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A Tragic Loss From The Unnecessary Walkouts You Won’t Hear On Major Networks…



Well, this weekend we saw more walkouts in response to the Tragic parkland shooting.

While these children think they are making a difference we all know that this is nothing more than a dangerous distraction and they should be in school!

Sadly a young man from El Paso learned this the hard way…

Police say 11-year-old Jonathan Benko was taking part in Parkland Middle School's organized walkout when he and a group of students left the designated walkout area.

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Police say around 10:30 Friday morning, the group crossed Loop 375 then attempted to cross it again. Benko was the last in the group to cross and was struck by a Ford F150.

At 11 years participating in something, he isn’t even able to form an informed opinion on this young man lost his life.

This isn’t a story you're going to see in the mainstream news. It doesn't fit into the brave student walkouts.

However it is important we know this happened and hopefully, schools and parents will take notice!

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  • Meathead says:

    At 11 years of age, I had knowledge and opinion on guns. I had a BB gun, a .22 single shot and a 410 shotgun. Of course, I grew up in the 40’s and 50’s when people still had common sense and we still had some freedom. We’ve traded a lot of freedom for safety since then and in the words of Ben Franklin, we “deserve neither”. Fools, we are.

  • Robin luich says:

    This is a well organized group of Islamist behind all the division in America.
    Islam owned mainstream media will not mention their well organized walkout killed an American child ,and they dont care .

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