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Mike Pence Hates One Thing… Gun Control



  • Mike Pence has been a constant advocate for the right to bear arms, and he has made giant strides to make sure it stays a right.
  • Over the past 13-years, he has been signing bills and backing legislation to get rid of ridiculous gun control.
  • He has been pushing the right of the 2nd Amendment since before he was the Governor of Indiana and he won't stop doing it if he becomes the Vice President.

There are a lot of things that make Mike Pence a strong Vice President pick for Donald Trump, but one of the best ones is his stance against gun control. His past is filled with fights against gun control. It would take forever to list all of them, but here is a handful that might make you look differently at Mike Pence.


In 2003 Pence was in support of a legislation that would, in effect, prevent the court system from being a backdoor way of bankrupting gun manufacturers and sellers. The legislation was basically designed to stop pointless suits against the “misuse of guns” if they are made and sold legally.


Pence supported the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act which President George W. Bush signed in October of 2005. To this day the act still protects gun manufacturers, as well as licensed gun dealers. Hillary Clinton has continuously advocated against the act and asked for its revisitation and reversal. She believes that the victims of gun crimes can sue the manufacturers that made them.


He also fought against gun registration for residents of Washington D.C. back in 2007.

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He supported a legislation that would effectively get rid of the regulations that allow permit holders to carry in their “home” state but not others. The legislation itself was called HR-197 and it said, “Notwithstanding any law of any State, a person who is not prohibited by Federal law from possessing a firearm and is carrying a valid license to carry a concealed firearm may carry in another State a concealed firearm.” It basically said that if the permit holder traveled to a concealed carry state, then they must follow the rules of the state. Yet, if the state they traveled to was not a concealed carry state, they were still allowed to carry, just not in certain locations such as police stations, courthouses, etc.


Pence also co-sponsored a legislation, HR-1365, which commended the NRA for the launching of their “Eddie Eagle Gun Safe Program.” The legislation stated, “Commends the National Rifle Association for developing the Eddie Eagle GunSafe Program to teach firearm safety to children and supports the goals and objectives of such program.”


He also co-sponsored a reform act known as the Firearms Interstate Commerce Reform Act. The act would have gotten rid of restrictions on gun purchases for military personnel and others who are deployed. It would basically allow them to buy firearms, in their states of deployment, with the same ease that they would in their “home” state.


While he was the Governor of Indiana he signed a bill that allowed school employees and parents that were picking their children up from school, to carry guns in their cars. Originally, it was a felony to carry a firearm onto the premises of a school, but with the signing of this bill it made it legal as long as the weapon was kept in the car.

These are only a small handful of things that Pence has done for the fight against gun control. It is good to know that there is now someone running for the White House who has the 2nd Amendment on their mind. Maybe there is hope for the rights of citizens to bear arms if Mike Pence has anything to say about it.

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