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Mike Rowe Offers Some Dirty Truth



In what feels like a commencement speech for Prager University, Dirty Jobs' host Mike Rowe explains why it is so important that you give up on your dreams and don't follow your passions.

The video starts off feeling harsh and uncaring, but as Rowe explains more and more about his statement, it makes complete sense.

In our pursuit of “good” careers, we pass up lucrative and needed careers along the way. Instead, most graduates are driven into very few degrees that lead to an overcrowded and saturated career path with many highly educated candidates applying for very few jobs. This is true of STEM degrees and doubly true for liberal arts degrees.

Mike Rowe also talks about the hard truth that many don't want to hear. Just because you want to do something does not mean you possess the skills or talent necessary to be great at it.

Most studies show that we obtain the highest levels of happiness in the workplace when we are doing something we are good at. What we are good at is seldom what we start off wanting to be.

So give up on following your passions and instead put passion into everything you do. You might just be surprised at what you end up enjoying.

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  • Patrick Sennello says:

    The FACT is that following one passion blinds one to opportunities, unless one actually has exceptional talent.

  • Janice says:

    My son had to learn this lesson. After trying several colleges to earn a degree he quit and studied cars which is what he really wanted all a long.

  • Jim Senkalski says:

    In high school I trained to be a carpenter following in my fathers footsteps. I was good at carpentry but found my self laid off. An opportunity came along for a job in an unrelated field. Wanting to work I accepted the job. That was 35 years ago. I found that the new opportunity was a better choice than my passion and with-in a short time it became my passion and income for life.

  • Freddie James says:


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