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Obama’s Law Is Letting Illegals Stay In Our Country




  • Dinan explained on Fox Business Tuesday that, thanks to a 2009 policy passed by President Barack Obama, all an immigrant needs to do is show “credible fear” of returning to their home country in order to not be sent back.
  • “It’s literally one out of every 10 illegal immigrants that the agents and officers are encountering at the border who are now using these magic words.”

Illegal immigrants who are caught by border police or who show up to United States ports of entry are using “magic words” to avoid being deported, according to a new report.

Washington Times correspondent Stephen Dinan explained on Fox Business Tuesday that, thanks to a 2009 policy passed by President Barack Obama, all an immigrant needs to do is show “credible fear” of returning to their home country in order to not be sent back.

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Typically, Dinan explained, immigrants will use phrases like, “Yes, I’m afraid to be sent home,” or “Please don’t send me home.”

“It’s as simple as that,” Dinan said, “and they’re instantly put on an asylum track.”

However, that’s where the problem lies, Dinan said. Because once the immigrant has begun to be processed for asylum, they’re typically let free from detainment until their asylum hearing. At that point, many immigrants disappear into the U.S.

Before Obama’s 2009 policy, immigrants requesting asylum were held at detention centers, where they could be looked after until their cases were processed. But now immigrants are exploiting the system in order to make a new life in the U.S. without going through the legal immigration process, Dinan explained.

“It’s literally one out of every 10 illegal immigrants that the agents and officers are encountering at the border who are now using these magic words. And they’re being coached, in particular, first of all somewhat by families that have already reached the United States,” Dinan said.

“But also through the smuggling cartels, which are being paid to bring them up here,” he added. “The smugglers are saying, ‘Hey, use these words and you’ll get in.’”


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  • DockyWocky says:

    Everything Obama has ever done was bad for the USA.

  • lloyd says:

    we control the ones we have now, or where
    most of them are!!!!

  • Orville Randle says:

    Obama has figured out that if enough illegals enter this country and stay, is liberal progressive agenda with be the law of the land eventually. I do not know why but he has chosen to completely undermine the
    American way of life that was fought for and died for by millions of Americans. I do not actually believe he was eligible to have the office of President in spite of his claims to the contrary.

    • Joe Cool says:

      He is the only president that was allowed to completely hide his past. There are 21 different SSN, no evidence of him taking the bar exam, all his college experience has been blocked, He has been the biggest con in American politics!

  • paul says:


  • jim says:

    1. it’s against the law–2. why don’t they enter legally–they pay someone thousands of dollars to enter illegally–why don’t they use that money to enter legally 3. They don’t have jobs and can’t support themselves therefore the taxpayers are supporting them–we have citizens in this country that don’t get the support they are getting—there are many more reasons that are to numerous to list in this short space

  • Churchill says:

    Political advantage

  • Adrian Davis says:

    How, can you fault the president for this situation how immigrants are processed to get into the US. If you traded places with the president you would have the same problem. This is not a one man problem its a problem for our COUNTRY to solve.

    • Kacy Michael says:

      thanks to a 2009 policy passed by President Barack Obama, all an immigrant needs to do is show “credible fear” of returning to their home country in order to not be sent back.
      “It’s literally one out of every 10 illegal immigrants that the agents and officers are encountering at the border who are now using these magic words.”

      That’s how I can FAULT OBAMA , it made it possible no one else did … And now we have bleeding heart liberals
      that are willing to break the LAW to harbor illegal immigrants with ” Sanction Cities ” defying the legal system and the constitution … We have idiots defending these illegals, mean while they get good paying jobs, housing, general welfare, food stamps, their presence will drive down the minimum wage, before you know it the majority of American citizens will be sharing 5 bedroom houses with total strangers just to have a roof over their heads … Is this your ideal situation to live out your life, if not and you just plain ‘ HATE ‘ the idea of living under these conditions ‘ YOU ‘ and your children than I suggest that you stop being a ‘ THORN ‘ in Donald Trumps side with your abuse and start being more supportive of him and what he wants to do and that is
      ” DRIVE ” all illegals out of the country that are here illegally … He is as fed up with those in Government destroying this country with their ideals as I am by allowing Millions of illegals to flood this nation from all over the World only to drive the cost of living ‘ UP ‘ and wages ‘ DOWN ‘ and ‘ YOU ‘ people will be nothing more than ‘ SCUM ‘ to these in office that can careless about your discomforts from illegal immigration. . . Donald Trump is not ” AMERICA’S SAVIOR ” but it seems that he is the Only ONE that gives a SHIT about the AMERICAN PEOPLE and their status and lifestyle in this Nation …

      You may not like him, you may even hate him but if you’re fighting to survive whats happening in AMERICA presently, YOU need to WISE up and really READ between the lines because he is ” NOT ” your enemy those that are opposing him at every turn are his Adversaries, they want to ” STOP ” DONALD from really MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN and that INCLUDES ‘ YOU ‘ and your family / children in the equation …

      Is he not wanting to give American families school choice ? Choosing to send your children to schools that
      better educate your children that will give them a Promising Future other than these Stinking Public schools that only prepare your children for FAILURE and to go on to become WORKER BEE’S for those of WEALTHY AMERICAN CORPORATE OWNERS ?

      He is being opposed by those in government and power over this option being given to you, why shouldn’t you have the choice of where your children go to school on your TAX Dollars ? Why should the State and Federal be the ones that tell you where you can and will send your children ? They are training and teaching your children how and what to think through public schools, like ” TURN ” your parents in when they discipline
      ‘ YOU ‘ … Do your parents drink or do drugs, are they divorcing, are your parents straight, what do your parents do for a career, teach your children lies – like we came from Monkeys through the Darwin theory…

      Open sexual expression and experimentation is innocent, don’t worry if you become pregnant you can always seek an abortion after all its Your body and you can do what you want with it ?

      How does this type of education benefit your children ? Public schools are doing more damage today than good, they encourage your children to lie, keep things quiet, don’t tell ‘ YOUR ‘ parents about the discussions that are shared with them . . Not a lot of success comes from public schooling, that’s one of the reasons why
      they’re encouraged to continue on to college, so our system can continue to ” RAKE ” in the BIG BUCKS while your children are Drilled to seek a career through all the classes that are required for them to get that CAREER EDUCATION ….

      Private schools will give them the greatest education opportunity to know what they want to pursue and seek out for a life long CAREER, by the time they reach college choice they would be well prepared for the CHALLENGE but never through the Public School System . . . Research the success rate of those that go through public schools, it will be some where in percentage rate of 4 out of 10 will see success, the others will go to meager job positions…

      Donald has YOU and your Family in sight when it comes to a better Lifestyle, but those that OPPOSE him do not have YOUR BEST INTEREST, if they get their way you will be LIVING in the SLUMS, some where You do want to be ? ? ?

      • Kacy Michael says:

        DONALD TRUMP is wanting to give AMERICAN FAMILIES School CHOICE – but he is up against Dem’s, Corp’s, Wealthy Etc .. This is a correction to my type-o …

      • Juan Two Three says:

        Fantastic post Kacy! I’m with you 100%! “F” the cry-baby whiner LOSERS! They probably never knew what a good ‘ass-kickin’ was until November 8th, eh? HA HA HA

    • John Flynn says:

      we have “solved” this problem and it’s handled in the USCIS (Citizenship and Immigration Services). I know this ’cause my wife had to go through this and it has cost me a coupla thousand $$$, so far. BUT, it is the way we do things here in USA. Obama has abused the regular American citizen and all LEGAL immigrants.

  • Scott Levendoski says:

    Baloney, if they want to come here they need to go through proper channels and become a legal alien. All this backdoor bullshit has to stop

  • Scott Levendoski says:

    Baloney, if they want to come here they need to go through proper channels and become a legal alien. All this backdoor bullshit has to stop

  • John says:

    BHO hates America and is doing everything possible to import and release as many violent criminals as possible.

    • Joe Cool says:


  • used to be a liberal says:

    So, if they claim credible fear, then they can’t be shipped back to their own country. Ok, no problem, there doesn’t seem to be anything that prevents to being shipped to another country. Hey Assad needs more soldiers in Syria.

  • Joe Nichols says:

    He wants to transform the United States to Mulsm country

  • Dixie says:

    They should not be allowed to do this. We have rights as True citizens of the country, Tired of things getting taken away from Americans due someone in office who hates this country, This needs to be stopped now.

  • vicki Vicki Dearing says:

    My grandparents were immigrants during the depression and has no aid from the government. They worked to make 32mss meet.
    Obama is allowing illegals to get aid. We irk and have worked all of is. Stay out! Come through the front door like a lot of others did and continue to do. Your not American…

  • leo says:

    they can still get killed by a hit man sent here from their country saying the same thing to stay here long enough to get the job done or the guy who actually wants to kill them can come here and say the same thing ounce here hunt down and kill them any way our communist party leader obama is so stupid but will do absolutely any thing to screw the actual political prisoners i mean citizens of the united soviet america out of tax dollars and provide big business with slaves to keep the actual political prisoner i mean citizen unemployment rate as high as possible and wages as low as possible

  • Jon Exner says:

    This is the first Executive order that President Trump needs to counter act.
    It should be noted that there are over 300 million Americans in the U.S.A. and 7 billion other people in the rest of the world, and I guess that more than 50% of them would like to come to the U.S.A.. well where would we put them all.

  • Michael Barrett says:

    barry still has HOPES of marshal law? and KING barry ? with the help of terror attacks on AMERICAN GROUND

  • Rff says:

    Feed our own people first.

  • mark says:

    Obama’s loose laws letting illegals in

  • Frank Fenney says:

    The word illegal means not according to the laws of this nation. Come in legally or stay out.

  • Jeremy Jones says:

    I live in Texas and have seen the amount of more illegal’s the Obama administration has let go through the roof.

  • Evie says:

    I live in Texas!

  • wilfred says:

    why the hell we should support illegal when we don t want to support our American vets i don t believe we the people of this great nation owes any illegal anything

  • Howleyesque says:

    Yep MORE leftist idiocy… no surprises here.

  • Lawrence Keen says:

    I don’t think that people who are in the country already have the grounds to ask for asylum just by asking when apprehended.

  • Traci Mccormick says:

    Coached to say “magic sentence” then they get let loose to drink drive kill people shoot innocents like Kate Steinle! ILLEGAL means illegal, U.S, a nation of laws!Period

  • Anthony LoGiudice says:

    what about are citizens fear of them

  • C S Granchi says:

    Obama is a dumb ass liberal sympathetic to Islam and every other immigrant and is hell bent on destroying the constitutional republic that we kinda have now. He has overreached his powers and all I can say now is GO DONALD MAKE US GREAT AGAIN

  • Mary says:

    There is no immediate deportations or turn around . There is no guarding the border! The border patrol has been told not to apprehend or arrest illegals. Border patrol are to turn them over to centers for processing into this country.
    After processing many are turned loose til their hearing, which they do not return for.

    The open borders with no worry of apprehension, are an attraction for an increase.
    We need to care for own citizens, including homeless and vets first!

    • Juan Two Three says:

      Mary: That’s exactly why I joined ‘The Southern Border Militia’ 3 years ago! . Wanna join? There are about 10,000 militia volunteers in Texas right now. We are on private property and sit and wait. We can do things the Border Patrol can’t do, because of Obama ‘handcuffing’ them, making them patrol the desert/border WITHOUT live ammo. It’s nuts! They can’t wait for January 20, 2017 at 12:00 NOON. Hopefully, President Trump will kick that ‘Knee-Gro’ and his tribe OUT of OUR White House and the first thing he does is tell the Border Patrol to start carrying LIVE ammo and protect our country from invaders. Shoot to kill!

  • John t green says:

    All illegals and many refugees should not be allowed to stay illegally in this nation! Our nation has too many homeless vets! Respect americans only! Enforce all current laws not avoid them!

  • Name says:

    It cost to much to feed these people ;put there kids through school pay there bills and the rest of the stuff they get.

  • neal says:


  • Ramona says:

    we have so many illegals on our welfare our own citizens when needed cant get on it when needed. When one of our social workers let it slip there was 2500 illegals squatting on our welfare of which that was only a tip of the iceburg there were more . But she was took to court fined and eventually lost her job.. I thought that was very unfair but it happened. They come into this country illegally they break the law. They should be kicked out of this country immediately. and barred from ever coming back. tax payers are tired of paying for them to live. Our own citizens can only stay on welfare for two years then they are kicked if they do not have a job that’s just to bad. yet those illegals can stay on it forever have a dozen kids so they get more money. GET THAT WALL BUILT TRUMP AND ANYONE TRYING TO GET OVER IT SHOOT THEM . Don’t hesitate ship all illegals back to Mexico or where ever they came from. We have enough criminals of our we don’t need anymore. Tax payers are tired of supporting them

  • Barry Bader says:

    All people coming into this country should used established channels. Illegal aliens have broken the law and should not be rewarded. More effort needs to go into legal immigration quotas and background checks. Enforce the laws on the books or change the laws if we desire to raise quotas.

  • Susan Jobson says:

    Illegal means illegal. No matter how you say it. All illegals need to go back and apply like our laws state. There is nothing personal except when you are illegal and commit a crime. Go back and apply like all others who come here legally.

  • Carol says:

    STOP ALL ILLEGAL [email protected]!!!!!!!

  • Charles Johnson says:

    Some of them might be terrest

  • cindy says:

    Because Obamma doesn’t give a crap about America .Never has and never will . He is the worst president of all times.

  • R. Chester says:

    It should be obvious to everyone over 6 years of age.

  • Charles R Jones says:

    Because if you want to come into this country there is a correct way of doing it, not by slipping into this country.

  • jesse says:

    All people coming into country should be vetted and apply for citizenship the right way

  • Anthony says:

    The term illegal says it all. Laws, rules & regulations are what set the U.S.A. apart from all other countries.

  • Gail Smith says:

    We are overwhelmed with illegals, and they get too much for free. I am a disabled veteran and I think the freeloaders are a large part of why we don’t get raises equal to cost of living each year. I see them with more bling than I can afford and standing in line to get more benefits.

  • Rubydubya says:

    Because no one else wants to pick the fruit & veggies or be a grunt in the kitchens of restaraunts across the u. S. If they’re not committing crimes or causing problems & they’re doing the work that an average citizen won’t, why not let them work?

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