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Associated Press Calls Election For Biden



Former Vice President of the United States Joe Biden | Associated Press Calls Election For Biden | Featured

The media has decided Joe Biden is the next president, despite ongoing legal challenges in several key battleground states.

The Associated Press called the election for Joe Biden over the weekend after election analysts said the Democratic candidate had won Pennsylvania. The media machine immediately went into overdrive with a full-court press of Biden victory content. However, the election technically remains undecided.

Biden’s claimed victory in Pennsylvania put him over the 270-vote tally needed to secure the presidency. According to the Associated Press count, Biden has 290 votes thanks to newly-declared victories in Nevada, Arizona, and Pennsylvania.

However, election results in several battleground states haven’t been certified, and President Trump’s campaign is pursuing legal action. Legal challenges are currently underway in Arizona, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia. North Carolina and Alaska still haven’t named a winner, but President Trump is leading in those states.

Widespread Irregularities

President Donald J. Trump | Associated Press Calls Election For Biden

The Trump campaign held a Sunday afternoon press conference near the Clark County Elections Department in Las Vegas to denounce widespread irregularities during the election process. Nevada was pivotal to deciding the election, but Trump’s legal team has drawn attention to potential fraud involving ineligible ballots in the state. The campaign has zeroed in on a number of irregularities involving signature verification and state residency.

“This campaign has not observed, has not laid our eyes … on an envelope signature, and a voter roll signature, on a single one of those 600,000 voters,” said former Attorney General Adam Laxalt during the Trump rally in Clark Country. “At least 200,000 voters were counted through the signature verification process of this machine only. I will repeat for the media: No human beings looked at those signature matches to confirm they were, in fact, matches.”

American Conservative Union chairman Matt Schlapp also raised the issue of voter fraud. “We know that underage voters voted in this most recent election. How difficult would it have been to make it clear that nobody would have been mailed a ballot if they had a birth date after a certain year?” Schlapp asked, adding that 100,000 people have left the state as a result of the economic shutdown, “yet through our due diligence, we’ve able to find that at least 9,000 of them voted in this election. Non-Nevadans voted in Nevada.”

By the final tally, President Trump lost the state by a roughly 35,000-vote margin. A judge denied a legal challenge from the Trump campaign requesting that Nevada stop counting illegal votes. The judge said, “The public interest is not in disrupting the counting of the ballots,” but the legal fight is far from over.

Legal Challenges in Pennsylvania

The campaign’s legal challenges in Pennsylvania will also be of crucial importance. Trump’s personal lawyer, former Mayor of New York and Federal Prosecutor Rudy Guliani, said on Sunday that the campaign may have enough evidence to overturn the election results in PA. Guiliani told Fox News’s Maria Bartiromo that the Trump campaign’s legal challenge could eliminate 900,000 invalid ballots in the state.

“I think we have enough to change Pennsylvania. The Pennsylvania election was a disaster,” Giuliani said.

An official count from the Pennsylvania Department of State showed Biden leading Trump with 3.35 million votes to 3.31 million. If Guiliani proves correct, the lawsuit could easily put the Keystone State in the Republican win column.

Numerous instances of alleged voter suppression and outright fraud have occurred since Election Day. Trump’s campaign says it will continue looking into these incidents. Additionally, Trump’s legal team believes it can still win if it can successfully eliminate illegal ballots from the tallies.

Biden is moving forward with transition planning. However, despite the media’s most fervent wishes, the election isn’t over yet.

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