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California Bans Smoking For Your Own Good



California Governor Jerry Brown approved a measure raising the legal age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21.

Starting June 9th, anyone under the age of 21 must now be tobacco free. This includes people that may have been legally smoking for 3 years already.

Understandably, This new bill has a lot of California residents upset. For the state to recognize someone 18 as an adult, but then deny them the choice of using tobacco or not feels like an overstep of the government.

This is a classing abuse of power from the government who would rather regulate and control every free choice rather than leave it up to the citizens to make their own. Rather you agree with smoking or not, it is not the state's place to hinder its sale to individuals based on what they think is in their best interest.

California is a liberal paradise, in fact, it's one of the easiest states to get an abortion. It is funny that when it's something that liberal groups want it's all about freedom of choice and right to choose. But, when it's something they hate, like cigerates, than its all about the greater good and public health.

Don't be fooled this is just more politics and strong arm tactics on California's part.

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  • Wayne Buck says:

    It’s very simple! Everyone has the right to make their own choice. DUH No government agency should be telling people what they can or cat not do! Is this America or Nazi Germany?

  • William Miller says:

    It’s the same as what the FDA is doing with vaping. I’m a 63 year old adult. I’m able to make rational decisions on my own! I don’t need a nursemaid, this OFFENDS ME!!!!

  • Rob McGill says:

    Hmmmm….Where is this moral outrage over alcohol? What about Marijuana? Both of these have a 21 year age restriction on them and nobody says a word. I don’t see a difference in one chemical stimulant over another. Let’s end the hypocrisy. It should either all be restricted to 21+ or it should all be open to 18+.

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