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Paul Ryan Is Not A Republican



  • It seems House Speaker Paul Ryan has declined to endorse the presumptive nominee Donald Trump and Trump isn’t happy.
  • Trump threw some harsh words at Romney’s and Ryan’s campaign in 2012 saying it was a “race that should have easily been won.”
  • Ryan says he wants the billionaire businessman to do more to unify the party before he gives him an endorsement.
  • Trump did, however, say that despite Ryan’s comments, nothing would persuade him to pick a Democratic for a running mate.

Donald Trump said Friday he was “really surprised” by House Speaker Paul Ryan declining to endorse him, telling Fox News he has brought “millions” into the party and is getting endorsements “left and right” – except from Ryan.

Despite the presumptive Republican nominee’s claims, he still faces resistance from some senior GOP figures, including Ryan’s 2012 running mate Mitt Romney, a vocal Trump critic who plans to skip the July convention.

But Trump, speaking on “Fox & Friends,” took a shot at the Romney-Ryan ticket, saying the 2012 election was “a race that should have easily been won.” As for Ryan’s reservations about him, the presumptive nominee said he plans to meet with Ryan next Wednesday.

“I was very, very surprised [by his comments],” Trump said. “He talks about unity but what is this about unity?”

Ryan, speaking on CNN, said Thursday he’s not “ready” at this point to support or endorse Trump. He suggested he wants the billionaire businessman to do more to unify the party first while leaving himself wiggle room to endorse Trump later on.

Trump swiftly fired back in a statement, saying, “I am not ready to support Speaker Ryan's agenda.”

Ryan’s remarks could also cause friction with Trump supporters on Capitol Hill.

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions told Fox Business Network Ryan’s stance is a “big mistake.”

Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus told Fox News on Thursday that he thinks “it’s going to work out” in the end.  

“In some cases people are not going to be instantly on board, and I know that can be frustrating for some people. But I think everyone has to … allow a little bit of the steam to get out and get everybody settled down. And I think this is going to come together.”

The Ryan comments, though, underscored the lingering tensions within the GOP over Trump’s presumed primary victory, with some continuing to question his conservative credentials and at times taking issue with his tone.

Speaking with Fox News on Friday, Trump did, however, put to rest speculation that he might look outside the party and choose a Democrat for running mate. Trump said he would not do that.

“We want to have a great ticket. The Democrats have been in there for a long time, the economy is terrible,” Trump said. “I’m going to pick a great Republican, and we’re going to have a tremendous victory.”

Trump was asked about whether he might look outside the party for a VP choice after former 2016 candidate Ben Carson – who is involved in the search process – initially told The Wall Street Journal that Trump could look at Democrats and independents.

A spokesman later clarified that Trump plans to pick a Republican.

Source: Fox News

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  • Beau Monet says:

    He would be glad to have the only one running for the Presidents slot that can beat Hillary…and help him, not hinder him and try to make things harder for us to win this fall.

  • Jane Beirne McGuire says:

    Paul Ryan is for himself, he is rejecting the American people. American VOTERS want Donald Trump. Ryan is a looser like Romney.

  • Mel says:

    Ryan should resign from any leadership position if he cannot endorse Donald Trump. We have had too much LEADING FROM BEHIND by Obama and the Republican establishment. Actually Obama has exhibited more leadership than the Republican establishment by leading the supposed Republican Leaders by their nose and ears.

  • Charlotte Krell says:

    Paul, and the Never Trump did not mind insisting we vote for so many. McCain, Romney and Bush one was a great military man, not a good legislator. Gang of 8. But many of us voted and worked for him in by calling, by walking neighborhoods and collecting money, etc. Now the babies who have betrayed us need to go. Ryan is the biggest lying “leader” who looks like the previous speaker. Go home and leaves this country alone. You have all failed for years. You still do. I supported W. Bush through his shaky second term because I knew he was forced to get out of Sauda Arabia by Clinton, Blair and the Japanese agreement before Bush even took the Presidency. So when he had to go to Iraq we understand he had no choice because the Sauda royal family wanted us off their land, but we needed a Middle East location. Obama got by with destroying us, and these now betray the American people. Don’t tell us that that Romney and Ryan could have been successful on any attempt they made or think they can now make. They want Hillary to keep the fort, Bush gave us Roberts, and their the Bush record with the courts is nothing to brag about today. Nancy Reagan did not want Barbara to attend her funeral. Their is a reason. These guys are all betraying their true characters, and it is not better. You get the jest of what we feel. It is difficult to write all the things we have inside about the Never Trumps and their fake Support of Americans in this small space on an iPhone. But, we will be talking to neighbors, gatherings, etc to make sure your betrayed public is awakening even more. Our love of America is fare greater than your love of power, fame and money. It is disgraceful the way they are behaving right now. I am not sure I ever want them back in power.

    Must go now because the fact that I even have to explain this shows how little it actually matters

  • Steve cremer says:

    He shouldn’t have been made speaker. He wants to tear this country down like our Muslim president does. Needs to get beat in this election cycle.

  • Stella Runyon says:

    Ryan wants Trump to do more to unify the party while Ryan himself is a stumbling block!!
    This small minded man should not be in the speakers seat. And the Bushes are no better.
    The Republicans have sat there for 7 years doing nothing and they are worried about someone coming in that will do something. Put this bunch of Republicans and all the Democrats in a bag, shake it up, dump them out and you can’t tell one from the other.

  • Jim Robinett says:

    The only reason that Ryan does NOT want to back Trump is because he and the rest of the “elceted” dishonest beings in Washington will loose all of their benefits and free monies from the taxpayers of this once great country!

  • Ralph Land says:

    He thought he would worm his way into the presidency without having to run for the office.He certainly does not belong as speaker of the house.

  • Tamara Barnett says:

    His decisions in his short time as Speaker, as well as what he’s said and stands he has taken prove he’s certainly no conservative or true Republican. He’s a modern day politician who only cares for himself.

  • Jim Gregory says:

    IF he can’t support the TRUTH, then I think he thinks to much like Obama & Hillary.

  • Jarhead says:

    RINO, Quisling, Fifth Column Member…..RYAN must go.

  • Joy says:

    he has been an o butt hole ass kisser since day one !!!!! HE is not for the people of WI OR the USA !! he is for the ‘president’ … no one else comes close to getting that loyalty !!! AND he will NOT be reelected when his term is up …. check out Paul Nehlen …. he is running against paulie girl ryan and is already ahead in the polls !!!!!!!

  • Lewis Zimmerman says:

    Ryan, has not fought Obama’s budget this last time. He has not come out and backed Trump although millions of people want him to be president.

  • Larry Palmitier says:

    Obama would have loved to have Ryan as the Speaker of the House while he was playing as President. Ryan would and has kissed his behind every time he could. I bet Michelle is made at Ryan because of that.

  • Name says:

    He is another gutless weak Obama follower! Rhino Ryan has no backbone and will do exactly what his bosses, former speaker ,j,Obama , the RNC chair and establishment tell him . Ryan is gen. Custer to the repubs!

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