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No Idea Too Liberal For San Francisco



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  • The San Francisco school board has unanimously approved a decision to hand out condoms to middle school students.
  • The school board came to this decision after a study suggested that 5% of middle school students were sexually active.
  • The superintendent also recommended the board eliminate the exemption option for parents, giving them no control over rather their children are given condoms at public school.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The San Francisco Unified School District school board has unanimously approved a controversial decision to distribute condoms to middle school students.

KNTV reports  Wednesday that school officials say the policy change comes after survey results show some young students are sexually active. The plan is part of the San Francisco Unified School District's effort to further prevent sexually transmitted diseases and teen pregnancy.

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Kevin Gogin, the district's director of safety and wellness says that 5 percent of the public middle schoolers surveyed are sexually active. Of those, 3 percent are using condoms.

In addition to supplying condoms at middle schools, the superintendent's changes recommended eliminating the exemption option for parents. Parents would still be notified annually about the program.

Studies of high schools in New York City, Philadelphia and Chicago found positive effects of condom availability programs.

Watch this news here from NBC Bay Area:

Story By Associated Press KNTV-TV

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  • Hoyt Higgins says:

    Government and/or schools should not be taking over the responsibility of our children. Parents should be responsible for teaching right and wrong, why don’t schools repost the 10 commandments , the Pledge of Allegiance and school prayer if they really want to help ,

  • Edward Swisher says:

    Continuous anti-Christian actions just like this one!

  • leo says:

    kids will be kids and we were all kids ounce

  • tonyrichards says:

    because there going to have sex be for they get out of middle school

  • mike says:

    the schools should have them for the kids that want to use them.BUT it is up to their mon and dad to talk to their kids about it not the schools

  • Junk Bin says:

    this is so the kids can carry std prevention items for when they are raped by perverts , this includes the school board, board of supervisors, and the mayor,

  • Phil Doucette says:

    The liberal agenda in Cal. , N.Y., and a few other states have been taken over by the big mouth LBGay— , miniority, who have oral sex with their horse, and think the majority of AMERICANS think they’re the norm!!
    Hope the MUSLEMS they like so much, take them to shreia school!!!

  • Name says:

    Parents are the only people who have the right to make ALL decisions for their children. No one except a parent knows the child well enough to make decisions of this degree. SCHOOLS do not have the privilege to make decisions which can harm a child and this one certainly could. Who believes they have the right to do so is mistaken and should be corrected before any action is taken on this. Ask yourself, how would you feel if this was diirected toward your child.

  • Becca Bruce says:

    Five percent of what number? More importantly is not notifying parents. Yet parents are responsible for the actions of the young person. Next in order to maintain less violence government will additionally add drugs to keep everyone calm. Who decides what is a greater good and for who?

  • Trisha says:

    This is just sick! Children need to be protected from sexual predators even if it is other children. When parents can no longer make these decisions for their minor children, we as a society have failed. Don’t be confused about children committing violence in schools or neighborhoods after this! Life is about much more than sex.

  • John Wirts says:

    San Francisco has become a moral, and physical cesspool. The parents have an option i
    f they choose to use it. Withdraw their children from public indoctrination centers and send them to private school, or home school them. If enough people start to take their parenting responsibilities seriously, and move their children OUT OF PUBLIC INDOCTRINATION AND DELINQUENCY TRAINING CENTERS. Maybe we can break the control of the Teachers Unions!

  • Dan DeCoff says:

    Too much gov’t in control of parent issues!

  • Tony G says:

    (San)= Sodom (Francisco)= Gomora. Easy to understand.

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