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People Spend 3.1 Hours a Day Using Smartphone Apps, Study Finds

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People Spend 3.1 Hours a Day Using Smartphone Apps, Study Finds

A new study shows that people around the world spend an average of 3.1 hours per day on smartphone apps. This amounts to one-fourth of their waking lives.

App Annie found in its 2020 “Mobile App Evolution” report that this year may become the biggest one yet for mobile phone usage as based on trends from the past four years.

“The importance of mobile has grown tremendously over the past five years,” said Herman Lee, senior manager of professional services at App Annie, in a blog post on July 23rd.

The report explained that the analyses are “based on the downloads and usage estimates available through App Annie Intelligence. “App Annie usage data for iPhone and Android phone was derived from mobile usage data collected from a large sample of real-world users, combined with additional proprietary data sets,” the report then added.

According to the report, in 2019, users had 93 apps installed on their phones and used 41 of them on average. “This has risen from 5 years ago, when users had 85 apps installed and used 35 of them. In 2019, users spent 3.1 hours per day in apps on average, compared to 2.1 hours 5 years ago,” the report read.

The countries that have seen an increase include the U.S., India, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Russia.

Herman added that as mobile phone usage has risen, “so have the speed and degree to which these apps can rise to the top — about one-third of Top 100 most downloaded apps are new entrants each year.”

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