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Corrections Officers Charged With Falsifying Records on The Night of Epstein’s Death



Corrections Officers Charged With Falsifying Records Night Of Pedophile Epstein’s Death

November has been an interesting month in the saga of dead pedophile and friend of the world's elite, Jeffrey Epstein. First it was the hilarious and never ending stream of memes focused on the fact that many believe Epstein did not commit suicide.

Now, somewhat of a Thanksgiving miracle has hit the headlines.

Federal prosecutors announced Tuesday that Tova Noel and Michael Thomas have been charged with falsifying prison records. Noel and Thomas were the correctional officers responsible for guarding Epstein the day he died by “suicide.” Also, according to prosecutors, the pair surrendered to authorities Tuesday morning. As if a story that already includes, Presidents, a prince, and a private sex island couldn't get any more interesting… it just did.

Epstein was found dead in Metropolitan Correctional Center cell August 10 as he awaited trial on charges sex crimes related to underage girls. His death was ruled a suicide, but for anyone with half a brain something didn't quite add up from day one.

The serial pedophile had been on suicide watch the month before he died after he was found with a strip of bedsheet around his neck on July 23.

He was placed on psychological observation for a week after being on suicide watch for 24 hours and then in a very high-security area where the guards were supposed to check on him every 30 minutes. In the indictment released Tuesday, Noel and Thomas are accused of failing to conduct the checks as required and falsifying jail records claiming they had.

Statements from representatives on all sides of the issue poured in throughout the day Tuesday.

In A statement given to CBS News, one of Jeffrey Epstein's criminal defense attorneys, Marc Furnish, said:

“It would be a shame if minor scapegoats — classic low-hanging fruit, the softest targets — were made to take the fall for this tragedy on what amounts to a coverup theory. Unless it prompts genuine self-reflection from all major participants and stakeholders in our criminal justice system and those who cover it, Mr. Epstein's death in federal custody — senseless and sad as it is — will have been entirely for naught.”

In defense of the accused Officers, Tyrone Covington, The President of the union representing pair, pointed to issues within the corrections system.

“These staff where placed in an assignment where the tools and resources needed to be successful were not available,” said Covington. “Simply assigning blame will not correct the staff shortages that put this chain of events in place. While the indictment indicates these staff did not conduct 30 minute rounds, it is a fact that even had they conducted the 30 minute rounds, Mr. Epstein still would've had 29 minutes to take his own life.”

At least for the time being, we know nothing more about how the despicable, wealthy sex offender died, but it appears that it's only a matter of time before all the pieces start falling in to place. Dr. Kathleen Hawk Sawyer, The Director of The Bureau of Prisons cited current investigations by the FBI and the Inspector General and called the investigation into Epstein's death “very urgent” for the Department of Justice.

One thing is certain. Tova Noel and Michael Thomas better learn to sleep with one eye open. If foul play was involved in the death of Jeffrey Epstein, Noel and Thomas are at the foundation of a very dangerous house of cards that just may topple any minute.

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