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How to Overcome Your Fears of Success?



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Overcome Your Fears | Did you know that many people are uncomfortable with the prospect of success? When they think of success they become afraid and begin to sabotage themselves? It seems hard to believe but it's true. Are you of one those people?

Failure might not be ideal, but it can be more comfortable than the possibility of something more. Eliminating your fear of success could be all you need to do to take your life to the next level. Here are a few tips on how you can do that.

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How to Overcome Your Fears of Success?

Face Your Fears-Overcome Your Fears

The fear of success can manifest itself in different ways. Procrastination, self-sabotage, and an inability to concentrate on important tasks are signs of discomfort with success.

Do you suddenly feel tired when performing a task that could take your career to the next level? These are signs that your subconscious is derailing your efforts. Do you suddenly stop trying to finish tasks you know could lead you to the next level of success?

Reject negative beliefs and attributions. Attack your negative beliefs. Make a list of your negative beliefs regarding success. Question them.

  • How do you know this belief is true?
  • How do you know others are telling the truth?
  • Where did this belief originate? What does the data show?
  • What is your negative belief costing you?
  • Is it making trust yourself less and doubt yourself more?

Success is more complex than failure. It can seem easier to deal with your life as it is than to become successful. The more successful you become, the more visible you become. You're more exposed to criticism. You have more responsibility.

You may have to live with more pressure. You may have more people blaming you for their own failures and struggles.

This can be hard to handle and when you think about it, you may simply want to go back to being in a situation where people do not talk about you.

Remind yourself that you'll have access to more resources if you're successful. An excess of resources results in more comfort. When you have plenty of money and influence, life becomes easier.

The other thing to remember is that if your success is a result of your living according to your values, your self-worth, happiness, and wellness will increase!

Have a vision of success that appeals to you. Are you afraid that massive success will result in a loss of free time? Build a vision of success that allows you to work on the beach for a few hours each day with your laptop.

Success won't happen if your vision of success is unappealing. What is your ideal version of success? What will it take for you to get there?

Can success help you have more time for yourself and your family or will it make your time management more challenging?

When you make a list of the things that excite you about success, your fear of success will begin to fade away. Remind yourself of some of the advantages that success can bring: influence, money, social status, comfort, contribution, and so on.

Use logic to motivate yourself. Enjoy the process of becoming successful. Success can seem like a lot of work. If you view the work as misery, no success will be attractive enough to motivate you.

Find a way to enjoy the process of becoming successful. You might choose to value what you'll learn or the people you meet along the way. The more successful you become in one aspect or dimension of your life, the easier you can apply it to all aspects or dimensions of your life.

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