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Obama Is Giddy Like A School Girl To Help Hillary



Obama Is Giddy Like A School Girl To Help Hillary, see more at:

Obama Is Giddy Like A School Girl To Help Hillary (Image: WizBangBlog)

Now that Hillary is the Presumptive Democratic Nominee, Barack Obama can finally relax. He has been giving himself hemorrhoids this entire primary election season. Why? Because he couldn't step in and back his girlfriend Hillary.

There is a weird “friendship” between Hillary and Obama. It's almost like they have a Mean Girls type secret club; they probably have the matching rings and necklaces to go with it. You know the ones that always say something corny like “BFF's 4 Ever,” or something like that.

He has told the press countless times that he wouldn't interfere with her email investigation, and yet he continued to talk about her publicly. Always mentioning how great she is, and all the wonderful things she did as Secretary of State. I mean, we know he isn't great at keeping his word, but could he at least be a little more subtle about his weird obsession with her?

He has been quietly campaigning for Hillary this entire time. Every now and then, saying something against Trump, or publicly backing a policy that Hillary supports or disgracing one she's against. I'm sure they are in the Oval Office right now in a heated game of Double Dutch just trying to figure out how to get ride of the big bad Donald Trump.

The reality of the situation is, however, that Obama is scared. He knows that Hillary stands now chance against Trump. He knows he can't beat him. So he smiles and tries to be diplomatic but deep down his frustration is erupting like a little girl that just had her pig tails pulled by the school bully. He can't stand the idea of Donald Trump in the Oval Office. Why is that? Because Donald Trump stands for everything that Obama isn't.

Trump says what he thinks, some people would see that as a negative, but it's better than Obama's weak pandering to however is closest. 

Trump is getting an uproarious support from the people, and is drawing in larger crowds then Obama ever did. That probably just has to do with ego. You know how girls are. Once the popular cheerleader, then the new girl comes to school and now she is just someone who used to be cool. Obama is that cheerleader that no one cares about anymore. 

It will be very exciting to see what kind of things Obama tries to pull now that Hillary has won the presumptive nomination. Keep your eyes peeled because it's bound to be good.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  • David says:

    because there two peas in a pod Neither would know the truth if it bit them in the a,, and she would be his lil puppet on a string

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