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Media Claims Trump Won’t Prosecute Clinton



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  • A show source, described as having “direct knowledge of Donald Trump’s thinking,” quoted Trump as saying Clinton had “been through enough.”
  • Conway also told the show that Clinton “still has to face the fact that a majority of Americans don’t find her to be honest or trustworthy.”

President-elect Donald Trump will not pursue an investigation into Hillary Clinton, NBC are reporting. During his election campaign Trump promised to set up an inquiry into Clinton’s alleged criminal activity.

Host Joe Scarborough made the announcement on NBC’s ‘Morning Joe’ on Tuesday. A show source, described as having “direct knowledge of Donald Trump’s thinking,” quoted Trump as saying Clinton had “been through enough.”

When asked about the remarks, Trump’s former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said that by making such a decision before his inauguration, “it sends a very strong message, tone, and content.”

“I think he’s thinking of many different things as he prepares to become the President of the United States, and things that sound like the campaign are not among them,” Conway said.

Conway also told the show that Clinton “still has to face the fact that a majority of Americans don’t find her to be honest or trustworthy,” but that “if Donald Trump can help her heal, then perhaps that’s a good thing to do.”

Regarding the Clinton email scandal, Trump had previously said he would instruct the attorney general to appoint a special prosecutor to investigate the issue if elected. This attitude appeared to ease since his election with Trump praising his opponent on ‘60 Minutes’.

Of Clinton’s phone call to concede defeat on election night, Trump said: “She couldn’t have been nicer. She just said, ‘congratulations, Donald. Well done.’ And I said, ‘I want to thank you very much, you were a great competitor.’ She is very strong. And very smart.”

During his campaign he had called Clinton a “nasty woman” with “tremendous hate in her heart.” Allegations of criminal activity relating to her use of a private email server were central to his attacks on her.

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  • jackie brake says:

    Only problem with Trump not doing anything about Hillary will cause more crime in our Country…because people may thinkl ” .if Hillary got by with all the horrible things she did…then I can do anything I want and I won’t be charged for anything either.” Thats just the way some people think. But the fact is…they will be charged. She needs investigated and prosecuted. She is NOT a Good Person. Shes a horrible person. She treats people like dirt…just ask her Secret Service. She belongs behind bars.

  • Diana Smith says:

    Hillary Clinton should be prosecuted to full extent of the law. The Clintons have always believed they are above the law. Their greed and sense of entitlement have been very destructive to our country. Also the Obamas should be investigated as well.

  • Carli says:

    I agree Trump should leave Hillary Clinton alone. She lost hr Presidential seat and that was horrific.

    • Philippe Boeing says:

      Trump does not have the pleasure of prosecuting Hillary. That distinction belongs to the FBI and DOJ. Many people have been sentenced for a lot less incriminaing evidence. And given the fact that she may very well have been selling classified intel to foreign operators how the dickens do you keep every radical from sellng this country out if she is above the law??

  • Forest says:

    She should be in jail.

  • mark says:

    Because Hillary said no one is to big to jail. It Trump’s job to make her words true!

  • Des says:

    Justice does not appear to be done. It establishes one law for the “elites”.

  • John says:

    Because letting her go is a slap in the face of law and order for everyone in our nation. Why hasn’t Obama pardoned the sailor who took some pictures for his own personal memories of serving on a nuclear sub?

  • Tim Evans says:

    President elect Trump needs to show American citizens that everyone is equal in the eyes of the Law!

  • John Busby says:

    It sends a message that the wealthy are not held room the same letter of the law as any other citizen.

  • DUKE says:

    President Trump won’t have to go after HRC. He is showing that he is a bigger person by extending forgiveness on a personal level. He is not the self-serving, vindictive, murdering criminal that HRC is. The ‘legal system’ will be able to prosecute and imprison the Criminal Clintons (all 3) on their own, according to due process. The Clinton Crime Machine’s countless extremely serious, lethal, crimes of treason, perjury, money laundering, lying, slander and libel, ad nauseum, have been going on for a long, long time. These are serious, major felonies against The U. S. of A. and its citizens. This is above and beyond a personal vendetta of one candidate going after the other candidate. President Trump doesn’t need to get down in that gutter himself. Our ‘Legal System’ has tons and tons and tons and tons of reasons and evidence to prosecute, imprison, and / or execute this horrid criminal of the highest order. The POTUS doesn’t need to be involved directly.

  • Phil Campisi says:

    I understand President Elect Trump’s following the precedent of letting her off the hook for reasons of our nations unity. President Ford pardoned Nixon after the Watergate scandal. It was the right thing to do. However, Hillary’s crimes are much more serious than NIxon’s cover up of a burglary. I believe the investigation should be continued in its full, & if the evidence is there she should be indicted & tried. After she is convicted, as I am sure she will be, then Trump can pardon her for the sake of the nation. However, then the Clinton’s criminal organization can be shut down, the Clinton’s can no longer hold their sway over our nation, & justice can be done for those she harmed, if possible..

  • Jim says:

    No one should be above the law. Hillary has broken many laws and is responsible for the deaths in Benghazi. Since Nixon was impeached for far less, she should be tried for her many crimes.
    Pres-elect Trump campaigned on the promise of prosecuting Hillary. He needs to follow through!

  • Panna says:

    It is not the authority of A president or president elect. If she get exonerated by the justice department let it be. No unnecessary meddling or if he is afraid Obama may pardon her.

  • Sue says:

    You give that woman one inch, and she’ll bury you.

  • Wayne doorn says:

    The Donald protest he would prosecute. Now he go’s back on his word?

  • Donald G. Buchanan says:

    Clinton violated national security laws and should be prosecuted like any other citizen in the United States.
    Hillary falsified Benghazi cause and lied to parents of victims while telling the truth to Egyptian Prime Minister and her own daughter Chelsea.
    Hillary’s use of unsecure server in her office exposed national secrets to over ten hijackers according to FBI investigations.
    Hillary lied to Congressional Committees and FBI in respect to her actions while Secretary of State.
    Clinton Foundation violated non-profit laws in our nation with pay to play schemes for millions of dollars.

  • William Lucas Harvey, Jr. says:

    The Lying “Lamestream” Pro “Lying Hillary” Media is at it again, as the Justice Department, and others HAVE filed for action against Hillary.

  • Andy wood says:

    if u give him time to get in office he may do his job let him get to be president first obama will pardon her if he gets the chance so let it be until he be president then critacise him if he,does nuthing

  • donna Russomanno says:


  • David says:

    She is not above the law. If Trump lets her off the hook, he needs not to be President! He will have lied to all of us!

  • Joe Williams says:

    Trump is not going to persue Hillary not till later! He has his hands full with his team selecting and helping to get America Great Again for the people!

  • Frank Ryan says:

    Trump ran on, among other things, a commitment to rule of law and consistent application of that law to all citizens without preferential treatment. If he acts like Comey and disregards what has been reported as dissention and frustration within the FBI, he will be a one term president and go down as the same fraud he claimed others to be.

  • Jim Croyle says:

    One of the main reasons millions voted for Mr. Trump was his pledge to go after Hillary and the Clinton foundation. He has the option to paredon her/them but based on his campaign promises he doe not have the option to tell the AG not to investigate.

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