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What You Missed This Weekend: Fake Shooting Edition



Another weekend has come and gone, so let us feel you in on all the things you missed while you were out there not missing work.

Fake Shooting At LAXWeekend

Operations shut down late Sunday night at LAX after gunfire was reported. Police scoured the giant airport, but could come up with no shooter. They ultimately gave up the search claiming that it was loud noises that caused the panic.

All in all, this stunt caused the diversion of at least 27 flights to other airports and delayed 281 arrivals and departures. Two flights were canceled outright. Police did manage to arrest a man in a zorro costume, but he was later released after it was proven his sword was plastic.

U.S. Drone Invades Iran

Iran's military claim they detected an American drone entering their airspace coming from Afghanistan. They issued a warning and the drone returned from which it came.

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“Iran's army air defence detected and warned an American drone in the eastern airspace of the country. It was coming from Afghanistan. The drone left the area,” Tasnim quoted the Iranian military as saying.

As of writing this, the U.S. military has made no comment on the incident. However, this comes just days after the Iranian Republican Guard harassed U.S. ships off their coast. Was this a warning to Iran or can a drone simply get lost?

Without a doubt, there will be more on this story in time.

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It Doesn't Pay To Be On Putin's Bad Side

A well known and respected journalist who had been very critical of Russian President Vladimir Putin was found dead in his Kiev apartment with a gunshot wound to the head. It was his birthday.

Most notable, Alexander Shchetinin had set up the Novy Region news agency which had called Putin a “personal enemy.”

His death has been ruled a suicide, I guess Putin and Hillary Clinton deal with bad press the same way.

Stephen King's IT Becomes Reality In South Carolina

Not actual South Carolina clown from the story.

Greenville County residents at the Fleetwood Manor Apartments in South Carolina awoke to find letters on their doors from the management warning that a person dressed as a clown had been reportedly trying to lure children into the woods.

The police do seem to be taking the matter very seriously and are reportedly conducting daily patrols of the property due to the reports.

Hopefully, they can catch this sick clown sooner rather than later.


That's all we have for this weekend. Let us know if we missed anything we shouldn't have … We love the feedback!

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