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Trump Stands Up To Liberal Union Thugs



  • The president-elect took to Twitter Wednesday evening when Jones challenged Trump’s claims about saving 1,100 American jobs.
  • On Thursday, Jones told CNN that Trump “overreacted” and should have “come out and tried to justify his numbers.”

Donald Trump’s latest Twitter target is Indiana union leader Chuck Jones.

After sparring with Boeing over the allegedly soaring cost of the next Air Force One, President-elect Trump is now in a social media clash with the head of United Steelworkers 1999 – after Jones criticized his deal to discourage air conditioner manufacturer Carrier Corp. from closing an Indiana factory and moving jobs to Mexico.

The president-elect took to Twitter Wednesday evening when Jones challenged Trump’s claims about saving 1,100 American jobs.

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Jones’ branch of USW represents workers at Carrier’s Indianapolis plant. Trump last week announced a highly touted deal to save American jobs there – which ostensibly boosted the president-elect’s campaign narrative as a jobs creator, while also raising questions about the government’s role in the arrangement offering tax incentives.

Jones told The Washington Post in a story published Tuesday, though, that Trump lied about how many Carrier jobs were saved by the deal, which included $7 million in state tax incentives.

Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence — governor of Indiana — visited Carrier’s Indianapolis factory Dec. 1 to celebrate the deal. Trump suggested then that the number of jobs saved could top 1,100. Jones says the total is much less because more than 400 jobs will still be lost from the Indianapolis plant.

On Thursday, Jones told CNN that Trump “overreacted” and should have “come out and tried to justify his numbers.”

“A lot of the people thought at that point in time that they were going to have a job” who might not, Jones said Thursday, adding that Trump “inflated” the number and “I called him out.”

He also told The Indianapolis Star that he’s been getting threats since the publication of the Post story.

“Calling me names, wanting to know if I have children,” he told the newspaper. “I better watch out for myself, and they know what kind of car I drive, that I better watch out for my kids.”


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  • william Gundlach III says:

    Unions only represent fat cats, upper Union management and collect dues from hard workers, I mean who wants to pay for protection when there is no need for the union thug watching over the shoulder of the worker. This isn’t 1920.

  • Kay says:

    Never trust a union…Never!

  • Name says:

    Did you ever hear of a union tell the truth

  • Pamela says:

    Because I once belonged to a Union . It was a farce I paid outrageous dues and got nothing they promised

  • Nina says:

    Unions do nothing for their members, just take their money.

  • left coast chuck says:

    So the union “leader” would prefer to have ALL the jobs move south in a giant sucking noise (Ross Perot)? Just another out-of-sorts dipwad liberal who has no regard for the welfare of the people he is supposed to represent. Let’s assume that Trump is grossly wrong and only 1/4 of the jobs that he claimed were actually saved. That’s still 275 folks who will have a job on Christmas Eve versus 1100 jobs that would have moved to a maquiladora across the border in Mexico. There’s more to moving jobs than the cost of employees. There is all the b.s. that goes along with doing business in the U.S., and don’t forget “ObamaCare”.By the time you compute federal and state taxes on payroll — how’s that for irony? You generate jobs and the government taxes you for generating jobs? In addition to federal, state and sometimes local payroll taxes, you have mandated health care, parental leave, sick leave, break time, punitive overtime pay, OSHA regs, EPA regs, plus regs that apply to specific industries — and I have barely scratched the surface — it’s a wonder that we have any industry left int he U.S.

  • SouthernPatriot says:

    Tax incentives are offered by local towns and cities, counties and states on practically a daily basis to encourage employers to locate their businesses in certain locations. Free property is often offered, even developed commercial sites. This is normal. What did the states offer BMW, Mercedes, Audi, Kia, Toyota, and other auto manufacturers to build plants in Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, Tennessee and other states? They put together a package of incentives, including ample land, improvements such as roads, electricity, natural gas, etc,, property tax deferrals or abatement, income tax credits which often together pay for the mortgage note on new factories and assembly plants.

    To keep an NFL team in their city and state, NFL owners are offered lower leases on the stadium, promises of a new stadium, taxes on all property owners to build a new stadium voted on by the citizens, reduction in various taxes, including local and state income taxes and other taxes. This is ordinary ways to encourage NFL, NBA, and other sports franchises to locate.

    Why should these incentives be denigrated when it a normal business practice?

  • Bill says:

    Typical libturd union puke trying to act like the president elect is threatening him and his family…. Most of us know how these sorry @ss people work. They force union dues upon you and when you need your union rep to stand up for you, they don’t say or do anything for you but side with the company! If you don’t want to pay union dues,they send people out to try to intimidate you. All depending on how much they want your money they might try to rough you up!

    Forgive me if I don’t buy into your union garbage!

  • Ben Jr says:

    The “head of the Steelworker’s union” is all that is needed said. It doesn’t matter the name, because to be the head of any union is to be a stinking left-wing prog loser. Pretty much whatever comes out of their mouth is usually full of half-truths and outright lies to begin with.

  • Duane says:

    because he tells it like it is and he is not a liberal unlike the low lives that denigrate him

  • Jim says:

    I was a union worker for a couple years and realized that the rates charged for union work was much more than non union work. There were times that the non union work was finished on time and cost less!

  • Susan says:

    At least our new President is trying to keep his campaign promises. Obama has not even tried to save ANY American jobs that I know of. All he does is globe trot (at tax-payer expense) to trash President-Elect Trump.

  • PAUL DAILY says:


  • Laurie says:

    Many years ago when I was in a union, co-workers slandered me out of a job as the top salesperson. The union did nothing. They represent the thugs you work alongside.

  • William says:

    They have been to greedy for to long causing the prices of everything to skyrocket.they are the reason for outsourcing.unions ruined this country…

  • Mukiepucker says:

    Donald trump is probably the biggest asshole liar ever put on the face of this earth. Everyone that voted for him is gonna find out how big of a blunder this man(boy) is gonna be. He has me petrified that he’s the leader of the free world. I was a union member for 30 years and I know the importance of unions and the middle class. The word THUG can only be associated with TRUMP.

    • Kurt Hanssen says:

      The union bosses are mafia thugs, and if you are unable to see that you were taken advantage of then you can only blame your self, how many companies has left the US. just to get away from this mafia organization, How many companies and factories has closed their doors just because they can no longer stay in business due to the demands and threats from the union thugs. Guess we got to accept there are people like you out there that doesn’t have the ability to see right from wrong.

  • Mark says:

    B.U. Before unions, many people worked 7 days a week, 10-16 hours a day, and the companies gave them slave wages and slave working conditions. The people had to join in with gangsters to combat gangster companies. The unions are not perfect but neither are the scumbag people running the Federal Reserve. The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, J.P. Morgans. If the truth be told here are the enemies of free people, if you look at this nations history
    they have always given equal money to both Republicans and Democratic Parties. Because in the secular world ” He who has the Gold makes the rules” Political parties are just designed to keep the masses fighting each other. But you would have to have a free mind to begin to understand this truth. Common sense is at a all time low in this country with heavy trading.

  • Lowell Borgos says:

    Donald Trump Wins Because He Knows How
    to Win; Which He has been Doing for Many Years..
    Rush Limbaugh Explained this today…



  • TJ says:

    The Unions have already run our country into the ground and out priced themselves to the point that I do not look for the union label. However I still look to purchase Made in the USA.

  • White man says:

    Because you wouldn’t have the pay you do now if it wasn’t for unions

    • Kurt Hanssen says:

      If the salary wasn’t to your likings, You wooden have taken that job to start with, and the company would have no choice but close there doors due to lack of workers, or move to Mexico where salaries is a fraction of what they pay here. The Ceo knows how far they can stretch their expenses and satisfy their shareholders at the same time.

  • Ken says:

    None of you would be getting paid what you get now if it wasn’t for unions !!!!!

  • Charles R Jones says:

    Yes, I agree with Donald Trump, he should stand up against all Union Thieves, a person should not have to pay someone to work for any company. That is what you are doing if you have to be in a union to work for a company. I had to do that when I worked for a Union Trucking Company, Schneider Transport our of Green Bay, WI. What they did for us wand not a damm thing except get rich on out dues. I think all unions should be disbanded and all union bosses be put in prison for life for robbing people of there money and organizing and sponsoring trouble and destruction at work places. When the media use to tell the truth, you could see it being done at these places. Today Al Capone would be a saint compacted the labor unions and the Democrat’s in this country!! Under President Donald J Trump we are going to take this country back and Make it Great Again!!

  • Rod says:

    All unions need to be shut down
    they are not needed anymore
    all moneys to be redistributed back to the workers

  • Kirstin says:

    He knows what is really going on

  • bob robinson says:

    you guys were fine during fine during election now you are getting ridiculous just like the democrats .Trump isnt even sworn in yet .Why didnt you mention the billions of dollars that went to Iran .where did they get the money /who okd it why cash money and why didnt Media mention that Iran said weeks after the cash .We still want to destroy America .

  • Lawrence Bittner says:

    Get it done Donald !!!!!

  • wnettles says:

    Trump could have suggested to Carrier that a policy change might just be in order in the near term. Said policy just might be to exclude non-American made infrastructure equipment manufacturers from bidding on lucrative and lavish federal contracting jobs. Move your company out of the US, then, the US quits doing business with you. The billions of dollars of profits that would be lost to such companies would be a very good incentive to keep their companies and jobs in the United States. Just sayin’…….

  • Steve Asher says:

    Trump has done more for our country than Oblama did in 8 years. He will make us proud not like the Muslim Terrorist didn’t.


    a man that tries sometimes cries,but a man never cries is a man that has never tried,TRUMP 2017!GOD BLESS HIS THOUGHTS!

  • Jon Exner says:

    I listened to what has been said by Trump and the President of the Union and understand both sides of the discussion. Actually both are correct in their assessments.
    The company is going to keep jobs in America, but at the same time there are jobs that are going to Mexico.
    There was a Carrier plant in Syracuse, NY that did the same thing about 15 years ago. They moved their manufacturing to Asia and kept the top level jobs here. The designers, the accountants, I believe there is a warehouse with a few people there but most of the manufacturing left town.
    As far as people complaining about the offers that were made to Carrier to keep jobs in Indiana, that is nothing new, states have been doing that for decades, they used state tax incentives to keep jobs in their states, some have benefited very well and others have not, Texas is an example.

  • Name says:

    In the past, I worked for an organization that was predominately union. You could if you wanted to join the union or not, the law is that wheither or not, you would still have the same benefits, but that was not what they actually did. The union did not follow the law, only guarenteed work15 hrs a week , and wanted everyone (on an election ballot) to mandatorily pay dues. They are not for the worker.

  • richard says:

    Because he flat out lied about how many jobs hes saving. Also, an intelligent man as he is , whats he doing calling names. Really!!!!

  • Robert Ward says:

    If he can’t get is facts right and his promises, maybe the recount will get rid of him.

  • American Rick says:

    Union leaders like Democrat politicians care nothing of the workers they represent only feathering their own nest!

  • Erika Zeigler says:

    I trust Mr. Trumps vision for the US. He has the ability to make things happen and he loves this country

  • Joseph Beyhl says:

    The Union’s in this Country are no longer for the people, they are for themselves. Meaning the Leadership. People lose their job’s take pay cuts but do union leaders fall to the same fate NO They take OUR DUES Money and give it to LEFTY Democratic’s whether they are right or wrong and don’t ask us. Why to benefit themselves. They are as Corrupt as day one

  • Jammer66 says:

    Comrade Trump and his fellow Russian loving Republicans are out to destroy the unions, the middle class,and America.

  • Ian Stitt says:

    I know trump isn’t a lier, because once you are elected president you are automatically redeemed because you have fortunately been given the power to have anything be or be made to do exactly how you said you wanted, even when you are forced to tolerate the disobedience of officials who are to listen and make the orders you make for your own life style, like how you want to handle your money affairs with the bank or a group of investors on how everyone can benefit from your effort! Trump should definitely be right on top of things giving the old look back at the Republican party to get caught up by being reprimanded for ill laget orders from innocent workers and the lack of efforts given to up hod the country to be secure that everyone who makes there own can get back the intention of there maximum potential, for at least the satisfaction of having done a good job and guarantee they can get the equivalent of there agreed efforts, unlike me! Their for time is money makes Trump the best chance of reliable organization to help out the economic crisis given from too many outrageous remarks said to have been made by employers and part time supporters of the USA work force that are simmply lies, and should be taken by force to help get back to our normal free way of life. To make it possible to keep our nice and peaceful way of getting to have people in society there way to be human, not dogs or untrained rats from the “advises” that have been given to friends and loved ones from too many superior officials !!!!!!.

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