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New York Suspends Giuliani From Practicing Law After Challenging 2020 Election Results



New York Suspended Giuliani From Practing Law After Challenging 2020 Election Results-ss-Featured

On Thursday, New York Supreme Court's Appellate Division has suspended former NYC Mayor Rudi Giuliani from practicing law. The ruling was based on findings that he provided courts with false statements and others while representing former President Donald Trump.

The disciplinary proceedings come following multiple complaints against Giuliani. Allegations of false statements provided to courts, the media, and other places regarding the 2020 election served as the basis.

The ruling stated that the court concluded in the presence of uncontroverted evidence that Giuliani “communicated demonstrably false and misleading statements” addressed to courts, legislators and the public while representing Trump.

According to the court, the former NYC mayor made the statements “to improperly bolster” his narrative. This narrative tried to show that his client lost the 2020 US presidential election due to widespread voter fraud.

Some examples of these false statements include claims connected to the number of absentee ballots in Pennsylvania. He claimed that more ballots were submitted in the said state than there were distributed. He made such a claim despite having state records that say otherwise.

New York Supreme Court Suspended Giuliani Due to “False Statements”

The ruling also mentioned that Giuliani misrepresented a court case’s nature in connection to the election in Pennsylvania. There, he created fraud-related arguments even though fraud claims were not being made.

More claims against the former NYC mayor include unsubstantiated statements he said regarding large numbers of underage and dead voters, as well as those made by ineligible convicted felons. Giuliani continued to make these claims, but state investigations managed to find out otherwise. These include allegations of tampered voting machines in Georgia and of illegal immigrants voting in Arizona.

Giuliani admitted that he made false statements. But he said he did so with the knowledge at the time that they were true.

The court handed down an “interim” suspension. It will take effect while disciplinary proceedings against him take place. The court also recognized the ruling as a severe measure that it deems appropriate, given the case’s “immediate threat to public interest.”

The statements made by Giuliani are allegedly in violation of New York’s Rules of Professional Conduct, a set of rules that govern how attorneys in the state should act. The court’s ruling mentioned that when the full case concludes, it will likely end in “substantial permanent sanctions” against Giuliani.

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