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Only A Liberal Paradise Like Denmark Would Prosecute Self Defense



Police in Uniform | Only A Liberal Paradise Like Denmark Would Prosecute Self Defense | Featured | about Denmark
  • A 17-year-old Danish girl who was sexually assaulted will now face charges for fighting off her attacker with a can of pepper spray.
  • Pepper spray is Illegal to possess in Sønderborg, Denmark.
  • The attacker got away and has not been apprehended. 
  • There has been a reported increase in sexual assaults that coincides with refugees entering the region. 

A 17-year-old girl who was physically and sexually attacked in Sønderborg will herself face charges for using pepper spray to fend off her assailant.

The teenager told police that she was attacked in central Sønderborg on Wednesday at around 10 pm by an English-speaking man in dark clothing. She said the man knocked her to the ground and then unbuttoned her pants and attempted to undress her. 

The girl was able to save herself from further assault by using pepper spray on the attacker, but now she may be the one who ends up in legal trouble. 

“It is illegal to possess and use pepper spray, so she will likely be charged for that,” local police spokesman Knud Kirsten told TV Syd.

The case has sparked a backlash among some Danes who point to increasing reports of sexual harassment in Sønderborg and other Danish cities at the same time that police say they are stretched too thin to properly carry out their duties.

Numerous readers wrote in the comments section on TV Syd’s story about the incident that they would be willing to pay the girl’s fine, which will most likely be 500 kroner.

The man who attacked the 17-year-old fled from the scene and has not been charged.

Sexual assaults have been in the news in Sønderborg recently after several women in the town reported earlier this month that they sometimes feel harassed by the aggressive behaviour of some male asylum seekers and refugees at the local asylum centre.

It is not known, however, if the assailant in this latest incident was an asylum seeker or refugee.

In related news, a nightclub in Sønderborg is now barring guests from entering if they cannot speak Danish, English or German. Other Danish nightclubs are also reportedly considering similar moves. 

How citizen reacted to this charge? Watch here at Pigmine 7: 

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  • Some Guy says:

    To be clear, it’s not self defense that’s illegal in Denmark, but pepper spray specifically. Had she physically fought the attacker off instead of using a banned weapon, she wouldn’t be in any legal trouble. I’d have probably done the same thing in her position, and I’m sure whatever penalty she faces would be preferable to the alternative, I just think it’s disingenuous to imply that self-defense is illegal in Denmark – weapons are.

  • leonard says:

    GOD forbid this girl from fighting off a rapist! it is her danish duty to give the pussy up to anyone who is man enough to try and take it by force! although most of the refugees probably do not speak english , it should not be tolerated that she not give it up peacefully! FUCK DENMARK!!!

  • Lonnie Woods says:

    Our Government under Obama is now the people working for the Political class. The Obama Government is hell bent on absolute control and power of the citizenry and is almost achieved their goal. The people need to wake up and soon before this election or we are going to lose every right we have to be free. The citizenry will be totally controlled by the Government and their may be a revolution when it goes to far South.

  • FRANK says:

    Look to the EMPTY SUIT you have in the WHITE HOUSE

  • Theresa says:

    The Liberal policies are favoring the alien attackers over their own citizens who are forced to see the programs , that the citizen’s taxes pay for, go to the upkeep of these so-called refugees. The citizens don’t have a say in this and are not safe in their own country because their so-called leaders don’t give a damn about their own people.

  • JEAN says:
    Publius Huldah is a lawyer and Constitutional scholar. She writes of how states must revitalize their militias to protect their citizens against the Islamic invasion.

  • ROSE CATLIN says:


  • ed says:

    if the law over there was worth a darn they would be looking for the rapist & give that girl a new can of spray & it is comeing here just wait & see

  • Janice says:

    No wonder Obamnation and his ilk want to take the guns away from legally owned weapons. His fellow kinfolk would be free to do whatever they want without fear of any kind. Americans would be sitting ducks!

  • BobR says:

    OK, so guns definitely are outlawed in Denmark. So, too, is pepper spray, at least in Sonderborg, even for self defense. What’s next? Will baseball bats soon be outlawed? How about knives, including kitchen and pocket knives? When will making and using a fist to defend yourself over there be outlawed? Will it become a crime to spit in the face of a rapist as you are being raped? I’m sure it’s already illegal to pee on your rapist because that would imply that you are not allowed to pee in public (and I’m certain that the Danes have a VERY “liberal” definition of what is public). Scratching the face of the rapist with your fingernails will also become illegal.

    This, folks, is what the end result of unchecked liberalism will look like.

  • Wm. says:

    If that happened to my wife—- I would personally shoot the rapist —- if that happened here we would have a lot less rapes—I’m surprised that this has not happened in Germany with the Moslems raping women!

  • William says:

    I understand that Bundy told his father over the phone that LaVoy was shot while on his knees with his hands in the air….

  • Dennis Bowers says:

    A person should always have the right to defend themselves !!!!!!!!!!

  • Floyd says:

    We are fast on the way !!!!!!!

  • Rene says:

    I thought Canada (where I happen to live) was lax, the Danes are more so. I agree with the previous comments, use whatever you can to defend yourself. The cops there must have nothing to do, it’s time they did their job properly by serving justice by demanding their government wake up and smell the roses.
    As a side note, a policeman in Toronto was guilty of attempted murder although the victim died as a result of multiple gun shots by the policeman. The victim was on drugs and threatened him with a knife, nothing else. Riddle me that one!

  • Rick Wride says:

    It is hard to believe that people in law enforcement are that dumb to outlaw pepper spray for people to protect themselves from criminal refugees that have poured into Denmark this last month. Americans don’t want the trouble with these refugees who can not be vetted for entry into the USA.

    Come on Police wake up, don’t prosecute the victim. Hunt down the perp and prosecute him for breaking the law. Come on victims need pepper spray to protect themselves.

    Maybe people need conceal carry of handguns to protect themselves. In the USA we use the force continume policy we gun owners us the less lethal tool called pepper spray to stop a perp leaving him a moan, that he can recover from. If the person victim’s life is in jeopardy then lethal force might be needed. We only use the force necessary to stop the threat. Regards, Rick Wride

  • Sam Byrum says:

    It is a rogue government protecting violence and not the violated. It is cowards who protect the guilty and condemn the innocent trying to defend themselves. Denmark government should be ashamed of themselves. Where’s your decency?

  • Nelson Bentley says:

    Because liberalism is a mental disorder! Liberals are typically non-religious, or if they are its Presbyterian or some other Christian denomination that doesn’t actually follow God’s commandments.

  • Bob Donner says:

    You can bet this guy is not a Dane, this is what happens when all countries open their borders, it is a joke to charge this girl for defending herself, pepper spray should be legal to have for decent people to defend themselfs.

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