The simple fact is this election is far from over.” In addition, he said he “will not rest until the American people have the honest vote count they deserve and that Democracy demands.”

By November 9, President Donald Trump has yet to concede the election to Mr. Biden. As such, the Republican party is now at odds on what to do next. First, do they convince Trump to accept his defeat? Or do they support him when he takes his case to court? Nevertheless, those who congratulated Biden for his election, including former president George W. Bush, clarified that they respect Trump’s prerogative to seek legal remedies.

With over 120,000 new cases and around a thousand deaths daily, the threat is bound to get worse as winter approaches. Given the assessment, should we start considering new policies and new ways to combat the virus?

Watch this as ABC News reported during the presidential campaign that Democrat Joe Biden called for a nationwide mask mandate:

Will you support a federal mask mandate?

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Do you agree that Joe Biden should issue a federal mask mandate to help curb coronavirus infections? More importantly, do you think people will follow a federal mask mandate? Let us know what you think of this by sharing your comments below.


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  • Gerald Walsh says:

    No! This is not a socialist country. First amendment rights

  • Nancy Mason says:

    Here go our rights with a Democratic President. This one will take away our freedom.

  • Carol Christopherson says:

    Absolutly not! The government has no legal authority to tel me to wear anything amazing the government wants to allow a woman to be able to kill unborn babies and don’t twl them what to do with what’s inside their body yet they want to mandate you to put something on your body!! Unreal!

  • Hattie Whitlock says:

    Yes, we are all in this together.
    Everyone should be working together as a nation to stop the spread of COVID 19. To many lives has been loss

  • John Sheehan says:

    Decisions should ALWAYS be made as far down the chain of command as possible. Governors and even local Mayors can better evaluate need and response than a large bureaucracy in Washington. What is needed in Manhattan NY is NOT what is needed in Iowa.

  • frank janiak says:

    well they cheated to win so what can you expect they warned they wanted total control over the Citzens and thats what you will get for voting for these clowns

  • Cody Stafford says:

    No The mask does not stop anything, Even if one person in the whole world has covid we’re back to square one

  • Barbara Wargo says:

    He needs to shut up, and sign himself into a nursing home.

  • Anonymous says:

    All of a sudden I hear on the news supposedly Biden has Covid-19 antibodies… Seriously?!?!
    Covid-19 is overrated. My boss and I refuse to wear a mask. Guess what… We’re fine.

  • Anonymous says:

    What contradictions One individual wants the government to outlaw a woman’s right to choose but not to do something as simple as wear a mask when outside of their domicile environment What a Trumper

  • Sean Barrett says:

    Like they always say “you can’t fix stupid!”

  • Michael Paul says:

    That (masks) is another method to separate the masses. In this case (mask mandate),is being used to remove individuality.
    In the USA, over the previous 4 years, in comparison to 202; total deaths from all reasons , has remained on average, the same, including 2020! This virus has not affected that average.

  • William Milnes says:

    There’s no way to enforce it fairly, it’s Unconstitutional first and foremost and there is no actual evidence they work. It will be a shitstorm and cause so many confrontations if you force this on people. ABSOLUTE WORST IDEA EVER TO MANDATE

  • Joe says:

    He can kiss my a##. Im notcwearing no stinking mask for nobody. Hes not going to be president. He thinks he is but when the FBI finds out how him and all the other dimmiecrats rigged the election, I hope they put all of them in prison.

  • Evin says:

    All the superstar Trumpers need a good case of Covid and then your statements have creditibility
    E. PVann

  • Pecker wood says:

    He a brain dead dick, should go back to his Alzheimer’s computer millions

  • Voldemort says:

    The amendments were written for a reason. Democrats take laws as advice unless they benefit from them. The first and second amendments are essential to our form of government. Do not allow anybody to abridge any of these God given rights.

  • Darrel Arnett says:

    NO ! There goes our right ✅. People want wear them in Wal-Mart. What makes you think you can scare them. They are going to have the mask Police. Then they need mask jail cause I for am NOT GOING TO PARTICIPATE IN THEIR STUPIDITY.

  • Joe says:

    Hilarious! A woman has the right to choose to kill her child but I don’t have the right to choose what to wear? Newsflash, Covid has a less than 0.01% mortality rate, abortion has a 99.9% mortality rate. In other words, to human life, my choice is less lethal. Go pound sand.

  • Max H. says:

    Absolutely not!!! The death rate has dropped, the actual “illness” numbers are way down – with nothing else to talk about, they are sensationalizing the numbers of positive tests and calling them “cases” ……….You can be asymptomatic and test positive – it doesn’t mean you’re sick!! It’s no longer about health or safety – it’s ALL about CONTROL!!! Masking is a farce – even OSHA admits no mask today is made to stop a virus!!!

  • Scooter says:

    IF they do pass the law and people do not obey then what? Fines they just won’t pay and there are not enough jails to house all of those that choose not to wear them. I wear mine because I don’t want to be sick and if I keep my distance, keep sanitizer wipes I should be safe. If you stay 6’ apart without a mask I believe you are safer than if you wear a mask and get closer to others. My thoughts and my choice.

  • Shelly Bird says:

    I honestly don’t understand how people of America can sit and possibly believe that coughing, sneezing and spreading deadly germs is okay. NO, there is no valid or logical explanation to what’s happening with Covid19 right now, safety should be EVERYONE’s priority and if its not then that says a lot about YOU ALL. Whatever President Joe Biden may or may not have stood for in the past is just that THE PAST. People change and this man has a caring heart despite how you may feel. Be warned that his actions just may save you or your family in the long run.

  • Chris says:

    We pretty much seen this coming and then it will be our guns, our voices ,our rights etc etc.
    The Democrats that voted for him should be proud.

  • Margo Wendt says:

    The Lord GOD has ALL power! Those who love HIM above all have HIS protection – Read & BELIEVE Psalm 91. GOD is in control! Trust only in HIM! If He determines it’s your time to die, nothing can prevent it but His will. If He determines He wants you to continue living in this world, nothing can prevent it, including Covid-19 & the demoncrats!

  • Freedom fighter says:

    The Dictatorship starts, comrade joe

  • cjg says:

    biden can stick the mask up his ass….. its my choice not some communist muslim (he thinks he is) ass wipe democrat not his

  • Mark says:

    Biden’s first name should be “DICK”, because that is exactly what he is.

    All those that voted and support that corrupt piece of $h!t will soon change their tune in about 6 mths after he is sworn in, when gas prices are 3.50 gallon and everything else goes up in price. Just wait all you dumb@$$es.

  • PJ says:

    I do believe this is a wake up call to those who voted for Biden.
    Thank you Mr Biden for actually speaking your true agenda.
    Lifetime mandatory masks,in & out of the home.
    Good thing this election is not over and you are NOT President elect.
    My prediction is that majority of Biden voters will now be joining the peaceful protests, across the US, for a honest election Count
    Hard to believe Democrats actually found a topic to UNIfY the Country

  • Pat Dillon says:

    He is not my President.I wear a mask because you can’t go anywhere without one.Do I believe they are the answer to everything?No just my opinion.

  • Jason Gustavson says:

    Are you fuckin kidding me that fool and his stupid bitch puppet don’t no shit about shit no to mention this schmuck spent his life fuckin up this country now we’re are supposed to let him lead it I don’t think so

  • Bob says:

    I believe masks should be a individual choice and the Government should stay out of it.
    I also believe a lockdown is against our rights as well. I believe this newly elected party will create a Civil War if this or any party
    takes it upon themselves to enforce lockdowns, curfews, etc., etc., Supposedly we are extremely close to a vaccine so why not
    give science a chance and wait for the results instead of creating panic and a National Crisis.

  • George Suplee says:

    I had a regular cold (NOT COVID ) I took forever to get over it thanks to wearing a mask.

  • Rita Ellis says:

    Absolutely NO. PERIOD. should be left up to individual states government, then should not be enforced by law, just strongly suggested. This is still America, the land of the free. Trump as President wasn’t allowed to make any moves or demands on the states neither should Biden.

  • Charley lThomas says:

    Mandating mask will only cause people to get sicker breathing the exposure of germs into the mask mandating mask is also taking control of peoples rights weather to wear mask or not and as Americans we need to ask ourselves do we need a system of control or a system of rights Of choice social distance it’s much more better than mask MandatingIn a country of freedom and rights to choose

  • 2WarAbnVet says:

    Strictly enforced cloth mask rules have done nothing to stop renewed spikes in infections in multiple countries and U.S. states. The fact that in many places masks are required outdoors despite endless scientific evidence showing that UV light and open air kills microorganisms including viruses shows that the lockdown response has nothing to do with science or saving lives. It is about control. … The masks do nothing. They achieve nothing in terms of stopping the viral spread or saving lives. This is a fact made obvious by the very infection numbers the establishment holds up as a rationale for the masks. But as noted the masks are useful in one regard: They build false perception. If everyone else is doing it, you should be doing it too. And if the establishment elites through propaganda can force you to wear a mask every day, then this opens the door to them dictating many other aspects of your life.

  • Elizabeth Stewart says:

    Totalerarism is already starting. They are already taking over our right to choose about our own lives. You watch, I give my name and e-mail addy & they’ll come a

  • Raymond Marcotte says:

    NO, Biden is a JACKASS with 47 years of bad decisions. The start of lock downs & socialism. TRUMP STILL OUR PRESIDENT WITH FDA TO APPROVE VACCINE BEFORE HE IS RE-ELECTED LEGALLY 4 MORE YEARS!

  • WitchDoc says:

    I will not comply to a mandate. I will wear the mask when I feel I may be at risk, but I will not comply to ANY of his unconstitutional orders or actions. Period.

  • P says:

    And here we go for all the dumb ass people that voted for Joe Biden he’s already starting his socialism program to tell the American people how to dress and you idiots that voted for Joe Biden you’ll see what President Trump has been talking about Joe Biden has no clue and has never had a clue for the 47 years that he’s been in politics

  • Robin says:

    We are not living in a dictatorship at least not yet. We should choose ourselves whether we need to wear one or not. This is why we have a SELF governing government but for all the people who voted for this yahoo we will all have to suffer as he dictates from the White House. As he told that auto worker, “I don’t work for you”. I can’t believe how many people fell for his honesty and empathy messages. Anyone who did needs to research his past voting record as a senator and also realize the hunter biden emails are real.

  • Don Collins says:

    God help us all that we may come back together, we’re on a road to a dividing nation. COVID-19 is a serious virus, let the professional people who understand guide us through this sickness, not political beliefs. This has nothing to do with our individual rights it has to do with saving lives of the people around us. Have passion and concern for those individuals who may be acceptable to the virus.

  • doug guidry says:

    take your mask and shove itnow after stealing the election you have a cure and talking about giving hillary ajob she should be in jail and so should you biden with your son hang in there president trump

  • Roberts says:

    Biggest mistake putting him in office!!

  • Justin says:

    We do not need an other Democratic President in office that tells us what to do try’s to take our rights and everything else I wish we could have had president trump in office for 4 more years

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s a shame the republicans cant take defeat without looking like a add. Joe Biden says he will be talking to each state’s governor’s. We as a nation need to work togeathet to get this virus stopped. If wearing a mask helps to save lifes why not. The people complaing must not have had someone they know or LOVE die from this. GRow up.

  • Carol says:

    yes. Because of the stupidity of people, having parties (huge) without social distancing or wearing masks, the virus is stronger than ever. Why is it a problem to wear a small mask to help curb this virus and help to alleviate it. What is the matter with people..jseus, we are just protecting each other. Is wearing a mask such a big deal in order to help????

  • Ray says:

    Oh HELL no.

  • David says:

    Stop this game for the minority of people. Protect our elderly, don’t punish our kids….let’s get back to living….if your afraid stay home.
    This has gone far enough. If the politicians, media, big money hadn’t lied so much, we might believe the game….but the game is over. The so called pandemic is safer than the consequences. The percentage of deaths has decreased tremendously, if that was the real cause, to start with. We learned a lot….game over…stop this ridiculous control over people

  • Lorena Hernandez says:


    This was their goal all along to place Biden in the White House with his partner so called 1st woman @&$%#!!!’

    OUR PRESIDENT of THE UNITED STATES 🇺🇸 is PRESIDENT TRUMP & we have to support him since the entire election was MANIPULATED & STOLEN with FAKE VOTES!!!

    This is just the beginning of 4 YEARS of HELL!! If Our President Trump doesn’t get the Legal Support to overturn the DEMOCRATS from what they do best LIE & STEAL from TRUE HARD WORKING AMERICANS 🇺🇸

  • Dennis says:

    The mask is a feel good gesture. It does not stop a virus that is so small it goes through the mask. This is just a way to start measures to control the population. Instead the government should be prosecuting governors who sent ill seniors back to their nursing homes. The reason told was to make room for more patients, well they should have waited because those beds were never needed. Those governors are personally responsible for over 67,000 deaths!

  • Annette Mierniczak says:

    Wise up! Apparently those of you who don’t want to have never seen or been exposed. This is a “population control” virus. The old and weak do not survive. The many folks with metabolic syndrome spend months in the hospital. This is germ warfare. Don’t be stupid. Just wear the damn mask! And we need more American made masks!! Take advantage of this time and get yourself healthy….

  • Cece Phlylee says:

    MSM has done a really great job of scaring and intimidating the general public. Unfortunately, most won’t go anywhere else to do their own research to find the truth. There is no concrete proof that masks prevent the spread of this disease, rather they have negative effects with prolonged use. If it makes you feel better to wear a mask, do so by all mean, but don’t give those of us who choose not to the stink eye! The path to controlling the population is by taking away your identity and mandating mask wearing is just the first step.

  • Doris Bens says:

    If this was AIDS and not the Corona COVID virus you would be masking. Hospitals had to learn universal precautions years ago and it worked. Masks will work as well. No one asking you to wear goggles yet. Masks have been working or else there would be no one in the hospitals now to treat you.

  • Lulu says:

    As far as I know we are still in America not Amerika and we have rights. If the government gives the woman a right to choose to kill her own baby then I have a right to decide for myself if I want to wear a mask or not. I REFUSE AND WILL NOT COMPLY!! Glad I can’t be blame for voting for this Socialist Clown.

  • bettie cadden says:

    To those of you who do not remember-things required-helmets for motorcycle riders-seat belts in autos-no texting on cell phone-a great number still do not obey. We are an independent people by and large and do not wish to be told by Washington what we must do. My biggest hope is that WE THE ANERICAN PEOPLE will finally realize this big mistake of Biden within 60 days. Just remember if at his age and mental state and is removed-who will be president–and you thought Pelosi was bad-now you see the real evil. I am a 91 year old widow who voted most of my life as a democrat but not for this new bunch of Socialist masquerading as democrats. I am an avid 2nd amend=anti abortion=51 year NRA member, GO FIGURE B BOOPER

  • Peter says:

    I had it last January before I, or most Americans knew what it was. It was the worst cough I ever had. I got over it. If you feel you’re at risk, by all means take every precaution. You don’t have the right to tell others they must do as you do.

  • James Hulker says:

    Tell Joe Biden to go back and hide in the basement and the Americans will do fine without his stupid ideas of shutting down our country.

  • Johnny Smith says:

    I will not comply no matter how maney mandates they brang dowen not for him or any one els

  • me says:

    that magot needs to be put in the ground

  • CAH says:

    NO! Supposedly this is a virus! If wearing mask since March or April has not stopped it what good are they? Obviously not working. Just like the flu it comes and it goes you get it you don’t a mask doesn’t stop the flu it’s not going to stop covid. This has been blown way out of proportion the numbers are so incorrect! For those that want to wear mask where it but the rest of us no definitely should be our choice

  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely Not! Joe who?

  • Rebecca Breeze says:

    There is no way I’m wearing one outside! If everyone got that it does NOT protect YOU from getting the virus and ONLY weakens your own immune system wearing one all the time a few may change their mind. I do and will wear one when I enter a building to protect others but outside, no freaking way! Breath in some fresh air people!!

  • Jerold BLANTON SR. says:

    It is never healthy to give the government too much power over it’s citizens. Their job is to govern not control in a dictator fashion.. People should be able to use their own common sense when to wear a mask. As for myself I wear a mask when I leave my house. Biden just wants to make money with hefty fines for not wearing a mask. The most important thing is to get the vaccine ready. STUPID IS STUPID DOES.

  • Stephen hollars says:

    Good job you fucking biden lovers.
    His lies already started

  • Maureen Norris says:

    Masks don’t work with CoViD19. Fashion trend maybe, if you make them to match what you are wearing. Warm your face on cold days, agreed. But to hold back diaeases.. NO. Oh, in case everybody missed the news on Monday morning, e. coli is on the rise again, in the US, as 37 people have been diagnosed. E. coli is A LOT more dangerous than CoViD 19.

  • Jackie Wehmeyer says:

    Nobody enforces it anyways! You see signs on many businesses that say it is mandatory to wear a mask in their establishment. Like Walmart, many people still don’t and NOBODY stops to tell them WEAR THE MASK OR GET OUT! Why would this be any different now just because Biden says so? Nobody likes to wear it but if you want this nasty sickness to go away, you will have to do it for a while. The medication is almost here for us to take (in 2 doses) and it is 90% effective whereas the flu shot is only 6o% effective! That shocked me about the flu shot! But, normally I don’t get the flu just a cold. So the shot must be doing me good at only 60%. I say DO IT and let’s get our lives back to the normal so we can visit with group again!

  • John Rado says:

    NO. A mandate would be unconstitutional. I think that people would be more compliant if they were given the choice to wear or not. Individual businesses are another matter. Wearing a mask inside of a retail establishment is a good idea and each company should establish its own rules for customers entering.
    I do not and will not wear a mask if I am more than ten feet from another person and when I enter an establishment.

  • Nu says:

    dems tried everything to get ridof Trump and he knew they were working to steal the ekection. Hewont last long so youget Kamala. Good luck. I can’t standto look at him or her plus Pelisi and her buddy. Crooks all of them. He stated in basement because he knew it was fixed.

  • betty says:

    no because masks don’t prevent anything they just want to control us, and if we listen what will be next. I live in free country and they are trying to destroy our freedom.

  • Heather Wynne says:

    Stop the BS just the start of more government health careless mask what happened to the vaccine that was to be coming out at the first of the year is he going to send it back to the manufacturer/pharmaceutical company?

  • Rene’ says:

    Here we go with the socialism they just cat wait to start taking away our freedom! We might as well go ahead and move to China!!

  • Anonymous says:

    ist stupid move of many more

  • Lu Myser says:

    He can pound sand and wear one for me. I will not be forced to live under his control.

  • Leon says:

    One word answer, “NO”. I’ve given 4 years of my life to Uncle Sam. I’m a disabled Vietnam Vet, with massive respiratory problems, CDC exempt for wearing mask. I live in eastern Pa.. Our governor, Comrade Wolfe, mandated, on the sly, all deaths are Covid-19. County Coroners were ordered to “place Covid-19 on death certificates”. One family was ready to sue mortician, for Covid-19, being placed on death certificate. Family told to go after Coroner, beings deceased life insurance policy wouldn’t pay death benefits. Coroner changed “death certificate” to natural causes. Coroner told family that those orders came from governor. How many other states were ordered to do that.

  • Scott Smith says:

    Joe Biden is not my president. I did not vote for him, he will never be my president.

  • Anonymous says:

    No. I waer my mask because I want to. No one needs to make me do it let alone the government.

  • El says:

    Wearing a mask is a freedom of choice issue. I live in Virginia and I wear a mask because it is my choice not the requirement made by the government. Also, when I am not surrounded by people I remove my mask and only put it back on when I get around people or people come around me.

  • Linda says:

    Mask did mot stop my husband from getting the virus who wears it faithfully I dont believe we know enough about Covid Virus to be forced to wear mask For some of us our health issues worsen when we breath back our own air What ever happened to believing the Lord takes care of us not mask

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