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Trump Considers Forming the Patriot Party



Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump appears during a rally Oct. 10, 2016-Patriot Party-ss-featured

President Donald Trump talked with associates in recent days about forming the Patriot Party, a new party that can sustain his political career after leaving the White House. According to people familiar with the matter, Trump broached the matter with several aides and other people close to him last week. Reportedly, he wanted to call the new party the “Patriot Party,” the people said. 

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Third Party

Polls showed that Trump retains strong support among rank-and-file GOP voters. It remains unknown how serious Trump was in broaching the idea. Creating a new party and building it from the ground up will require a large investment in time and money. 

Third parties have typically failed to draw enough support to play a major role in national elections. Any effort to start a new party would likely face intense opposition from Republican party officials, who would chafe at the thought of Mr. Trump peeling off support from GOP candidates.

Feud with Top Republicans 

During the days after the Capitol riots, Trump feuded with several Republican leaders including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (KY). Last Tuesday, McConnell said that the mob that marched to the Capitol last January 6 were “fed lies by the President and other powerful people.”  McConnell added that “They tried to use fear and violence to stop a specific proceeding of the first branch of the federal government which they did not like.” 

McConnell said that despite the threat of violence, Congress pressed on. “We stood together and said an angry mob would not get veto power over the rule of law in our nation. Not even for one night,” he said.  This resulting disorder killed five people, including one DC police officer, and caused major damages to the Capitol. The White House declined to comment on McConnell’s accusation. 

Splitting Republican Votes

Some pro-Trump Republican officials said they think it’s a bad idea to form a new party. Foremost, a new party would split the existing Republican party. This will ensure that Democrats will remain in control of the majority. This is why both Democrats and leftist media organizations cheered the idea of a Patriot Party. According to the Washington Times, third parties perform poorly in elections historically. US single district and first-past-the-post legislative elections work against third party success. 

The Democratic Party currently holds the majority for both the House and the Senate. However, both majorities are slim, with Democrat House representatives holding on to a 221-211 majority over the Republicans, with 1 independent. In the Senate, Republicans and Democrats (including two independents who caucus with the Democrats) are tied 50-50. The Vice President owns the tiebreaker, which goes to the Dems. A strong Republican showing can break the majority from both chambers of Congress. However, an emerging new party like Trump’s can take away votes from the GOP.

Watch the SkyNews Australia news video reporting that President Donald Trump reportedly considering setting up his own political party:

Will you join Donald Trump’s Patriot Party if it becomes a reality?

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Do you agree with the need to create the Patriot Party? What do you think its objectives and goals will be? Let us know what you and if you plan to switch to this party if ever it gets done. Share your thoughts on the comment section below.

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  • Don Potter says:

    I doubt this would carry enough steam to compete .

  • william byrd says:

    you have to start somewhere

  • Dano says:

    Hell yes I’ll be there!

  • Mike Evans says:

    I think there a growing number of citizens tired of the rhetoric of both major parties. It’s time for a real change. I wish we could get rid of all the current members of Congress, some have been there a lifetime with little to show for the betterment of our country or the citizens. For too long the only benefactors have been themselves.

  • Jos says:

    Best way to insure a Dem control for 10 to 12 more years is to split the already weakened Rep party. Instead pull the Trump supporters into a strong patriotic Rep party that does not alienate the historical suburban voters as does President Trump.

  • Jeff says:

    We won’t be the third party the leftover Republicans will be.

  • Edward C Schultz says:

    Yes get a Party that is for the people and not for them selves

  • Carol says:

    I would follow a new party~ Done with all the crooks in Democratic & turn coats in the Republican’s party!

  • Francois Dubois says:

    I agree with the need to create the Patriot Party.

    The proposed Patriot Party will definitely have my vote.

    So, yes I will join Donald Trump’s Patriot Party if it becomes a reality.

    Let’s make it happen!!

  • Rich says:

    I think 74 million people would join Mr Trump in any new party that he would form !! He has my vote!!

  • Eliz L says:

    Yes I will go to the party to follow where Trump goes

  • walter baschnagel jr says:

    The GOP has consistently let us all down, doing the same thing that Liberals do best.. Never for the people, ALWAYS for other countries and saving their own asses.. .

  • Bob Schmucker says:

    The Repubs are beyond saving as more than half are left. We need a new awakening and a new Patriot Party may just be the thing to do it.

  • Todd says:

    Now is certainly the time… The 2 party system is broke & unfixable. Trump has enough money & loyal supporters to beat anyone! The Republicrats are spineless & standing beside them at war will result in being massacred!! Trump is a lion, the Republicrats are zebras & the Dumbascraps are hyenas… Bring on the fight, because the Democrats are the evil within & all the bad money in the world is behind their cheating to steal this election. This was all planned between the Dems & China… The scamdemic, mail-in ballots, voter machine manipulation… And one day it will be uncovered that chief justice of SCOTUS was bought & paid for when he voted in favor of Obamacare! The entire U.S. government is corrupt & Captain America a.k.a. Trump will save our country!!! And even if he were to vanish, his spirit will grow even stronger than ever before, because he is the American dream, the American spirit!!!!!!!

  • Kenton Anctil says:

    If the president can only be there eight years then the Congress should have to be the same they’ve been there too long and there’s way too much corruption in the white house and way too many government people up there

  • Rt says:

    75 million people can most certainly form a party for the people. With an agenda of “America First” and a party who believes in the Constitution as written, the new party would not have much of a problem attracting members to support it.

  • Chiu Washington Duong says:

    President do you very to do next step Anh do you very make American great again ?

  • Clete Sinyard says:

    I believe in constitution as written and that it should be followed to the letter and unchanged.We have to rid our party of go along get along.If it takes a new party to do so, I am in.

  • steve lobody says:

    You had a lot of opposition to contend wjth, not only the Dems were against you but all the Rep,they must be so filty rich & only care about there selves. As dumb as the Dems are at least they knew UNITED WE STAND. You just can’t win a war by yourself, sooner or later your adversaries will take you out,& that’s exactly what happened.

  • Indiana Curmudgeon says:

    Others are free to form/join any political party they wish, but it’s not for me. I jump between both parties in the primaries to vote for/against specific candidate(s), and vote strictly by candidate in elections. Independent voters are the only true change agents in the system as it has evolved. Roughly 80% splits between the two parties almost evenly and vote numb-mindedly by party lines, so “landslides” are called when more than 15% or so separates winners from losers. That’s only a “swing” of 7-10% in actual voting behavior. Thank you, but I’ll stay independent and NEVER VOTE FOR AN INCUMBENT UNTIL REASONABLE TERM LIMITS ARE ENACTED.

  • Mike says:

    The Republican Party like the democrats want to control the candidates whom run in the party . Wealthy republicans want to control the party and the people ,they think the Republican Party belongs to them as property. Well it does if the people keep voting for their hand picked candidates, so we as conservatives hold more voting numbers than the wealthy people of the party and it make sense to split the vote if we don’t have any input on candidates whom run and issues that are only good for the wealthy. But just like both major parties started out being for the people, how long would it take for a new party to be corrupt?

  • scottie Andrews says:

    Yes president trump has my vote 100%.

  • Leimaile says:

    Definitely on the Trump train with this, but at the same time I don’t know enough of what is involved when starting a new party. Need to weigh the pros and cons……whatever the outcome may be, Mr. Trump has my vote!!

  • Thad Gibson says:

    Both parties are rife with corruption,yes I would go with a 3rd party. And aptly named,”Patriot”party. Both parties have been successful stomping out any 3rd party choice by working together.

  • Wolf says:

    We are in a fight for our lives, already being discussed for suppression by the Democrats. We have seen “too many” Republicans jump ship and “backstab” our President. They certainly didn’t go to bat for him. I only became a Republican because of Trump, because he spoke to us “from our own hearts.” I welcome the Patriot party, let’s see how it unravels, but I’m hopeful.

  • Jim Trotta says:

    There isn’t any difference between the two major parties!!! They have trampled on the constitution and sold out to the globalist, communist. We need a party that will put America and we the people interest first!!. The patriot party led by President Trump and 74million supporters would be a force immediately!

  • Lois Kathleen Lenormand says:

    Absolutely! Let’s get started! How can I help!! My family and I were just talking about now is the perfect storm for a successful third party. Do it Mr. President!!! All the trouble and turmoil will be worth it. I will definitly be moving from Republican to Independent or better yet to the Patriot Party!! You won the 2020 election by a landslide – big league!! Don’t hesitate. We need your courage and boldness now more than ever!! Maybe this is God’s ultimate plan for you after all? We need a Party that is of the people and for the people!! No more weaklings that just want to float and fluff the pockets. My family and I are completely and totally disgusted by the actions or non-action of both parties. You withstood a constant attack from every viper known to man and this would be the ultimate bite back! America has been blessed by your willingness to fight for us!! Thank you!! Keep up the Good Fight!! We are counting on people like you who are in the position to really make something happen!! Let’s do this!!!

  • Silent Warrior says:

    It is time for EVERYONE to stop voting in the same & expecting something different. It is time! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! There is no GOP or Republican. I just told Rubio, HELL NO-RINO GOTTA GO. They all do! Rebuild now so in 2024 or even in 2022 we can have our country back if China hasn’t destroyed us by then. Biden fell asleep at Pentagon on 9/11 ceremony. Obama & Michael- “All this all over a flag”… don’t tell me because I was on the front row America at the Ceremony as a Medal of Valor. JESUS & Trump – SO EVERYONE PREPARE

  • Marilyn says:

    In a heartbeat. After this awful mess. I would in a heartbeat

  • Gary Allen says:

    We need to clean house in the political house of this country, President Trump has proven his loyalty to the constitution and the American people who believe we have the greatest country on earth.
    I’m with Trump 100% if he starts a new party for patriots

  • NSF says:

    The Republican party is just a milder version of the Democratic party outside of maybe a dozen Republicans. I as well as some of them will gladly desert the Republican party to join a new party. Having a 2 party system with the way these people get corrupted is the same as having no choice.

  • Christine says:

    Trump you are a true man of God. You do what you have to , God and your supporters have your back. Thank you Mr. Trump for wanting to make America great.

  • Kathy says:

    Both current parties are corrupt and out of touch with everyday Americans. I’d love to see Term Limits. Clean out the D.C. swamp, serving in Congress/Senate was not meant to be a life time career. I’m tired of conservatives being censored by anyone who objects to their views. President Trump was not a Politician and that was what this country needed. I would vote for him again.

  • Bob Archibald says:

    Maybe we could get a majority of the 74 million that voted to vote OUT every single person in Congress that has been there over 10 years. Then take back the party from the Rhinos that don’t care a bit about us

  • Sheryl says:

    Absolutely, would support this! There are too many so called Republicans I will not support in the future. God Bless President Donald Trump and his family. God Bless this country!

  • Lori Walk says:

    I totally support the idea of a Patriot Party there is fat to much corruption in both the Democratic and Republican Party neither are the party they use to be, both ate controlled by corruption. Do we continue to close our eyes to the corruption and let it run rampant or do we stand up for truth. The corruption in the Republican Party destroyed their party if they would have stood for what was right and stood for truth America would nit have a Democratic President and Congress right now. Let the truth seeking Republicans join the Patriot Party to make America great . The corrupt Republicans Can stay with the Democrats where they’ve planted themselves. It’s no longer about Republican verses Democrat but good verses evil. We need a party and governing people who stand up for good and rid our nation of evil.

  • griffinaero says:

    I think this would dilute the dumorat opposition and be counterproductive.
    What we need to do is vote the RINOS out of office in the primaries!
    At 85, I’m too old to run and serve but surely there are some of you good people to step in and provide alternatives to the treacherous bastard fossils in the GOP

  • Steven Rauch says:

    We need some new blood in this country. Get with it or say goodbye to your country!

  • Chas says:

    The old GOP swamp dragons like the Mitch Mcconnell’s need to be replaced they have been to comfortable in the Senate! What Swamp creatures like them don’t realize, is that President Trump has changed their party. Either get on board or move and get the HELL out of the way!!!!

  • Bill says:

    Third party ? Let’s see if their platform is constitutional. I ll wait and see.

  • Debra Caruso says:

    I’m not surprised and I knew this would happen. I think Trump is going to have his own new station, social media, information search such as the left-leaning Google. I’m all in President Trump and I know many many people agree with me. I’m excited to see what you do and I support you 100%. And thank you for your service

  • Robert Brooks says:

    Where do I sign up?

  • Rebecca Henderson says:

    I think if he did this the Republican Party would be so diminished there wouldn’t be many left. See, the Republican People use their own brains and belief system. We can decide without pressure to conform. That is the American way. I would not only join, but I would volunteer to help.

  • Rebecca Henderson says:

    One thing this great man has done is shown everyone what a President is supposed to do for America. He always put Americans first, as it should be. I am tired of all the Dems getting rich in office and doing everything pay for play. Corruption and criminality go hand in hand.

  • Rebecca Henderson says:

    One thing this great man has done is shown everyone what a President is supposed to do for America. He always put Americans first, as it should be. I am tired of all the Dems getting rich in office and doing everything pay for play. Corruption and criminality go hand in hand.

  • Jon Loewer says:

    I’d certainly be in favor of something new as what’s current hasn’t worked. Conservatives need to grow a pair and go after big media. Hell you don’t know wfat to believe depending on which channel you watch!

    My concern is we split the conservative vote and keep the Democraps in power longer. I’d say we all need to immediately look at local governments and see where we can effect change and work from there.

  • Jim Prince says:

    Count me in. A party for the people of this country and the country! Down with the professional politicians and their self seeking activities at our expense.

  • Cherie says:

    Yes, yes, and yes….I speak for my whole family as well…..let’s do it!!

  • David Norman says:

    I am all for it. If that works out, we will still have a two party system. McConnell and his croney’s have ensured that there is no difference between the Republican and the Democrat party. They should call themselves the Republicat or Demoblican party.

  • judi says:

    Yes I would support a party that has America First

  • Gene says:

    I am sure by the time president Trump could run in 2024 his supporters of today will have increased dramatically because of all the suppression this country will have faced by then. I don’t think the GOP can take back anything in 2022 hell they couldn’t keep Georgia. So I too believe it can be done and President Trump is the one to do it. He just needs for all the 74 million to start recruiting more followers and come primary time to get new blood in by running as a patriot independent then change to the new party.

  • Nancy P. says:


  • Robert says:

    The party system IS the problem. Party representatives vote to serve the “party” rather than the people who elected them.

    Note: We elect “REPRESENTATIVES” not leaders nor rulers. They are supposed to carry the will of the people, based on the US constitution and the rule of law to Washington.
    They have FAILED in their mission!!!

    That being said…
    1. The Republican party is rife with corruption!
    2. Democrat party is an ungodly, vial, communist organization!! If you don’t understand that, YOU are part of the problem!
    3. Congress and Senate MUST have a maximum of 2 terms – Just like the President! Drain the SWAMP!!
    4. We need a third party to win – once that is accomplished, term limits can be applied.

    Consider that Republicans are now disenfranchised, they are behind what President Trump stands for. They will move their votes to the new party, and some votes from independents and others. Then the democrats and republicans can fight over what is left.

    With that said…. if the same BS rules and software are used to count votes, the democrats will continue to “win” thru FRAUD – then we’re SCREWED!

    Only one option remaining now… do “we the people” have the will or are we now just wimpy cowards that flinch, and obey the whip and whim of these new communist masters!?

  • Judy says:

    I would join, the current republicans are a disgrace to this country and if you watch faces, you can tell they are being reprogrammed by the left and probably have no idea how to think for themselves anymore. The left has become the threat and intimidate to get what they want, and are currently threatening the American people with reprogramming and persecuting Christians, sounds like communism to me.

  • Patrick Palmer says:

    God Bless the USA my Father fought for against the Japs. Now its CCP. I love the Chines people not there style of treating good people of all Religions.

  • Huapakechi says:

    When there is no practical difference between the two major political parties that have dominated the political scene for more than a hundred years, the one man that has challenged and defeated the entrenched power of both to win the presidency is the commander to lead the disaffected to form a new party.

  • Max says:

    Currently both sides of the aisle need to clear out their desks and take their fat “retirement” and leave DC – forever! They are all so corrupt that if they were wearing NASCAR racing suits with their sponsors names and logos on them, we’d have a mass hanging on the National Mall. We need term limits – something they won’t vote for themselves. There has always been a “third” party under one name or another (i.e. Libertarian, Independent) but never with enough strength to effect needed change. Trump’s support is such that in a fair election, they could carry the day. Now that the left has corrupted the election process, there will have to be an overwhelming response to bring the pendulum back. We still need to drain the swamp!!!

  • Rhonda says:

    We can say “yes” we will vote and yes we will “support” a new patriot party.
    It can’t just be words it must be our hard earned money and a commitment to spend time building an actual party. We would need to commit to each other in the smallest towns in America to the largest. He needs a string platform that will draw an additional 5-10M 85M plus as a goal. He can’t do all of that, WE have to step up and help. How will liking, fraud and cheating be handled in our new party? Cronyism? Corruption comes with power. Each of us should think about what we have to offer even if it’s just kicking stamps to move things forward..
    I believe all communication will have to be new.
    I am FOR a new party and I will join and I WILL vote.

  • MWendt says:

    Even if there were massive support by conservatives for Trump and/or the Patriot Party candidate, the Demoncrats will just cheat & steal every election. We need to fix the voting system. I’m sick of ALL that the party system now is. Rich, powerful people get their rich cronies put into office based on who greases who’s palm. The average citizen (the people) are of no consequence to any of them. I say DRAIN THE ENTIRE SWAMP! Every last one of them top to bottom. Then start out with a completely new government that is ACTUALLY ‘By the PEOPLE, For the PEOPLE’!

  • Carol Gacioch says:

    I am 81. I am a lifelong conservative Republican. For the first time in ages under Trump I was proud to be an American. He is able to lead us to freedom, but it will be an uphill battle. Yes yes and yes I would join his party. I have been crying since this sham of an election. How proud they are that they cheated,lied, and hated so much that they think they have won something. Yeah for themselves but not the country. He worked for us. They work for themselves. Evil will not win under God.

  • Jennifer Clark says:

    I totally think the majority would follow Trump to a patriot party. Sick and tired of spineless criminal Republicans.

  • Gloria says:

    God bless the USA… Lord have Mercy on us….🇺🇸♥️🤗🌊😢

  • Anonymous says:

    God bless the USA… Lord have Mercy on us….🇺🇸♥️🤗🌊😢

  • bobbie hall says:

    I think its time it will only get worse let us get this done

  • Gary says:

    I am sick and tired of 500 or so people with lots of money that are suppose to work for me , throwing me to the wolves. Its time for us to put big money people down.Look how they are destroying any bussiness or person that speakes against them, they have bought their way to power and made us all slaves. I would join anything that could bring the power back to the people. We need to bring them down. Count me in on the team.

  • LILY T NEEDHAM says:


  • joe rutigliano says:


  • mark kiser says:

    still on fence on splitting the party. But I do know the is strife and division.
    This is the first time in history no one attended an inauguration.Was there really one or is this just fake news?

  • mark kiser says:

    I think fixing an old car is more economical. While fixing it we should upgrade the RINOs
    and place a brand new computer (new patriots “vetted” to be be strict constitutionalists in it along with an engine that will not fail. (Allegory to starting a new party)

  • Sherilynn Link says:

    I think that there are definitely enough Trump supporters and people on the fence to make a new political party!
    Our election was stolen away from us and now a coward and his mistress of evil are standing in our White House!
    I know many many people wh ok would follow Trump, if he is up to it!
    God has this man’s back, and god will not be made a fool.
    The cup of iniquity runs over, and God will set things right.
    Mr. President, form the new party and we will follow. I will do whatever I can to help our cause. We must stop this evil that has intruded upon our great nation!

  • Jackie says:

    Well said Mike Evans and I will always be there for my president…..President Trump!! He is the only one that ever cared about the American people!!…all Biden wants to do is make tons of illegals American citizens and tear down the wall….the man is an idiot as is the Democratic Party!!

  • John says:

    Really, Trump is now a “Has Been”, thank God for that. Spreading lies and deceit did not end our Great Country but ended his Presidency. Any person that would push people to over throw our Democracy and spread a Big Lie, just because he wasn’t Man enough to accept he lost an Election that was fair, isn’t fit to be President. He should be jailed for Treason!

  • Cheryl says:

    I am all in. You were the best President ever. To have the scums in the swamp steal from 75 million of us Patriots is a total disgrace. I will pray for you and your family, you all showed America what class you all have.

  • Richard Fluet says:

    I’ve been promoting the new Patriot Party for awhile now. It is time to organize and get it started. I do believe it would be a winning party.

  • PatriotII says:

    John, You should be jailed for STUPIDITY!!!!

  • Charles K Allen says:

    I will change to the Patriot Party

  • Skeptical says:

    So did everyone enjoy the premiering episode of “The Joe Biden Show”?
    I’ll admit it had spectacular sets, but not much variety. Maybe Doc Severinsen on the drums would have picked up the pace. Then again, the show was really only a pilot, with little chance of being picked up for a second term contract.

  • renee reed says:

    trump all the way. What ever it takes. GO trump.

  • Sam Lasley says:

    Yes, I’ll go with Trump no matter what he calls his party. A vote for Republican is a vote for democrat lite.

  • kl says:

    Yes I would be willing to go with a party that backs the USA citizens and would uphold the foundations our free country was based on. I think many people, just like myself, are sick of all the liars and career politicians that only care about lining their pockets with our money and not backing what citizens want.

  • Lucie says:

    Yes, I’m ready. Standing with you President Trump. We will not abandon you. The greatest President ever. We have hope for America because of you!!

  • Betty says:

    Hey 🙋 John Shut Hell up! Obama should be in jail for Treason! Flew over Billions Dollars to Iran Bent over Kiss 💋 their Ass! Never seen a President do that! Wants more Muslims in United States! Let a Missionary Girl Die 💀 Wouldn’t let her parents pay Ransom Obama Threaten them put them in jail! Obama buddies Rape and Torcher her! Obama a Terrorists in Sheep 🐑 Clothing after all Muslims Love ❤ Screw Goats on internet Democrats rats are Evil Wicked Two face Satan Lovers! YES I AGREE WITH TRUMP

  • Lynne Henderson says:

    I believe in TRUTH that comes from the Bible and having a
    relationship with Jesus Christ, God, and the Holy Spirit.

    I enjoy living in America and I want the political policies
    to include goodness, mercy and righteousness (right living).
    No more lies and extremeists for me. 1-20-21

  • KenM says:

    I think it’s a terrible idea, but I’m so fed up with the feckless Republicans that I’m willing to go the direction of a third party. The reality is that there currently is only one party with two branches, the Democrat branch and the Democrat lite (Republican) branch. It’s time we have a party that really is of, by and for the people.

  • John says:

    Betty and Patriot11, you guys really have drank the Trump Kool-aide. Sad that you guys have been brain washed ( if you even have a brain). How you can support someone who has lied and mislead everyone he is supposed to have represent is very sad. But its even sadder that so many of you Trumpers continue to believe his lies. Trump is nothing but a narcissist, egotistical liar than thinks of no one but himself. That the way he has always been and he will never change.
    Hey Betty, Bite Me!!

  • PatriotII says:

    The electoral college was set up as a two party system to ensure that ONLY a Democrat or a Republican will win an election! So the independents and the libertarians or a third party would have to win 80% of the popular vote to win! Sadly, it’ll never happen. No way any candidate could get the necessary 270 electoral votes. At that point the decision would go to the house. Who the hell do you think that they would pick??????????
    Dan Bongino explains this in his Episode 1436…..WATCH IT!!!!!

  • Tammy Dyer says:

    Yes!! I trust President Trump completely!, I will never say or acknowledge Biden as my president.
    If Trump forms a party I am 100% on board!!

  • Jackuline says:

    Indeed, my entire family would go with the ‘Patriot’ newly formed party, we’ve been ever so hungry for other than the ‘DEMONcrats’ or the ‘REPULSIVEcans’ Donald John Trump would have a ‘huge’ following once formed! With you ‘All the way’ so you can get ‘er done’ “MY WAY’

  • PatriotII says:

    The electoral college was set up as a two party system to ensure that ONLY a Democrat or a Republican will win an election! So the independents and the libertarians or a third party would have to win 80% of the popular vote to win! Sadly, it’ll never happen. No way any candidate could get the necessary 270 electoral votes. At that point the decision would go to the house. Who the hell do you think that they would pick??????????
    Dan Bongino explains this in his Episode 1436…..WATCH IT!!!!!

  • Philip J Maitino says:

    most of the seniors I know are fed up with the COARDS IN THE REPUBLICAN PARTY AND WOULD FOLLOW TRUMP GLADLY

  • Jerry says:

    Yes, I’m ready. Standing with you President Trump. We will not abandon you. The greatest President ever. We have hope for America because of you!!

  • Herb Pegg says:

    Trump did not abandon us and I will not abandon him! Republican never Trumpers, if we are going down for 4 years, you’re going down for life! Lead on Trump!

  • John says:

    OMG, how sad is that statement!

  • Sherrel Holley says:

    I am not happy with some of the things the new regime has said they will do. And I have confidence in Trump because he loves America instead of loving people because of their race. He loves all and supported the Military and the space program again. He tried to build the wall and would have succeeded if he had not been pushed against while trying to do it. Everything that he tried to do the left condemned. The pipeline should not be torn down. Too much money involved. The same with the wall. He never deserved to be put out of office either time they tried. The left expects all of us to follow along like little sheep. Not going to happen here.

  • Fred Brown says:

    You folks have to remember, around 85 percent of the Republican Party are Trump supporters. When those supporters follow him to the new party, and you can bet your sweet bippy I will, he will have the biggest part of the undertaking already set up! Let’s make it happen folks!!

  • Ecduzir says:

    You can count me and many many many Texans in something needs to be done to remove the vile hypocrisy one sided politics the Democrats have shown since day (1) when Trump was sworn into office

  • sherril d henderson says:

    We need a new party with honest people who care about the people of this country and the country itself. Common people with some common since who have concern for every one in this country and are able to resist the draw of becoming a millionaire as soon as in office. They need to stop most all foreign aid that mostly goes to the corrupt leaders of those countries who in turn kick back to the corrupt leaders of this country and the American tax payer gets to foot the bill.Cut all these billions of dollars going to all these elite collages that corrupts the minds of the students and lets the elites draw these ridiculous salaries. Go to line item veto and stop all the pork getting into these bills that is milked off into politicians pockets.GO GO Trump

  • Mary Brown says:

    I would join any party Trump was the head of. It’s time we deplorables stopped being left or right and become Patriots. We want our country back now.

  • Bennie poole says:

    IT about time we got a honest politician
    Be glad to Join

  • carroll satterfield says:


  • David says:

    We need to understand what this country was built upon.Moral,ethical, In God We Trust, and start working together as one unit for a waking up call that America has been needing for a long time. YES, if this new Patriot Party is founded on sincere standards and not for selfish gains, then YES, we need a new party that cannot be bought. A party that remembers all the people who have given their lives for what this country was originally founded upon. Sacrifice, struggles, God given liberties, and everyone working together to help America get back where she should be. God bless America and the Patriot Party!!

  • Peter Bellerose says:

    We need this man he’s not your typical politician when he said he was going to do something HE did it. Other politicians promise and promise and do NOTHING but line there pockets they want to feel what it’s like to be the top man. Mr.Trump no’s how to run a business because running the United States is a business GOD bless president Trump keep him strong Keep him alive Keep him in the White House…

  • Sandra says:

    Rebrand the Party and pull all the weeds/RINOS. Our country is falling into a dangerous groove. Legalizing hallucinogenic drugs and cannabis is one of the failures already causing deaths. There are certain bedfellows in our government who serve other masters for monetary gain. Leaked security data and corporate power are perpetuating the supply. Easing penalties does harm, as it makes the perpetrators even bolder. Our new leaders are playing right into the hands of the CCP.

  • Jeremiah Nunn says:

    How many of them do you think would be there if we followed the constitution and made the do representation without taxation? That’s what this country was founded on, I believe they would all quit if that was reacted!!! its all about the money they can get, And I agree that if the president gets 8 year then so should everyone else. Them being in there for 20+ years is absolutely a travesty to our country people like Nancy Pelosi should be charged with Treason they are only worried about sending all of our tax dollars over seas when there are single parents who can barley pay the bills on a full time job can’t even get assistants from the government because they make to much 15,000 with 5 kids is to much money that’s a joke when they are giving benefits to illegal immigrants B.S!!!! Since Trump had to show his finance information then I think all of the government should then the people voting could see why these people are in office because they are being paid off to do certain things! I hope people wake up and see the evils in our Government!

  • Ronny says:

    Yes, I will follow TRUMP. I will support TRUMP.

  • Chris wilson says:

    At least we know what is going on with Trump.he’s for the people and foremost he’s for America and in god he trust

  • Preston says:

    I’m sure with you Trump> I am 93 years old and have yet to see an honest politician except Ronald Reagan until Donald Trump came along, he loves our country and will fight for her and along with us he will lead us up from the crooked depths we have been lead into by the professional crooks that are simply in it for the profit they crave at any cost to our country ! we must have a strong person as a leader , no wishy washy person should even try to lead the AMERICAN people , we are about to loose what strength we have left after loosing so much respect before Trump, now we will loose it all and more if we dont get Trump back and kick all the free loaders out of the governing officials We will either change the blood suckers or go down with them ! ! ! !TERM LIMITS!

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    I think the third party would be a guarantee in which Pres. Trump can vie for the presidency in 2024.He will have hundreds of millions of supporters, especially after everyone sees what Biden will do to this country.
    Don’t forget, Trump gave up a life of luxury for the country. Biden gave up the country for a life of luxury.

  • hoggiesan says:

    It’s time, it’s past time. What happened with the TEA Party? We can have a third party especially after this past election cycle. If it’s gonna be the Patriot Party then let’s roll. It just may shock the Hell out of the GOP on how many would switch, I would wager that some right leaning Democrats would also join. There are a lot of folks that extremely fed up by playing fair and the liberals follow the Soviet game plan, Rules for radicals. It appears that the democrats continue to push the conservatives as if trying to force them into a violent confrontation so they can jump up and say SEE what these evil conservatives are doing we (democrats) need to Red Flag all conservatives. To lose any part of the Bill of Rights is deadly to the Republic. They have muzzled the first and to follow up with a Red Flag on all conservatives will Destroy our REPUBLIC.
    Yes I would join the third party if it is brought forth.

  • PatriotII says:

    The electoral college was set up as a two party system to ensure that ONLY a Democrat or a Republican will win an election! So the independents and the libertarians or a third party would have to win 80% of the popular vote to win! Sadly, it’ll never happen. No way any candidate could get the necessary 270 electoral votes. At that point the decision would go to the house. Who the hell do you think that they would pick??????????
    Dan Bongino explains this in his Episode 1436…..WATCH IT!!!!!
    Also, do you honestly think that we will EVER have a legitimate election again as long as the Evil Party controls the government? That and by the time 2024 rolls around there probably won’t be enough left of this country to save!!!! JUST SAYIN”

  • Dawn says:

    Absolutely in a heartbeat. I’ve already got my shirt. Get rid of the Republicans party as it is now. They don’t care about us. They only want to take care of themselves. Obvious. Just look at their incomes for doing nothing!!

  • effrey-Herron,..Fleenor says:

    We need a Party who puts America and “We the people” first! The Democrats and Republicans have become one over the last 40 years. It’s way past time for a restoring the Republic our Founders established. The younger generations know nothing about American History, this needs to change aswell. U.S. History is Not American History it actually cancels out American History. America and the U.S. are two totally different places yet they occupy the same geographical location!

  • Sam S Ebersol says:

    I’m ALL in. I am sick of all the lies on both sides. Lets bring out a TRUE party.

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