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McAllen, Texas Flips Red As GOP Mayor Candidate Wins



McAllen. Texas. USA | McAllen, Texas Flips Red As GOP Mayor Candidate Wins | featured

For the first time since 1972, a Republican mayor will serve the major border city of McAllen, Texas. In a run-off election, last Saturday, city commissioner Javier Villalobos won the seat.

Villalobos, a former Hidalgo County GOP chair, will succeed Democrat Jim Darling as mayor. He trounced fellow city commissioner Veronica Vela Whitacre in the run-off election.

The margin was reportedly around 200 votes. The new mayor, upon receiving confirmation he won the seat, thanked his voters. “Let me start by thanking the voters, my team, my family [and] everyone who helped run this campaign. Thank you, McAllen for trusting [and] believing in me. I promise to not let you down,” Villalobos wrote on Facebook. 

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McAllen, Texas

Villalobos won narrowly in the 85% Hispanic border city. Hidalgo County, where McAllen lies, is historically a Democratic voting county. During the last elections, the county voted for President Joe Biden. Hidalgo County went to President Biden by roughly 17 points during the 2020 election.

As a result, Republicans celebrated Villalobos' win. Texas Governor Greg Abbott posted a congratulatory message on Facebook. “Javier Villalobos is a proven leader who cares deeply about the people of the Rio Grande Valley.

Congratulations on becoming the next Mayor of McAllen!” he wrote. The governor previously appointed the new mayor to the Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board in 2018. 

Respect From Conservatives Across The US

The GOP’s win in a Blue county turned many heads. Former President Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign adviser Steve Cortes also tweeted his greetings. “Amazing news! McAllen, Texas is a major border town of 140,000 people. 85% Hispanic — and just elected a Republican mayor.

The macro realignment accelerates in South Texas, and elsewhere, as Hispanics rally to America First,” he posted. 

“Holy cow… Republicans just flipped the mayorship of McAllen, Texas. This was not expected and shows Hispanics in South Texas may have shifted with the GOP even post Trump,” author Ryan Girdusky posted on Twitter. 

Meanwhile, RNC spokesman Nathan Brand also went to  Twitter. “BIG win for Republicans tonight in a border community. Biden’s border crisis has real-world ramifications for communities across the country, especially in cities like McAllen,” 

Border Crisis City Votes Republican

McAllen, Texas, is right in the middle of the ongoing border crisis. After Biden removed many of the policies implemented by Trump, a surge of immigrants flooded border towns.

As a result of many failed policies that saw large increases in illegal border crossings, Democrats are now feeling the heat from voters.   

Outgoing Democratic mayor Darling told USA Today that McAllen received the brunt of the migrant influx. Its geographic location and its infrastructure network proved attractive to migrants who want to travel further inland.

As a result of the border crisis, Representative Filemon Vela (D-Texas), said she won’t seek reelection in 2022. She also sounded the alarm for Democrats in South Texas. “Democrats have a big problem in Texas,” Vela said in January. She added that for the first time in generations, Democrats are losing South Texas counties with large Hispanic populations.

Watch the Actual News video reporting that Republicans Win three Mayoral Elections in Major cities last night:

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Do you agree that Democrats are losing South Texas counties and cities due to the border crisis? Also, do you welcome this development?

Let us know what you think of the GOP gaining lost ground. Share your comments in the comments section below.

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  • Richard Manfredi says:

    Excepting native American Indians , everyone else is an immigrant or the child of immigrantS; the idea being that there is a a sympathetic base for new immigrants. The current problem is at least twofold. THE FIRST PROBLEM IS by jumping the border , these new immigrants also jump the line on THEIR FELLOW CITIZENS WHO ARE WAITING FOR LEGAL IMMIGRATION. The American sense of fair play does not appreciate people who cut the line at: toll booths, movies, supermarkets. THE SECOND PROBLEM IS, if the USA wants to be a Spanish country NO ONE IS STOPPING ANYONE FROM GETTING ON A PLANE AND LEAVING FOR SOUTH AMERICA.
    Apparently the SAVING ( with other people’s Money ) , and the GIVING ( with other people’s money) has finally grabbed Democrats by the throat and is choking them .

  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Great news for Texas, this changing of political power needs to change all across America

  • Fred C. Meyers says:

    It is obvious the American people have come to realize the present administration, has not lived up to their promises, the previous office holders made volumes of progress, for all Americans. now they are being abolished. for those same Americans. I t is passed time to Oust and or Impeach these so called elected President and Vice President, They are leading all of America into Socialism and Communism. This must be stopped

  • David says:

    Another city terrified of democrats, their anti-American policies and disgusting divisive politics. Good for them, at least it sounds like they had a fair election.

  • Gary Sharpe says:

    The fewer democrats in office the more secure is our freedom.

  • Billy W says:

    Democrat’s only want the Illegals for votes after giving them what a citizen has worked for years to get. Enough of Biden’s policies , he has caused this country great damage with his EO’S.

  • Alex Stanoprud says:

    The border is a Biden disaster, absolutely no plan B, gate is open and the flood has come and is flooding the country, Dems are doing nothing.

  • Max says:

    Three cities now have new republican mayors …and no doubt it will continue, even through the mid-term congressional elections. The left has been found out and the tide will turn against them in a major way.

  • David says:

    Democrats love exploiting illegals and minorities. Look no further than the border to see this in action. Also, in CA, Newsom is using blacks by promising reparations just to try and keep his job as governor. He said he was going to donate his salary and never did. Almost as bad as the burn, loot murder founder pilfering donations off of the backs of blacks. Disgusting.

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