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PORTL Inc. Introduces “Holoportation” Machine: “Beam from Anywhere to Anywhere”

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Man with Touchscreen House Web Icon | PORTL Inc. Introduces “Holoportation” Machine: “Beam from Anywhere to Anywhere” | Featured

PORTL Inc., a Los Angeles, company has created machines to beam live holograms in the comfort of your home.

The company created a device that “lets users talk in real time with a life-sized hologram of another person,” Fox Business reported.

“PORTL HOLOGRAM COMPANY introduces the HOLOPORTL™️, The World’s first and only single passenger HOLOPORTATION MACHINE,” PORTL said on its website.

“This incredible breakthrough technology allows anyone to ‘beam’ from anywhere to anywhere else in REAL TIME. The person being beamed will have the unique ability to see, hear, and fully interact with their global audiences in 4K holographic resolution!”

Each PORTL device is seven feet (2.1m) tall, five feet (1.5m) wide, and two feet (0.6m) deep.

“We say if you can’t be there, you can beam there,” said Chief Executive David Nussbaum. “We are able to connect military families that haven’t seen each other in months, people from opposite coasts,” he added.

Prices start at $60,000, but Nussbaum expects the price to drop over the next three to five years.

The PORTL website added that it can also “film, produce, and edit any content or subject matter and play it back on a loop or through motion activation as a hologram movie.”

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