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Biden Administration Restricts What Border Patrol can Share with Media



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President Joe Biden’s administration is reportedly limiting the information Border Patrol agents can share to the media despite the immigration crisis at the border, according to NBC News.

The Biden Administration is allegedly blocking what Border Patrol can share about the crisis at the southern border. If the reports are factual, the immigration crisis might actually be worse than what many think. The administration is trying to manage the high numbers of migrants trying to get into the country. This surge comes due to the more lenient approach of the new administration.

The news outlet cited four current Border Patrol officials and two former ones. They told NBC News about the limitations. They reportedly received the instructions through word of mouth. Within the agency, they see this and call it an unofficial gag order.”

Border Patrol “Gag Order” Limitations:

These officials wanted to remain anonymous since they are not allowed to share this information with the media. Additionally, according to the news outlet, the limitation includes the following:

  • Border Patrol officials have reportedly received the instruction to deny all media-requested “ride alongs” at the southern border.
  • Local press officers reportedly need to forward every information queries they received to the press office in Washington, which can approve or reject it.
  • People gathering the data about the number of migrants at the border received instructions to not give any information to anyone so that leaks won’t happen.

A few weeks ago, the Biden administration allegedly limited media access to the facilities housing migrant children at the US-Mexico border. They conveniently cited COVID-19 concerns. According to NBC News, multiple media groups tried to ask for access to the facilities and at least take photos. However, they have all been denied these repeatedly.

This “gag order” shows how the Biden administration wants to limit the public’s access to information regarding the immigration crisis, just to avoid criticism. Officials have continued trying to pass off what was happening as a “difficult challenge” that would only last for a short while. They also try to show it as a problem created by the way the Trump administration failed when it came to immigration.

Images of the Border Situation Still Leaked

However, even with these limitations, a few people leaked images of the actions on the border to the press and lawmakers in Congress. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) received one such video. It shows a lot of migrants on rafts, being transported across the Rio Grande River.

The lawmaker’s office did not reveal who sent him the video. However, officials who spoke to NBC News did say that border agents sent him the said video.

With this report about information restrictions surfacing, a spokesperson from the Department of Homeland Security said the agency currently follows protocols set way back in 2014.

According to the spokesperson, in the federal government, some employees work as spokespeople for the agencies they work for. The spokesperson added that public statements made through these spokespeople are vetted so that they can make sure what’s being released is accurate.

The DHS has followed this protocol since they had received the instruction to do so. Additionally, the spokesperson said that Customs and Border Protection still publicly shares monthly data on a schedule since 2014.

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  • Mark Hiatt says:

    Biden is unfit for office, Harris is to. What are they hiding from us. The Democrats are like a fungus to this nation

  • BBA says:

    This is looking more & more like the Communist States of America every day these scumbags are in power!! If we continue to do nothing about this we will not be a sovereign Nation by the time we can vote these lowlife anti-Americans out!!

  • Sarge brown says:

    Night me is a total moron and the prostitute is also I guess As I am a vet will give to go down and stop them

  • Joe says:

    Hidenbiden and his administration need to be arrested, for breaking our laws, border laws, he has no authority to open his pie hole and tell migrant kids and others the border is open. So now they believe it and are now coming from around the world. He has endangered all Americns, and all the illegals coming thousands of miles, and dying on the way,Hidenbiden has created a humanitarian crisis and needs to fix it now. The cartels run the border and prey on all these immigrants. They don’t get across unless they pay, there tracked with braclets. Terrorists,cartels,criminals from all over are crossing.Hidenbiden needs to fix his disaster he created.

  • Carol says:

    They are BREAKING OUR LAWS coming here! We have a RIGHT to know what kind of people, illnesses and how many are being released in our population seeing as WE the taxpayers foot the bills. I DO NOT AGREE WITH THIS and we should be able to protect our own borders and Country by any means necessary. My feelings on this! They just want more illegal voters and to destroy America! NONE of these people are fit to be in government OR BE IN AMERICA. Maybe we should DEPORT THIS ADMINISTRATION?

  • O.G. says:

    This is what happens when the COMMUNIST DEM PARTY steals the election and wipes out all the laws stopping this sort of thing from happening. Cut the oil pipeline, Open the borders with promises of free everything for whomever crosses the border… Even terrorist are walking across the border from other countries like Iran and others…. THIS HAS TO STOP!!!! NOW!!!!! Wake up America…. With lock downs and them using Covid as a scare tactic in another 50 days there will be No Middle Class…. Only 1%ers and the Dirt Poor…. They want to Break / Bankrupt the USA…. Then they will try to do away with the constitution…. Welcome to COMMUNISM!!!

  • Joseph Kinge says:

    Do you mean that the press isn’t clever enough to come up with a way to photograph the border and it’s problems? Try posing as illegals sneaking in! Try posing as visiting LEOs. Try taking pictures from a distance. Try drones. Try getting agents to talk anonymously. TRY SOMETHING!!! Or are you admitting that Biden, with his dementia, is smarter than ABC, CBS and NBC combined?

  • Pit Bull says:

    Sooner rather than later we are going to have to just F it and stand up to the fungus in DC. If we don’t it’s over!

  • Jim Evans says:

    It’s because Biden’s administration , doesn’t want anyone to know , how many illegals that he is letting into this country. He told them to Stay Home , but you know that he was just telling a lie , to make himself look good,

  • David Einspahr says:

    It seems the majority of law enforcement, the investigative agencies (the FBI and state equivalents), local, state and federal officials (attorney generals, secretaries of state, mayors, governors, etcetera), legislators (state and federal), and the judicial system (local, state and federal including SCOTUS (except Clarence Thomas and Samuel Alito)) seem to be blatantly ignoring fraud, corruption and outright criminality regarding the election corruption which was against the constitution and against state and federal laws. This seems to be spreading with the FBI going to great lengths to arrest, prosecute and incarcerate people who trespassed on federal property on Jan. 6 in D.C. The military brass are on a crusade to purge the ranks of Christians, Trump supporters and patriots. It’s looking more and more like a new version of the U.S.S.R. and most of us know how that turned out.

  • Tina Roberts says:

    Typical communist mode of operation. Hide the truth and feed lies to the people. Proclaim an endless number of rules for people to follow and those in charge ignore all the rules. Law enforcement only arrests the opposition and the courts only convict the opposition. The media repeats all the propaganda and is silent about the truth. Welcome to the new world.

  • The professor says:

    Biden fell down the steps of air force one in the video as far as I can see he did not return the salute to the soldiers that were saluting him as he started up the ramp ….. I remember President Ford used to stumble and fall a lot ……But I guess sleepy Joe was thinking about having a bowl of ice cream with Nancy….. or taking a nap !!

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