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Pelosi says Joe Biden Is not to Blame for Border Crisis; Most Beg to Differ



House Speaker Nancy Pelosi - Pelosi says Joe Biden Is not to Blame for Border Crisis; Most Beg to Differ- ss - Featured

On Wednesday, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) finally admitted that an immigration crisis is going on at the southern border. However, she cleared President Joe Biden of any blame for the border crisis as he has only been in office for less than two months.

Pelosi appeared on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” where she noted how short Biden’s tenure still is. She then mentioned that the administration is trying to address it. Also, she confidently stated that the situation “will improve,” without giving any evidence. Pelosi also stated that everyone feels impatient when thinking about the unaccompanied migrant children held at the border.

According to Breitbart News, the border crisis continues to grow for weeks. Now, it attracts attention on a bigger scale as more migrant children arrive.

According to GOP Gen. Marsha Blackburn (TN), the president’s “open border policy” and the amnesty promises he has made serves as an invitation for illegal immigrants to come into the country. It also invites transnational cartels to possibly conduct operations of human smuggling and trafficking in the country.

According to Blackburn, a “true surge” is happening at the border, and she described it as a crisis made by the Biden administration.

Meanwhile, Pelosi denied this notion that the administration’s policies are what attracts migrants to come to the United States. She also mentioned that if they are looking for a safe place from persecution, then they should seek asylum in the country. The house speaker then said that they should help solve the cause of the migration if they can.

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  • Anonymous says:

    She knows full well that Trump put that wall up for a reason. Now the Pelosi Biden team is feeling the pressure. Trump kept things going in the right direction where as democrats will never be able to get this whole crisis thing under control. With the stroke of a pen Biden turned everything upside down.

  • Jack weddle says:

    If anything Biden would be better off if he allowed the wall to continue thus the border patrol can do thier job. Illegal immigrants are illegal and should be stopped. No problem for those who enter legally. Tax payers are paying for all of this.

  • CARRIE says:

    Bus them to Pelosi yard.

  • J Groomes says:

    Its kind of like a dam Joe & Nancy, if you open it a little then a little gets through, so if you open the damn alot, alot comes through, “keep up now”,so if you leave the dam wide open you get a flood, right? So wouldn’t it make sense if you close a damn, nothing gets through? Still awake you two?

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