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Trump Sues Niece, New York Times Over Tax Records



Donald Trump's Presidential Announcement Speech | Trump Sues Niece, New York Times Over Tax Records | featured

Former President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against his niece Mary Trump and The New York Times. He also named three of the newspaper’s reporters, Susanne Craig, David Barstow, and Russell Buettner, as co-defendants. 

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Trump Sues New York Times And Niece Mary Trump

Trump filed the lawsuit over a 2018 story on his tax records. The former chief executive argued that the New York Times along with his niece “engaged in an insidious plot” to gain access to sensitive records. The group did so as they were “motivated by a personal vendetta” against him.  

Filed in New York’s Dutchess County, the complaint focused on the 2018 series published in the New York Times. The series of articles contained accounts of Trump’s confidential tax and financial records.

Until now, the former president continues to resist making these records public. Among the New York Times’ findings was that Trump earned at least $413 million from his father’s real estate business.

Allegedly, Trump made a series of financial maneuverings to dodge taxes for the wealth he amassed.  For their efforts, Craig, Barstow, and Buettner received the 2019 Pulitzer Prize for Explanatory Reporting. 

Mary Trump Violated Her Confidentiality Agreement

Meanwhile, Trump also accused his niece Mary of breaking a confidentiality agreement she signed in 2001. The complaint alleged that the younger Trump gave in to pressure from the New York Times to produce the former President’s tax documents. She “smuggled the records out of her attorney’s office,” and turned them over to the reporters. 

Trump said that the New York Times attempted to capitalize on their receipt of his confidential financial records. Mary Trump also attempted an ill-conceived effort” to profit from the same event by writing a book. She published a memoir, “Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man.”

Earlier Efforts To Stop The Release of Records Failed

Trump and his lawyers tried to stop the release of Mary’s book last year by filing suit. Last year, a judge allowed the publication to continue. The judge said that the 2001 confidentiality agreement Mary signed contained many vague entries.

Meanwhile, the other defendant, publisher Simon, and Schuster is not a signatory to the confidentiality agreement. Therefore, the courts cannot compel the publisher to follow the cease and desist order. 

Despite the ruling, Trump never wavered in his belief. He said that his niece “committed a material breach of the Settlement Agreement” willingly. She did so by ”disclosing, assisting and/or providing confidential information to The Times.” 

100 Million Dollars Damages

In addition, Trump also said that the New York Times remained aware of Mary’s confidentiality agreement. However, that did not stop them from relentlessly seeking out Mary Trump.

In the end, the newspaper intentionally procured her breach of the agreement. For damages, the former president sought damages totaling “no less than One Hundred Million Dollars” from the defendants.  

Asked to comment on the lawsuit, Mary Trump told the Daily Beast that “I think he is a f—ing loser, and he is going to throw anything against the wall he can.” 

Watch the YouTube News video reporting that former President Donald Trump sues NY Times, his niece for uncovered tax documents:

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Do you support the lawsuit filed by Trump against his niece and The New York Times over articles on his tax records? What do you think will be the end result of this lawsuit?

Share with us what you think about the matter of Trump’s tax records. Enter your comments below.

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  • francy coe says:

    MARY TRUMP WAS WRONG. no one has to push taxes for the public to see. only court judges should see them and the judges have no legal rights to show the taxes

  • Veronica Bannert says:

    I do support Trumps claim . Mary Trump should of never broke her agreement no matter what they told her to get the info. They should jail all of them like they do everyone else. They are no different and should pay.

  • Dick says:

    You want us to Share with you what we think about the matter of Trump’s tax records. Enter your comments below.

    My answer to you is; How would like to turn all your Tax Records, Financial Transactions, and anything else that the Great Gestapo-Pelosi wants for the last 10 years? Nuff Said!

  • Rebecca Broughton says:

    It is sad to see people duped by the Trump haters. It just goes to show you how the devil has taken a hold over people’s lives. Trump did America & the World a favor with his policies. He donated his presidential pay because he really cares about Us, the 1st President to do this!!
    If you don’t believe me take a look around. Our President now has lied to us about many different things, taken kick backs from foreign countries, trying to take away our Constitutional Rights, allowed America to be over run by illegal crossings (some criminals), caused deaths of illegals & Americans by his policies, LEFT AMERICANS BEHIND, and much much more.
    Think about that!!! Are you really better off with higher living prices??

  • Tom says:

    Mary Trump is a pig, no, a sow…pig is too nice of a word. She obviously was employed by Donald Trump, who I’m sure paid her rather well since she is (was) family. Yet the ungrateful sow “stole” his records, yes, stole them. If something doesn’t belong to you and you take it, it is still called stealing. And the first judge is an ass by saying “too many things were vague”. It’s a confidentiality agreement, she knew what it was and so did the idiot judge–any bets he is a demon-crat???

    And then to the people who give out pulitzer awards are total scum. To give an award to people who deceive and purposely try to destroy a person for really no reason…that’s great reporting–those people are total garbage and deserve to die a horrible and painful death.

  • Huapakechi says:

    Those who demand to examine President Trump’s tax filings are only one aspect of alinsky’s “death by a thousand cuts” strategy. Even if there is nothing to find they will have Trump’s resources and time tied up by one means or another until he is no longer a threat to their agenda.

  • tom pope says:

    Go get them Trump! Put the socialist communist New York Times rag mag out of business. Once you win this law suit ask the Federal District Attorney to file federal charges against all named in your suit. Try them, convict them, and send them all to jail where they belong.

  • sherril henderson says:

    i agree with Rebecca

  • NoMoreMarxistsInDC says:

    First, the lawsuit for $100 million dollars is not enough. He should be suing for Billions since his niece and the NY Slimes slandered him. Second, the documents are stolen and considered “Fruit of the Poisonous Tree”. Trump’s filing to keep his financial documents private is the correct move. If government wants to see all of his financial records, government agents, politicians, judges, and others need to turn over their records as well. If private citizens are not entitled to privacy of their financial documents, neither are government employees, politicians, judges, etc.

  • Arona says:

    Disgrace that the media cannot let go of their contempt for President Trump .. all should go to prison and be heavy fined. God help our world and return us back to ‘One Nation Under God’. Peace instead of more division.

  • Cher McCoy says:

    I support Trump’s claim. Whatever Mary Trump;s problem is it this is not the way to handle it. Tax records are private by law. Even Congress does not have a right to have them especially when it’s just a witch hunt. Producing tax records is not a requirement to be President of the United States. President Trump is within his legal right to keep his taxes confidential. The book that Mary Trump has written should not be published and the 3 reporters at the Times should have their Pulitzer taken back for the underhanded means they obtained tax records without the permission from President Trump. Everyone knows you have to give permission to get a copy of your tax records. Mary Trump apparently committed the crime of thief to obtain the records and a 2nd crime by giving them to the NYT. They should be in jail and they should pay the amount named in the lawsuit.

  • TXpatriate says:

    Transparency and hard work were the values he ran on, but did NOT practice. Ex-president Trump did not comply with part of the U.S. Constitution prior to his inauguration. The Emoluments Clause of the U.S. Constitution requires ~every~ president-elect to turn over ALL their financial interests to a BLIND trust, which Trump promised and then REFUSED to do. Mary Trump performed a patriotic service to the U.S. voters. The NYT reporters who broke this story ~earned~ the Pulitzer for exposing the finances of Trump so we could see he is lying as much as the DNC is lying. He promised to work for us, not golf like Obama did, but Trump spent more time golfing in the first year than Obama did in eight years! And Trump played at his own properties, forcing Secret Service agents (& anyone golfing with Trump) to use his properties. Instead of using Camp David, Trump used his own real estate holdings for vacationing, costing the US taxpayer tens of thousands of dollars and putting terrible strain on local governments in NY and FL each time he went. Trump was lost the popular vote to HRC and to Joe Biden. There was no stolen election. In fact, BERNIE SANDERS had the most grass-roots supporters. BOBBY KENNEDY was the last person to have those kind of numbers. Bernie was able to unite across the aisle and a ~huge~ amount of folks gave donations to Bernie through the DNC which pooled the funds and gave them to Hillary Rodham Clinton, not to Bernie. Hillary won the popular vote, but lost the electoral college. Bernie had numbers to beat DJT and HRC COMBINED. JFK refused to take a salary as POTUS. The law was changed so each POTUS must receive a salary, but may do with it as they please. DJT propped up several failing properties by requiring their patronage by US government employees (Army, Air Force, Secret Service) and rewarding their patronage by foreign citizens or dignitaries (The Post Office, Mar-a-Lago); the Post Office property was sold immediately after Trump’s loss to Biden. We needed to know Trump’s financials BEFORE his election, which is why he hid them. How many of us would have voted for Trump knowing how much money he owed to banks in China and Russia? China and Russia ~OWN~ DJT. He does not have the credit to do business with US banks. US banks refuse to do business with him because he owes so much more than he owns. His record of filing bankruptcy instead of making payroll is public. Now his tax records are, as well, just like PROMISED. Just like every other president in my lifetime since JFK.

  • Tom says:

    The key for. e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e to learn here is GET OUT of New York and let it finish rotting away. The Democrats can murder and nothing is done but anyone else will be put in prison for sneezing. Get out of that worthless bee hole. Only the Democratic Party tries to literally kill their opponents. Leave and let them kill themselves.

  • Dee Magz says:


  • Jennifer Clement says:

    It is obvious that the people obsessed with bringing down Trump are afraid of him! Fear makes people do crazy things! They are afraid of his intelligence, his ability to see right through their bull crap, his never back down attitude and his GOD!! Keep doing what you’re doing President Trump, America sees you and has your back, no matter what the lying media/dems wants people to believe!!

  • Billy W says:

    If they want his records then go after all who make over $100,000 see how that goes over with the DNC.

  • masterredfox says:

    Anyone complaining about this obviously lives in such a glass castle with such transparency how they file taxes and use all available tax loopholes to hide their tax liability. Especially when they think nothing is wrong when Jeff Bozos only paid $750 on his billions because he can classify legally his money as an investment income which is not taxable, while we poor people have to pay taxes on our social security benefits if we have more than $25,000/year in benefits plus the federal government now wants to tax our 401s and IRA funds, while people like AOC get to go to fancy Met Galas wearing a dress saying Tax the Rich made by a designer who owes taxes and other debts. I am tired of this tax everyone but me and my friends’ idiocracy.

  • Pat Freese says:

    I have no problem with my tax records but I would refuse to turn them over. My business is mine alone unless I agree for someone else to know it. How did Mary get her hands in the Lawyer’s files anyway? She committed a crime in stealing them that is how. The people that used that stolen information and the Judge also all did wrong and should go to jail. They knew it was stolen. Too bad there are such low down scummy people out there just waiting to cause trouble just as pay back for something they are mad about. President Trump’s father left that money to who he wanted to have it to and it was not Mary. President Trump was the best president we have had since President Reagan and I hope he will get every penny he is asking for and then some. You all know where I think Mary needs to put her book..WHERE THE SUN DON’t SHINE …..

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