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The AP Riggs The Election For Hillary: Trump And Bernie Are Doomed




On Monday, the Associated Press called Hillary Clinton the winner of the Democratic primary.

So what’s the problem?

Well for one the timing…

California’s primary was on Tuesday, a day after the AP reported Clinton’s win. An announcement that seems like it would have a huge impact on the voter turnout. I mean, why would you go out and vote if the election is already over?

However, the election isn’t over. The superdelegates don’t officially cast their vote until the Rally and these primaries are still really important.

So who gained from this?

Well, obviously Hillary Clinton… Except that if I thought my candidate won I wouldn’t feel the need to go out and vote for her.


Well then clearly Bernie Sanders won. Not so fast, the same thing in reverse. Why go out and vote for someone that can’t win?

As counterintuitive as it is, I do think Bernie Sanders will benefit more in the short term. His fans are a rabid breed that will challenges this news by turning out in force and I expect him to come up with a decisive win in California.

He will still have a very uphill battle as he tries to daisy chain primary wins and peel off superdelegates to his cause.

In the long run, Hillary Clinton wins out after the announcement. Because in the end, it is true. While she hasn’t locked up the win as the AP declared, it is only a matter of time.

So the story has no real significance or impact on the race and I don’t think it really holds a bias for Hillary, so why even run the story?

As best as I can tell, if there is an agenda it’s the consolidation of the democratic party and this article serves to shame Bernie Sanders into admitting defeat and dropping out. However, Sander is not likely to do that and given his history and his supporters this will spur them on ever more.

This was a giant exercise in futility on the AP’s part and it makes them lose a little bit of their luster as they now look like a shill for Hillary and the Democratic party. In the end, this was a story that didn’t need to be reported and it couldn’t have been worse timing.

So I will now answer my earlier question about who won… The Republicans. Because this story is just the latest crack  in the already broken Democratic Party. Hillary will have to fend off the attacks of Trump while trying to repair her own voting base and frankly, I don’t think she will be able to do it.

Finally, I leave you with a final question. Will this be the end of the world’s oldest political party?

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